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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Limited Edition)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  My favourite game in the Grand Theft Auto series

| | See all Suush9's reviews (25)

Ive played this on PS2 and have to say this is one of the best games ever made - It is well scripted with humour, drama and great plot twists. It makes you feel like you are taking part in a classic 'Gangsta' movies such as 'Boys'n'the Hood' etc

The cast is fantastic with stellar actors such as Samual Jackson giving off some memorable performances.

The important factor is the gaming - there are some truly ace gang battles and some excellent car chases - I am not yet tired of this game and I have been playing this for ages and ages (Ever since its release I have had it on PS2 and have played it occasionaly and sometimes for long bouts) - Its a true long lasting game.

For anyone who likes all those 'Hood' movies from the 90s and anyone who likes gaming or movies in general - This game is a must!

  My 1st real fun experience of GTA

| | See all Reggiep75's reviews (7)

I bought this n played it for a good 3-4 months enjoying the time on it compared to some 10-15 hrs on some games. One of the most playable in the whole series with total freedom. The 90s setting is reflected well in the game and it clicked and made total sense whilst I was screaming down the motorway (freeway) on an NRG 900 listening to Radio X Stone Temple Pilots - Plush.. I was having the time of my life.. Even tho its been long completed, i still return every once in a while to do the side missions. Taking a trip to the gym, getting a massive afro, doing all the girlfriend missions.. its all still fun and the vehicle physics for its time were sweet, doing handbrake turns to mow down rival gang members are still memorable.. the only downer for me was the flying training which left me feeling annoyed at times but they had to be done... afterwards tho, u realised u had more than a few more strings to ur bow for the flying training.. Overall, my 1st real fun experience of the GTA series.. Go all the way with Denise (100%) and get a pimp suit (the ultimate in street wear - better than anything Jizzy B has). Also steal a tractor n tow away Denise's car to do some sweet drivebys...

  GTA San Andreas- what a beauty!

| | See all Numpz007's reviews (1)

This game is one of if not the most open ended game ever made. There are a lot of things at your sisposal. For example, if you are bored, grab a gun and kill everything in sight. Or if you are in need of some entertainment, visit a strip club and have a private dance. The missions are challenging but there is nothing that won't be accomplished within a few tries. Great game.


| | See all malaysia1234's reviews (1)

Can you instally mods using sami on this??????
I just ordered it yesterday and i need to know if i can nstall mods or not????

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| | See all Batman9's reviews (1)

Ok , this game is just about the most open ended ever.

3 Islands , free for you to explore ( ofcourse you have to unlock them) , lots of different vechiles , planes , cars , bikes , many more.
Great story line , best one yet.

And if you get sa-mp , san andreas multiplayer , you can have up to 200 people on one server , for you to play against , all 3 islands open ended , a bit like gta 4 multiplayer freemode. Real fun

Excellent game , get it now :d

  Amazingly GODLY

| | See all Koncino's reviews (5)

This game is so good i recommend it to anyone whos anyone
Seriously its that good
The single player is so awesome
Also if you have the san andreas multiplayer mod (google sa-mp) that is also amazing
This game has got to be one of the greatest ever

  top notch

| | See all jonnyhorbz's reviews (3)

What a game...very fun missions and taking over gang teritory adds more exitement. I found that i could play this game for hours at a time, always finding new things that i can do. Mad fun definetly get it.

  Nothing bad to say

| | See all FozzySPF's reviews (58)

I have GTA IV and yes i think that the series has come a long way from the top-down sim from the start.

Between this game and the new GTA IV i feel that this older game has a lot more playability intact, GTA IV wows you with stunning HD graphics and better ragdoll physics and car handling but San Andreas has so much to do away from the normal missions.

Lets see, we have the turf wars that break out after you claim gang turf, gym workouts to alter appearance, tattoos, hair cuts, taxi missions and alike, house robbery and not forgetting the ability to dance in time to music to impress at the clubs. Other things like flying planes and the general size of the world in GTA SA feels so much bigger.

Im not saying GTA IV is better or worse, it is a great game that i enjoy but im so disappointed at Rockstar for removing so many of the classic features that made San Andreas a big hit!

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  Fantastic for it's time

| | See all futuresight's reviews (12)

Obviously the graphics in San Andreas arn't going to be as superior in GTA IV... but the time you'll spend playing this game is phenominal. It has a well planned, long storyline to keep you occupied in single player, and mulitplayer free roam is awesome when your with a friend. Overall, you'll spend plenty of time playing this game...

  Classic Game

| | See all BIGBC89's reviews (18)

Builds on the well established GTA series, this game is awesome with so much playability in and out of the 'career' missions.
Even though it may now be outdated I still recommend it to anyone.