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FIFA Manager 09

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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| | See all TropicalGravy's reviews (1)

I have just found this game confusing. It slow, numbers and figures are mish-mashed and wrong and its more often than not pre empted results so you can never have sustained success. After two hours i was looking on the internet straight away for a money cheat. There is no thrill with the game and very dissapointing

  Poor at best....

| | See all Goldenpacman's reviews (3)

I am a football manger fan, and have both this and Football Manager 09. this cannot even hope to compare. it is slow, the menus are cluncky and it takes 3 minutes to process 2 news items. there are pointless parts to the game, such as having to buy a house and gett skills in boating. All my players had run out of energy after 1 game, and none of the players have proper Potential Abilities. I cannot criticise the 3D view though; as it did not work, and I have a very modern computer. I was quite dissapointed with this game.

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| | See all Tottenham4eva's reviews (12)

The Fifa Manager collection takes manager games to the next level!
In depth and so detailed, the Fifa Manager's features are so awesome its unbelivable! From finance and budgeting to finding 5 star raw talent in the detailed transfer market. Dont like starting with a ready made club? Then found your own! From making your own stadium to creating the badge and also making a new manager/chairman of the club you made. Its so realistic that you can make a personal life for your manager and even divorce, stop cash flow to your children and partner! THIS GAME IS A MUST BUY!

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  Top Quality Game

| | See all liamb123's reviews (1)

This game is definetly legendry.
When i bought football manager 07 (which i loved so much i didnt buy 08) i didnt think there was a better manager game out there but it is amazing and has alot more things to do than any other football manager game

  i brought football manager and fifa manager

| | See all jayloosecannon's reviews (2)

i brought both these games first off, fifa took 15mins to install and was simple and football manager 7 hours later was still trying to work dame thing. game play to watch is so good on fifa looks like real football. i like the fifa game so much more and this is coming from someone that was playing champ manager 96 back in the day.even my best mate is swining over to fifa manager.you never see same goal twice and jus looks so fun and its so much to do. buy it best your be happy


| | See all seanstrong75's reviews (12)

There are so my problems with this game. What a waste of money. I have downloaded the patch which is surpose to fix the problems. However that has not really worked that well. I mean it has fixed some problems but it has also created new problems.

Overall not worth the time of day. Real let down EA :(

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| | See all MattBooth11's reviews (3)

I can't stop playing the new fifa manager, but there is a hell of a lot to improve. Alot of customers will buy this product for its 3d match tool, which hasn't actually been improved. There's alot of faults such as random commentry, offsides given for no reason, freekicks inside the area, penalties given for tackles outside the area, penalties not taken on the spot, goalkeepers catching the ball outside the area. These errors really are essential to the game, and there isn't an excuse really, they shouldn't release the game if it's full of errors. I haven't tried the patch but you shouldnt have to use it really.

There is alot of other things I could pick out, such as lack of transfers in the first season, no reserve league, no conference teams, surely if football manager can add this then why can't fifa manager? there's no restrictions, its just senseless. The scouting system doesnt work properly, I'll scout a player and I'll go to check his information, and he isn't even existent in my scout list. I've seen players being signed who I can't sign because they can't get a work permit, although there moving to the country that I manage in. This could be an amazing game, but there really is a huge, huge amount to improve. These games tend to get better, but this one has actually gotten worse.

Sort it out EA!

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  Patch will be out end of this week

| | See all Malagant's reviews (1)

Without the new patch you will find some pretty serious bugs lets be honest but still its the best football manager game out there period.

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  Not Football Manager 2009

| | See all UKJon1's reviews (9)

I have bought every fifa manager game up to this point- but will never buy one again - I have emailed EA about the bugs in this game making it unplayable like your staff changing positions or dissapearing altogether and my team being called Chelsea when I am Newcastle and they are just ignoring my emails - this game is unplayable buy football manager 2009 by sega of play instead - beleive me when i say this - as i usually buy both - this a unplayable mess and they rushed it out to get sales before sega released theres - never again will i buy a fifa one -

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