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Street Fighter IV (4)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Very good!

| | See all Drewienko's reviews (19)

Great fun. It's like time travel to the good old times and it's all in 3D which makes Your eyes pop out with every combo. My screen barely withstands enormous number of punches, kicks and fireballs. You can't go wrong with this bad boy right here. And the punches just keep coming like the rain from the sky. Well done Capcom!

  Just like the old times

| | See all Jeannot's reviews (1)

This game is just pure fun, technique and with added multiplayer, it just got better.
SF4 is the best fighting game around, if you are expecting challenge and willing to hurt your fingers!


| | See all casperuk1980's reviews (3)

This Game is Legend!! The Intro is great and the game gets better and better!!! This is the Half life of Fighting games ( damn I need a better game pad though LOL!)


| | See all Suraj23's reviews (2)

I have eagerly anticipated the release of Street Fighter IV on the PC since playing it on the PS3 and Xbox360. The conversion is spot on! Gameplay is great in all modes and the Live function allows you to challenge others around the world. I have a wired 360 game pad which makes playing the game all the more fun! All the old moves look amazing with the new graphics!

  Excellent Game!

| | See all shahedakhatun's reviews (1)

its very fun to play offline, you can try unlock the rest of the characters, play with ur mates or play with the com. you can practice ur moves, or you can do challenge mode where you're given a number of tasks to do Simultaneously!

  Probably the best fighting game on the PC

| | See all Urgentemente's reviews (8)

Not that there are a lot to choose from, but I'd say this is the best fighting game I've played on the PC for many years.
Runs perfectly well on my not-that-high-spec PC (AMD X2 5000, NVIDIA 9600GT ), even plays well using the keyboard until I get my pad hooked up (or get an arcade stick!)
I used to play SF2/SF2T etc in the arcades back when they actually had video games in them, and aside from the PC version of SF2T (which was pretty good for it's day), this really seems to have captured to old feel of the SF2 era on the PC. Hugely enjoyable fun wether you just want a few quick round to beat up on someone, or want to play through to the end.
Unlocking the extra characters might be a bit tedious at times, but that's no big problem really.
Overall if you're a PC owning, beat-em-up loving (especially Street Fighter) I'd highly recommend it for the £18 asking price at the moment.


| | See all Brookie's reviews (12)

The PC Version is the Ultimate Arcade. No Reason not to buy. Best use the 360 Remotes for all the Combo's. What a GAME.

  If you are a fan get this

| | See all spiceman's reviews (6)

I used to bunk RE to play Street Fighter 2 in the local cabbies. Now we can play online.

I use a XBOX360 controller and it works reasonably well. I have a Geforce 9500 graphics card and the game runs a little slow on default settings. Some online opponents are slower then me.The game default in a 'window' as well! never seen that before. You have to get used too the speed changes for online play, it's not a problem tho. I've just ordered the Madcatz SF4 pad looking forward to that.

It's great to play others from around the world with a game from my childhood. I love it. For the real experience, and to be able to pull of the supers and ultras you need the specialist Controller devices. You will be at a disadvantage online otherwise

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  Street Fighter IV-ever!

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

In 1991 Street Fighter II erupted onto the scene. A huge success in both the arcade and consoles of the time. It spawned numerous variations, Turbo, Hyper Fighter and Hyper Fighter Turbo II Revenge of the Turbo Hyper Fighter. It then disappeared for a few years because we got sick of it, and the film didn't help matters. Now, 18 years on, it makes its return. Have things moved on? Well not really. Is that a bad thing? Well not really. The things that made us fall in love with it all those years ago are still there, great characters, great moves and great visuals, but it's still a 2D beat 'em up. The graphics are pretty and require a beast of a machine to run but you still can only move left and right. For me this isn't a problem because I've always loved this type of beat 'em up (Give me King of Fighters over Tekken any day). The problem is the modern audience might not think that way, remember a lot of the people buying may not remember the originals. For me this is an awesome addition to the franchise and very welcome on the PC (we don't get to many beat 'em ups... coz we are snobs and play brainy geek games...NOT!)

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  Pure Genius

| | See all margowan's reviews (4)

Before I go on I would like to state that I am playing this game on a Toshiba L300-1CU which is a pretty basic laptop with an intel family chipset graphics card and the game still runs like a dream.

I must have spent a thousand hours on Street Fighter 2 as a kid and just had to purchase this on release! The gameplay is outstanding though it does require alot of practice and patience. All the old charcters are there and there are a few to unlock too. Online play is brilliant and there is barley no lag at all. A brilliant purchase and for 18 quid you cant go wrong,

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