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Football Manager 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  An excellent game, but poor by FM's high standards

| | See all charliegooner's reviews (2)

It seems unfair and unjust to such an incredible game with so many realistic and brilliant features to sum it up in a short two paragraph review. I will try though. I have bought the last three games in the "FM" series, football manager 2008 i had to say was probably the greatest ever game i have ever bought, truly inspiring the enjoyment which came out of playing, it wasn't completely realistic, but still addictive and brilliant nevertheless. Now onto 2009, i think i should just make it clear if i was a first time buyer of this game, i would have given it 5 stars, but the fact 08 built my expectations up so much, the game would have to be perfect for it to receive the full 5 stars, and that, it is not.
It's a shame really, especially after seeing the trailer of all the new features they have brought in, that it isn't at the unbelievable standard of 08. The 3d match play they have brought in is poor and the press conferences are lamely unrealistic. These two features was what i was most excited about when i bought this game, this is what would set it apart from 08. In fact, i am so unhappy with the two features i choose not to use them both, i stick to the original match play (2d) and send my assistant to all the press conferences. Again as seen with all manager games, player and staff communications is vastly unrealistic. you have no real relationships with players, the ones you do have are vague and very artificial. This is the same as your relationship with other managers. The confidence bar brought in is actually rather good, it adds a new level to the game and is probably the greatest update.
Overall, despite my criticisms, the game, as expected is superb, though in actual fact, it's only slightly better than 08 and for that reason it gets only 3 stars. Though for me it is still a must-buy purchase for all football lovers and for £15. its one of the best "value for money" purchases you will ever make.


| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

This game is so bad i've reverted back to playing 07 and 08.The red card count is shocking and you seem to have half your squad out injured at all times.Dont bother buying,just wait for footie manager 2010 and pray it's better than this effort.

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  LOVE IT!!!

| | See all AndyK1979's reviews (1)

The best most realistic manager game i've ever played, and i've played alot, will never get bored of it.... I'm a Coventry City fan so i manage Cov City and i lose alot of games.... How realistic is that!!!!

  A step backwards

| | See all colbason's reviews (11)

This game has not got much better than 2008. Sure there is a new TV mode but it doesnt really help its just poor.

The way the team plays and follows your instructions is bad and gets you angry when almost every goal you score is disallowed. Another problem is how much of your players get sent off, im averaging 2 red cards per game its shocking.

The best football manager has to be 2005. 2008 was good but 2009 sucks.

Do yourself a favour and steer clear of this


| | See all ACES40464's reviews (1)

if you a girlfriend this game is not for you! it consumes your life the down side is its pretty hard! and can finish relationships! trust!

  BUY IT!!!

| | See all Draco666's reviews (16)

Type of game that ruins a marriage!!!

At the current price o £15 it is a steal!! if you like gams where you control the team like the classic LMA or footballmanager. then youwill like this!! tis is the godfather of al manger games. if it was even possible, tey have improved on the 08 version, not by much though as what else ca you do to it??

if ou have never played the football manager games and like football, ten you will love this, it isthe only chance us mear mortals get to managing our football teams.

I warn youthough that success does not cme over night likethe old LMA gaes, it takes months of playing!!

  A Good Game But Has Issues

| | See all nursemorph's reviews (1)

Like a lot of people, I have played previous versions of Football Manager and loved it. I first played FM05 and played every one since and they have all got better. FM09 is a good game and I do enjoy it. I have never had a problem with installing it or it freezing as other people have had.
The 3d engine is a good idea because it allows you to see what your team is doing and adjust the tactics accordingly. The press conferences are a good idea as well and they add something extra to the game.
So far so good......but then I come to the issues I have with it. Having played the game a lot (including 10 seasons in one game save), I have the following problems with it:

Tactics: I like having to spend time finding the right formation fro my team but I find it tedious spending so much time trying to adapt my tactics to each different team, players etc. I have found myself spending more time trying to get the tactics right than doing anything else on the game. Overall, I find the tactics system too involved and complicated
Press Conferences: They are novel and fun for the first 3 or 4 times at which point they become boring because they always ask the same questions and it is very repetitive. In the end, you send your assistant every time and, if you have a rubbish assistant, causes squad morale problems.
Speed: At about 2016 ingame, the game slows down horrendously (unless you only have 1 or 2 Leagues loaded or have a high end PC) because the game save size gets too big for the game to cope. Before the slowdown, I could complete a season in about 12 hours. After, it took me about 12 hours to complete 2 months.

Summary: Overall, it is a good game and has provided some upgrades from 08 which, in theory, make the game better. However, I don't feel that they thought these things through properly and it makes the game less enjoyable. Having said that, it is still miles better than other football management games currently on the market.
If you enjoy spending a lot of time tinkering with tactics then you are going to love this game. If you don't enjoy endless tactic tinkering, you will still enjoy the game but will become frustrated eventually.

  I Love This, One Problem I Need A Faster PC/Laptop

| | See all laker2009's reviews (8)

This game is amazing i have can't play on 3d match engine though because it runs slow for me but i will be buying a faster computer for it, my top 3 favourite games of all time, btw to fully experience a good time on this game, be a team like luton on -30points in league 2 and save them from relegation without quitting the game when you lose, be manchester city then its a waste of your money and theirs loooool, also if you want to be a prem team i would recommend everton, sunderland, west ham, bolton or astan villa as they have a good set of players that you can build on, there are others like wigan too. btw invest in young players to keep them in reserves and u18s and send them on loan and mae sure they get time,


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  Divorce material

| | See all gurn75's reviews (2)

If like me you love football, not just playing but the management side too then you will love this game. The 3D view is a welcomed edition and if you get your team tactically correct, you can see entertaining football being played. This is the most realistic version to date, as there no longer seems to be an elite tactic or any strikers scoring 50 goals a season. This is the hardest version to get tactically correct, but challenging. Warning it can be frustrating to begin with, but keep tinkering and you will do well. I have played all Football Manager versions (including the original Domain games on Commodore 64), and it amazes me that all new add ons and improvements just improve the game, I keep thinking that one year they will get it wrong. Highly recommended for tactical football lovers.

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  Tactically Spot On!

| | See all DaveCUFC's reviews (28)

The greatest Football Manager yet. Every year they make significant improvements but now we have a 3D match engine (thank god!), it's not FIFA graphics but it's something and we should be grateful for that!

Make sure you have a reasonably new PC for it to run quickly but however slow or fast for you, it's worth it. Everything just seems more professional and gripping this year. Maybe it's just because I'm finally getting the hang of it but the tactics seem much more effective than before.

To any fans of FIFA or PES, stay away from FM if it hasn't floated your boat in the past. I get sick of people saying, "It's boring, you don't even control the players!". Yes, you do! Because you are the manager!

Anyways, enjoy!