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Football Manager 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  Huh !!!

| | See all LegspinJNR's reviews (4)

What are people complaining about. This game is the best FM yet with the new press conference system making it even more realistic to the other installments. If you love football you will definately love this game despite the new 'Stream' installment.
Go on and buy it !!!

  very close to 5

| | See all baldysteve's reviews (5)

another very good football manager game, with the latest patch finally sorting out the only thing holding it back - the frequent injuries to key players.
and to the previous review, im sure that if you played your reserve team for a season you wouldn't do as well you would expect to with the first team. it does seem random at times, however, ie when West Brom finish 2nd in the prem..

  ITS OK....

| | See all Tottenham4eva's reviews (12)

Football manager 2009 is a new breed of FM's altogether. Its come on a lot from watching circles moving around and now has a 3D match engine and i cant complain about the managing options, still very detailed and precise but not quite as good as Fifa manager 2009, ( see my reviews ) i wouldnt reccomend this game as the spec needed for the 3D match engine is too high for the game play it provides. Updated news and features makes a fairly realistic managing experience, although i expected better.

  Not bad....

| | See all Pedro1969's reviews (12)

I think this game is better than the previous installments, however, i cannot get over the fact that the game is generating pretty radom results. It does beg the question, why bother? I know people will argue this, but i think the reality is that it is random, and your choices dont have a massive bearing on the game .


| | See all Shazbomb's reviews (7)

As ever got this game when it first come out, dont mind paying the £30 price tag because you know your getting a quality game that always delievers, just simply a fantastic game for a future football manager lol.

  They Keep Getting Better and this is no Exception!

| | See all Milney's reviews (5)

I'm sorry but all the people complaining about this game are either 1. Just not very good at it or 2. Haven't got the machine to run it.

I think this version is superb I used to run it in 2D which was fine (still lots of improvements to make this worth while) but decided to fork out for a laptop and now in 3D its awesome. How people can say they preferred watching a circle kick a pin head into a square to watching a very accurate 3d view of your Striker smashing one in to the back of the net is a nonsense.

These people clearly either have got slow computers with no Ram or have downloaded it off the net. It is alot harder than previous versions but by no means in a bad way, You can definately tell you wont be getting Aldershot winning the Prem in 6 years like you could on ones of old. You have to build up over the years which is what you would do in real life.

People complaining about Steam being a useless addition should really realise that its not for our benefit it's there to stop people nicking the game off the net. Remember if people keep doing that then SI Games dont make any money and we get no more Football Manager so think about that.

Press conferences are sometimes repetitive but you can't help doing them and as far as I'm concerened the patches have fixed any problems. If i was to have one gripe it is that they still haven't sorted a decent online multiplayer network for the game. But who cares.

I run a DC2.1ghz AMD with 4gb DDR2 and an ATI graphics card and it runs like a tap.

This game without doubt is an improvement on 2008 which did become tedious if you like football manager do not hesitate to buy this game.


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| | See all DanG81's reviews (17)

This game is a fantastic look into football management. It gets you involved in every aspect of the beautiful game. There are some fantastic new features in this game, female managers, a 3d pitch, better AI and more! I would reccommend this game to anyone!

  Football Manager 2009.

| | See all Weston89's reviews (8)

Sports Interactive has delivered another great game here but in all honesty, I don't think it's as good as the 2008 version.

Firstly, they introduced the code system which is an unnecessary addition, it has been really difficult to register the game at times and once when I uninstalled the game from my computer, I couldn't for the life of me install it again, I only managed to finally get it back on my computer after i'd had the entire thing wiped of it's memory due to it crashing.

Another unnecessary feature added is the 3D match system, which I don't even use, the 2D version has always been good enough for me, maybe some people enjoy this feature but it's not for me.

All they needed to do with this game was update the player bio's and release it as they released the 2008 version, if they had done that the game would be better than it is.

But like I said at the beggining of this, it is a good game, it just has a lot of unnecessary features that cause the owner a lot of problems at times, i've had issues with getting the game to work before and so have a lot of other people from what i've heard.

If i'm honest i'd just reccomend you buy the 2008 version, I don't have a bad word to say about that one.

  great to play...when it worked.

| | See all burden's reviews (3)

When i first started playing it i loved it and got really addicted, but then it stopped working because of all the bugs and faults it had.

I preordered it 6 months before its release, and its a right kick in the teeth that ive waited so long for it not to even work

The makers of football manager need to work twice as hard for the 2010 version to be a success