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NHL 09

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  You'd better have the right gamepad

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I own NHL 2002, and thought after seven years of further development it would be worth buying NHL 09. Wrong!

First major problem: abysmal gamepad support. My Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad USB, which works fine with NHL 2002, cannot be used with this game. According to EA, if you don't have one of these, it's not supported:
Logitech Dual Action Gamepad (Revision 2 , theres 2 versions of the controller)
Logitech Rumblepad 2
Logitech Rumblepad 2 Cordless
Logitech Chillstream
That's it - just 4 supported controllers - unbelieveable!

Second major problem - no useful on-line support. They've scrapped the lobby, so you can only play on-line if you've arranged it with a friend beforehand and know each other's IP addresses.

Third major problem - missing features. Go to the NHL 09 official website and you'll read about new features such as EA Sports Hockey League. Surprisingly, they forgot to mention that this and other features simply don't exist on the PC version.

I wish I hadn't bought this game - the PC version is a complete waste of money, and I'll be sticking to NHL 2002.

  EA shortchanges PC gamers again

| | See all jongredic's reviews (1)

The last NHL game I played was NHL 06, and it looks like nothing has changed in three years. Graphics are exactly the same except for a few new player animations. Commentary is still the same recycled script dating back to NHL 04, soundtrack is less impressive that previous outings.

The all new Be A Pro mode is interesting, but from what I've seen of the Xbox 360 version, pales in comparison. In this PC version you can only play 10 seasons (instead of 25, likewise for Dynasty mode), and you start on the first line as soon as you create your player. The console version starts you off on the farm league, and you progress from there. Once you choose your position, it's with you for the game. The goals set by the management are kinda arbitrary as it doesn't really matter if you achieve them or not.

It'd be nice for them to include the British Elite league, if they're going to go all out for Russian, Scandinavian or Papa New Guinea leagues, but I doubt it'll happen any time soon.

Just as a quick note, the game requires a one-time online activation after entering the 500 digit registration key. It's a rare thing not to have the internet these days, but you're screwed if you don't have access - how much more DRM are EA going to subject us to?

Online is a joke - it now requires a direct IP connection to play against someone else. I don't remember having to do that since Doom... another ball dropped here.

The biggest bugbear about this game is the fact it is still a PS2 port, and not an Xbox 360 port. It isn't worth buying this game, or in fact any of this year's EA Sports titles, for PC if you have any version from 04 onwards.

All in all, very disappointing. Either EA rethink their PC titles for next year, or go for a console alternative for sports sims...

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  Best nhl yet!

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Have just received this game today and i have played a couple of quick matches this afternoon. I must say what an improvement on previous games. The graphics and the gameplay is so much better.You can really score some spectacular goals and do some really awesome hits.The players are much more lifelike and you can really move the puck around the ice . I would say to any ice hockey fan go and buy this game you won't be disappointed.

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