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Left 4 Dead (Left For Dead)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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  Watch out for the Incredible Purple Hulk (you€ll see!)

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

Play L4D at your peril! This game is completely addictive -- at least it is for me. Shooting zombies is just so much fun, especially when it's made possible by such a well-crafted game. The premise is very simple: you and three fellow survivors have to make your way from one safe house to another until you are finally rescued. Along the way you have to fight off hordes of slavering zombies. In single player mode the AI is pretty good, although your teammates don't always behave as you might wish them to during the incredibly hectic campaign finales. There are 4 campaigns with 5 maps to each one. Replay value is good due to the fact that the AI changes the zombie attacks and spawn points with each play, so you never know where the horde is going to come flooding from or where the bosses are lurking. When you get bored with the maps supplied there are loads of 3rd party maps and campaigns available on the web. On top of all this you can even play as one the various types of zombies (on a random basis). Personally I find this less satisfying, but it is worth a go just to get the other perspective. This is a simple but truly great game. L4D2 here I come!

  Valve released an amazing game!

| | See all djterrum's reviews (20)

It is amazing and probably the best zombie game out there. But it can easily get boring just shooting zombies. The game modes are great and make it more fun but this is a great new change for valve!

  Little more then a rail shooter. But at least it's fun.

| | See all SammiYin's reviews (4)

This game isn't worthy of the hype.
Don't get me wrong, it is a fun filled action romp that can be hilarious, but there are so many things that scratch away at the back of my skull that stop me enjoying the full thing.
First off, the atmosphere. This game tries so hard to combine horror with action, yet falls flat. The two just do not mix, the atmosphere is right, giving you a depressing feel of a dead land, but it's constantly destroyed by constant shotgun shots, the shouts of 'reloading' or the awful music that ruins all anticipation of the next attack.
Another peeve of mine is the abundance of ammo and weapons. You are given a rediculous amount which turns it from survival horror to generic shoot 'em up. While this works, and you get the feeling it's what Valve aimed for, it just doesn't feel right when contrasted with the bleak landscapes and scenes of death and decay.
This game does not contain much, but has a high replay value and is very fun with friends. Sadly it just fails at being a great game and the source engine cannot compete with some of the other games on the market.

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  Pant-fillingly scary. And then you play it in 3D...

| | See all HydrogenAlpha's reviews (1)

Simply put - I can't play this game if I'm the only person in the house. It's that good.

It's basically 28 Days Later, but interactive. I bought the game because of recommendations and because it's supposed to be particularly good with nVidia's new Geforce 3D Vision setup.

It is.

I can't describe just how scary the effect of zombies running around in 3D, jumping out at you is. It's just something you'll have to try; you actually find yourself screaming out loud! The 3D effect is practically flawless, and immersive in a way that I have never experienced in a computer game before. I don't think I'm good enough to play online just yet, but the few forrays I've had have been immensely good fun and there's a real sense of camaraderie with your 3 human companions. I can see some serious long-term appeal in this setup. This is a "must have" game. Period.

  Awesome zombie fun

| | See all Shroud's reviews (1)

This game is awesome, The online play makes it even more fun to play on simply due to the fact that you can have pro's and rookies playing together, instead of npc AI's, Horde/survivers, and to be totaly fair the online play is alot more fun then the single player. As below. Yeah we could do with some more weapons(6-7 weapons ingame.) You get achievements for doing certain things, I.E online player(double jump as a hunter onto two targets.) it's a good game for all, and online play never lets you down, unless the people playing with you are not that good :P.

  Best zombie shooter but....

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

this is a good game to be honest, the best zombie shooter i've played, the zombies are fast, like 28 days later kind of fast, and there are millions of em, which makes it hard and very challenging. But right from the start you can select which mission you want to do, and there is only 4 to choose from, which i didn't like, i prefer unlocking missions as you go along. But i dont want to criticize the game because it is very good. The campaign co-op is brilliant, and i like the fact you can be Zombies or the survivors in the online multiplayer Versus mode. £24.99 is a bit pricey, if your not desperate for this game, wait until it comes down to £17.99 or so.

  A Must Buy For any Zombie Slayer Fan!

| | See all Burman's reviews (6)

I bought this game about a month ago and im still enjoying it, even if you don't have any friends that own this game you form such a strong bond with the people your playing with, all four of you trying to stay alive and make it to the next saftey room, you end up making friends!
This game dose have alot of replay value, BUT with only 4 chapters i and nearly every other zoey, bill and francis out there are waiting for some new levels and new zombie killing experiences!

  Not what you think it is

| | See all Fewzzypop's reviews (20)

Lets be honest and not get carried away please!

It good for a blast , after a week it will bore you , the price is well oot for the content , theres a free mod called zombie panic that does more than this for free!

Now if they had more maps , modes , weapons , more interactive , more everything then £15 wouldnt be to bad.

Look at the the games available to join , its allready diminshing proving theres no long term stay on it till they add alot more content.

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| | See all HereticUK's reviews (41)

The first and most important thing you must know about this game is: don't buy it if you're not going to play it online. Simple. This game is all about the online modes. Their is a single player, but it has nothing on the online playability. This game is the best 4player Co-op I have ever played. Valve has really captured the thrill of running for your survival, alongside your friends, from a horde of blood thirsty zombies. And then, in its second mode, you can play as the infected, with your friends, to ambush and devour other players. This game is a real treat. Also, it is worth noting that in spring even more content and game modes will be available free of charge to PC and Xbox game holders via updates. This game is only going to get bigger and better, buy it NOW! You wont be dissapointed.

  4 Stars

| | See all NitroMikeo's reviews (14)

There aren't many games out there like Left 4 Dead. It's a fast paced zombie killer..

The game runs on the source engine and for this reason it only requires basic system specs.. Great if, like me you, don't have some £700 ultra gaming PC. However, this doesn't mean it looks rubbish. Infact the game looks amazing, I don't even know how, but it does. And I'm not complaining :P

The game is scary, jumpy and is a great laugh to play with friends online. There is an ok amount of online modes, including one where you can play as the Zombies. The game is very intesne - there can be about 40 Zombies running at you at once, this is not only very scary but it is amazing how it doesnt drop the frame rate much at all. This game is very fps friendly.

However its not all fairy dust and rainbows. It only has four chapters. These have (essentially) 5 levels in each. You can complete the game in about 3 hours. However that is not what bothers me, what bothers me is that the game is quite expensive for what it is. There is only 6 guns, and 4 other usable items. (Med Pack, Pain Pills, Molotov Cocktail and Pipe Bomb) and can get quite repetative.

Still, it's a nice idea, and If you can find it cheap somewhere definately worth checking out.

Must buy for zombie fans. Casual buy for normal gamers.

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