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Mount & Blade

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Simply awesome

| | See all Cronik1983's reviews (11)

By far and away my best single player game i've ever played. With all the mods for this game it truly is great. I used the battle sizer mod to have 600 unitson the screen yes at 1 time proper braveheart,kingdom of heaven and troy like battle scenes, i used the extra ladder and siege tower mod and the native expansion mod and spent 0ver 300 hours on this beauty, I cant speak highly enough of it.

No other game as ever came close to this for the sheer size of battles, creating proper battle scenes, not only do you control your army with orders and formations you also play and fight as character yourself.

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  Awesome in a box

| | See all MrBill005's reviews (1)

Simply one of the best games out there for an RPG fan. The only possible arguments against this game are the graphics are bland, not bad, but bland and that the game can become a little repetitive. These are very weak criticisms. The graphics are good enough to give you a real feel for the game and there is sooooooooooooo much to do on this game to start with that it would take a couple of new game starts to figure them all out. If that isn't enough then the new expansion Warband makes you able to run your own kingdom! This game is worth the value and can be replayed again and again without becoming boring. Oh and the modding community is unbelievably good, giving Mount and Blade a fresh look every time. If you arent sure whether or not to buy this game, try the demo, which is available on the internet and on Steam for free until you are level 10. To keep it simple, this is the best game I ever bought for under 10 pounds!

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  Truely amazing in the subtlest way

| | See all aharty's reviews (3)

Truely this is probably the most satisfying game I have ever played. To completely describe how I feel about this game I must tell you a little story. I was in my friend's house and he was raving about this game he was involved in the beta for. Now my friend isn't the most articulated person in the world, and he made it sound pretty terrible, but I went round to his house and played it anyway. I was hooked. From that day I downloaded stupid amounts of MODs, played day and night. I admit there were times when I didn't play it for months but I always came back. And I still am =) Buy this game if you want the most satifying and long lasting game around.

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  Don't take our word for it, try the game for free...

| | See all Sparkytetalknpiano's reviews (19)

...google taleworlds to download and try before you buy.

This game wouldn't be here without you.

Mount & Blade is a small budget game supported purely by the PC gaming community, backed by kind donations & massive beta support. This results in a game with an immense community, one that continues to grow & add to the game with mods galore. Multi-player support will be eventually on the way with a future expansion expected early-mid 2010 from the developer.

I was looking for a unique gift that a friend wouldn't have thought to buy for themselves, and this game - by an independent developer - seemed just the ticket. So I was very optimistic about the game, reading all the excellent reviews, still I had to try the demo for myself, just to be sure.

Once I downloaded the free trial & started, I was hooked. There are no movies, no huge epic story, no character driven plot, no real direction to follow any given path. The struggle to just survive, being dropped right into this massive game, made for a refreshing 'sink or swim' experience. So many games these days have an abundance of fluff, this game has none.

Suffice to say, trying to get as far as I can in 30 days & maxing out all my save slots, it became too much to take. I couldn't help myself and eventually broke open the game I had planned to give as a gift, and used the code for myself. The trial lasted me for over two solid weeks!

It's hard trying to convince folk, the awesomeness of this game. See, you can install the game onto multiple machines & for infinite installs, to unlock the full game you simply purchase a code on-line (atm retail box is cheaper here). It seems I have yet to convert anyone. People are put off by the fact they never heard of it & that the graphics look out-of-date, so they don't even try to sample the brilliance of this game. This game even has Win98 support, bring life to that old laptop.

Eye candy this game ain't, but with available mods provided by the community, simply aimed at making the game look better, maybe the expansion won't be too hard to wait for, still this peach keeps getting sweeter by the month.

  A Hidden Gem

| | See all ProfessorWibbly's reviews (1)

A superb game from a little known developer. It takes its style from a range of genres, rpgs, strategy and first person combat. It is blended into a compelling game with lots of great touches. There are games out there with enormous marketing budgets wallowing around making cliams to greatness. This one sneaks up behind them, steals the flag and runs away laughing.

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  Best Game Ever

| | See all MrMebo1971's reviews (1)

Brilliant game so much to do and the number of free mods , from Star wars to WW2 China, is enormous. I have been playing this game for months and still not bored with all its different sacenarios. £8.99 - Fantastic alue for money

  Great Game

| | See all joey36's reviews (4)

This game is genuinely fantastic. It is like elder scrolls but with the added bonus that you can recruit and train your own army who fight with you on the battlefield. I would rrecommend this game to anybody.

  Great game. Even better mods

| | See all lovecake's reviews (1)

If you are unsure about this game, there is a level capped demo available online. But its a safe bet to get this game, because with the amount of support this game gets from the huge community it has., there will always be a new mod to try or new items to addon... and it's all free! The native (un-modded version) graphics aren't too bad, but there are community made improvments which addes HDR lighting and improve the map graphic and bump mapping on the armour. The battles flow smoothly and very exciting espeically if you get the battle size changer which let's more units on the field at once (Default is 100 units but I set mine to have 250 max). There is a slightly steep learning curve, and it takes a while to build up an army and earn enough gold to buy new weapons/armour, but after you settle in and the battles start to get bigger and messier its really hard to put this down.

For me the best part is the varity of mods available, some of which are really high quality, they range from mods of different eras such as saxon/roman/middle ages and even napoleonic to mods that change the units and settings to a fantasy one (such as lord of the rings)

All in all a excellent 3rd person action/strategy/rpg with large battles and a even larger modding community behind it


| | See all CMCAFEELIMITED's reviews (5)

Excellent game, you get really involved in the game, lead your men to victor and slaughter the enemy with your mighty sword.
Must buy game, i have not put it down yet. Deserve's 5 star

  A Diamond in the Rough!

| | See all BangorGuy's reviews (6)

I'm not a fan of role playing games although I have tried recommended ones; Morrowind for example. I found this game while browsing online and instantly loved it.

Mount & Blade is very addictive and have used up many hours of my life to get to that next level or add extra horsemen to my army. While the graphics won't win any awards the gameplay itself is easy to get the hang of and on horse back is even better. The sheer amount of armour, arms, horses, food, troops, and skills available with an open ended world allows games to last months perhaps even years!

Some things that could be improved on is the way the army could be managed in battle. Shouting commands and catagorising them still works however sometimes they end up facing the wrong way or lining up vertically than horizontally to the enemy. Minor things I know but in battles it could cost you a lot of men and equipment.

This game has everything I have been looking for in a game that allows me to have a powerful commander while still fighting on the frontline with my troops in the thick of the battle unlike most games where I am facing a whole army on my own. M&B is a welcome break from this.

The graphics can be tweaked to higher setting mean armour shines and the blood runs thick! At my current settings I can have massive battles, beautiful graphics, and still have a good frame rate. I would recommend (as with most games) to download the demo first to see if it works which it should do then get the game but in this case I would recommend just to buy the game then download the latest patch.

If you like medieval warfare and want to raise and army, fight on horse in the middle of a massive battle then this game is for you!