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Starship Troopers

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  Bug off!

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With the amount of games out there trying to taste the success of the films they were based on, only few have managed to pull it off.

Unfortunatly, this game isn't one of those games.

I'll start with the good points out of the way at the start to allow myself to have a nice rant about the bad points.

The graphics are good. Infact, they are pretty good. You can imagine yourself on the bug infested planets.

Now the bad points:

The graphics do not support some graphics cards. I have a GeForce 7950GT 512MB, one of, if not the best of the 7 Series line of graphics cards. And I was not able to run this game on maximum graphics. I was not even ALLOWED to switch the textures from low to medium, resulting in Quake 2-style faces which look awful, and degrade the gameplay experience.

This moves me on to gameplay:

You are Superman. You are Mega-Human. You're the most elite guy in the entire fleet. Apparantly.

You have to take on hundreds of bugs by yourself, without back up, or assisstance.

One level resembles the Fort scene out of the movie, where you have to hold off a huge amount of bugs. You are basically the only one able to hit a thing. Sure the friendly AI who do occassionally kill bugs do some work, but you have to do it all yourself, including the "boss-battle" against a scarab bug.

The weapons aren't great, with only a few weapons in the game. You seem to have an infinite ammo light armoured bug killer gun, specifically manufactured for you, one of the Maurauders.

The sounds are okay, they're not the best in-game sounds I've heard such as Oblivion. They do their job though.

The main disappointment with this game though is the fact that it can be terribly easy.

Running circles around bugs whilst blasting them in the face with your weapon which never runs out of ammo may seem silly when you watch it on a film, but anything goes in games where you're fighting for your life.

The AI just can't cope with the player character running in circles, and has to just run after them, not thinking about intercepting them, or just running towards they will be.

Terrible AI.

In conclusion, this game is not worth the money. It is a shell of Starship Trooper's glory. Instead, just buy materials for a Starship Trooper costume, make it, buy a toy gun, and run around pretending you're shooting at bugs, and you'll have more fun doing that instead of playing through an agonising game which fails on so many levels.

Nam, out.

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my opinion is that this games is brilliant because of its amazing graphics and there is a lot of nasty frightining bugs! the most important thing in this game is the story line to the film because it is much the same. i think you should BUY this game!!!!!

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  Killing bugs...Its as exciting as it sounds.

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In 1997 we saw mindblowing effects and a whole lot of bugs in Paul Verhoeven's 'Starship Troopers'. In the game, we see a whole lot of bugs and mind-boggling boredom.
The game has its perks though, the large and impressive amount of enemies created by the swarm engine is to some extent exciting...for about 20 minutes anyway and the nuke launcher received towards the end makes up for the very limited arsenal of weapons at your disposal.
The game offers little in the imagination department as the next mission is not much different from the previous. However there is a vague storyline and the use of footage from the film is a delightful attribute.
Starship Troopers offers both single and multiplayer modes with a pleasant extras section and overall, is worth having a go at for a very reasonable price.

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