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Diablo 3 (PC & Mac)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  The best Looter ever is back and still amazing.

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What a game truly amazing in every way. Graphics are amazing without the need for a supercomputer to run the game. Sure its only 4 acts long (Probally only count 3 as act 4 takes 10 minutes to beat) but with the never ending treasure hunt for gear it is vitually endless and who dosnt love a treasure hunt????. Me personally liked the game before all the patches they introduced which basiclly made the game super easy (back when in inferno the hardest setting stuff killed you with 1 or 2 hits).
They added a Real money action house to buy and sell your gear on this gets a slating but i like it. (There aint to many games out where u can make 10 times the cost of the game on). It basiclly means if you get stuck at some of the higher MP levels with a small amount of real life currency you can get some real top quality gear not for everyone but noboby forces any one to use it.
Overall it is easily a 5 star game with 100s of hours worth of play.

  A very disapointing sequal to a fantastic game

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I was very excited about the launch of this game and I was really looking forward to it having played Diablo2 to death years ago.
Unfortunately after about a week it became obvious it was very flawed. It is mindlessly repetitive, very linear and extreemly lacking in originality. So many of the dungeons are basically clones of each other. So little thought, so little development of what should have been a cracking game.
It is very pretty and you know you are playing a Diablo game, but that is about all the good I can say for it. Do yourself a favour and buy Diablo2 instead. It isn't as pretty but it is a far superior game and it is less than half the price.

  Killed by Blizzard

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Well the hypes over from being the biggest seller of pre-orders to not being it the top 100 best seller list in 3 months says it all.
As too the game play same as D2 repeat repeat repeat and you will find it hard to get thru inferno unless you farm 24/7 had over 20 friends and 6 of those I've played with on other games over the last 5 or 6 years now only one has been in game over the last week if patch 1.04 does not improve this game immensely then I will give up and get Guild Wars 2

  Great - When It's Not Unplayable Due to Lag

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Having been an avid PC/Mac gamer for the best part of 20 years, and a great deal of that doting over the productions of Blizzard it brings me great pain to give such a low scoring review of what is essentially a brilliant game.

Graphically the game isn't in the top leagues, looking only somewhat nicer than WoW (a game that is now nearly a decade old itself). It's the gameplay and storyline that will keep you playing right through. The classes are well designed, although somewhat lacklustre in build variation, and the magical abilities and combat are good fun. The storyline will have fans of the series bearing massive grins throughout as well.

The biggest downfall of this game is the fact that Blizzard did not prepare themselves for how successful it was going to be. A permanent internet connection is required to play this game and the vast majority of its features are based upon Blizzard servers and not on your own computer. This means that on most occasions of play you will face massive lagspikes or constant high latency - making the game either frustrating or literally unplayable. Why this feature is required when trying to play a single player game is beyond me - if the main purpose is to host the auction houses/multiplayer then allow us to connect to the servers only when we want to use these features.

This game deserves 4 or 5 stars when it works.
Unfortunately, even now - months after release - due to the lag issues and lack of support from Blizzard in resolving this (they do have an abundance of knowledge in hosting MMO's I remind you, and massive reserves of cash) I can only award this game 2 stars.

Come on Blizzard, you really can do better.

  Great game, but replayability is a bit boring.

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I'll be honest, I havent really played much of Diablo 2. But I do know there are alot of people that still play it, I know its hugely popular and even now Diablo 2 still has a large fanbase.

When I'd heard alot about Diablo 3, I was a bit worried. Always having to be online? A real money auction house?
It just sounded like Blizzard's ideaology had turned into the one thing I was fearing, and that was - all about the money.

I hesitated about picking up the game, but I was not dissapointed.
The graphics, whilst not groundbreaking, was still great. It was still giving Diablo that "somethings around the corner" feel to it.

You get five classes, each to their own, I stuck with the Barbarian, as it suits my playstyle. Loud, bloody, and AXE IN THE FACE!
The Barbarian was a great choice for me and my two friends chose a Wizard and Monk.
The moves unlock as you level up, and on your first playthrough you'll find yourself salivating at the prospect of your next move and you cant wait to show it off to your friends.
The bass that pumped through my speakers everytime I Stomped or Leaped through the air was massive. Everyone in my house knew when I was in battle, and that happened quite a fair bit.

The enemies are varied, and you get new enemies JUST at the right time.
My only problem with the first playthrough was it just felt too easy.
It felt like the entire first playthrough was a tutorial to the entire game, and when you hit your second playthrough, thats wen the enemies do get tougher.
They get tougher yes, but does the game get more fun? To me, not really.
Once I'd played through the game once, I couldnt wait to play through it again. But now with all of my moves unlocked, and only runes to unlock, the excitement from my moves had dissapeared.

You can buy great items of the Auction House for pretty cheap, so no matter what enemies you face, you can always take them on pretty easily with good gear.

I'm on the second playthrough, and generally, this game has just lost it for me now.
It shares the same problem I have with WoW. To clarify, NO they are not the same games. But to me they share the same problem.
The games just go from being huge leaps of fun, to turning into a complete grit your teeth and play through the game borefest.

Diablo 3 after the first playthrough for me just turned into a grind.
Enemies do tend to change, and they do alot of different moves, and you may even find yourself actually dying on the second playthrough!
But thats it.
For some reason, the randomised dungeons, really dont seem that random. The dungeons seem to share the same problems Oblivion had.
It seems they only made a small amount of dungeons, pressed the random button and hoped for the best. When you walk into a dungeon, on your second playthrough, you'll know the layout of every dungeon pretty easily, and everything that was a surprise in the first playthrough, becomes expected in the second playthrough.

My conclusion, is that Diablo 3 is a great game throughout the first playthrough, but I feel the replay value is dissapointing.
Its also a little too easy on the first playthrough. I think I died once when I went to the toilet.
Being able to buy items off the Auction House is great and easy, but it also makes the game alot easier, and there seems to be no real fun from gaining items.
I tried playing the game without using the Auction House, and for the first 20 levels, every rare I picked up, would never be for the Barbarian.

People may differ on the replay value, but for me, one playthrough was enough, now its just a grind. I'd wait till the game is cheaper, but knowing Blizzard, you'll have to wait a couple of years.

  Steadily getting worse

| | See all Leviticus's reviews (17)

So how is it possible that a game is getting worse?

Diablo 3 has been built partly around an 'Auction House'. This enables players to sell equipment they don't want with players who may have use for it. When first launched this was with gold earned in game. And it has a lot of upsides to it.

However, there have proven to be multiple problems with this feature.
First off it turns out that there were loopholes and bugs that enabled some players to generate reserves of millions of gold (by comparison most games will 'earn' about 10k-20k per hour played), pricing all the normal players out of the market for the best equipment.
A decent amulet for a top level character will set you back a couple of million, the top ones go for 200 million plus- get the discrepency?

From the equipment going on sale, certain attributes are far more necessary for a character than others. 'Resist All' and 'Increased Attack Speed' are the 2 most notable examples. Good equipment with these on are therefore very expensive to trade.
How has Blizzard addressed this? By halving the increase attack speed bonuses on all existing and future equipment- which has in fact pushed the price of these items up, not down. You see if you need a total of 30% increase to be able to stand a chance in Hell or Inferno difficulty and you had gotten this off of 2 items previously, now you need to buy 4 costly items to get the same boost. (More likely 5 in fact as those halvings were all rounded down).

I'm not even going to start on the problems introduced to the game system by having an auction house that uses real money- such as the security issues, legal issues and the priority of the developers on getting the 15% commissions flowing rather than keeping the game proper running smoothly!

Meanwhile the server problems that should have been sorted out by virtue of the Beta tests are still there. As I write yet another '3003' error is preventing the majority of the players in the UK from playing.
it doesn't matter if you never want to play online with other players, or if you only want to do so occasionaly with certain characters created specifically for the task- each and every game HAS to run through Blizzard's server system, regardless of how stable, dodgy or whatever your connection to them is.

Is the game fun to play, addictive with exceptional graphics etc?
Can I hand on heart recommend that you spend some of your hard earned cash on it?
Not whilst all these problems and 'features' remain.

(And I'd ignore all the reviews based on the Beta placed up here before the game was released. In fact NEVER make a decision based on the review of something that isn't actually what is being reviewed!
I'm not sure why Play.com even allow them to be posted...

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  Poor game

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The most tedious and pointless dross I've seen in a long time. You need a permanent internet connection for no reason other than Blizzard are using it as copy protection. When Battle.net goes down, so does the game as it has done on a few occasions. The game is 100% linear you have no look around move around freedom, everything is done in a straight line, you can not look around nor can you use the keys W.A.S.D. Like most other games let you. The reason being? Well, that's 'cos you only ever move in one line.

Personally I deleted the game after level 26, I couldn't take any more of it. Maybe if I was expecting something akin to 20 year old game play with nice graphics I'd have been a bit happier. To give this game 5/5 you really have to have low expectations. Maybe alright if you're a young kid not wanting much from a game. Don't be fooled by the hype. It may explain why only 5 people have reviewed it here.

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I did not play in Diablo I or Diablo III, have bought this game as a recomendation of my friends. Well, this game is AMAZING!!!! I play with mates in co-op mode and it is so much fun..... 5 Stars from me!!!!!


| | See all Raptorex's reviews (10)

If you enjoyed Diablo / Diablo 2 then stop reading this and buy this game, its by far the best action RPG ever made. You cant judge the game before reaching Act IV, once you reach act IV you will have seen a lot of what the game offers and only then a fairly accurate review can be given. The real hook for me is the Hell and Inferno difficulty levels, where the only the best Legendary gear can be attained. AMAZINGLY GOOD FUN! 5 STARS!

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  Good game so far but nothing to be impressed

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Firstly I would like to make sure people understand that they need a live connection or the game won't work. It uses the same principle as World of Warcraft, it has a launcher that checks for the latest updates and only if you are up to date you will be able to play. Also all characters are kept on the Battlenet servers. This is an online RPG... don't think you will be able to just install it and play on your own as any other game such as of course Diablo II, Titan Quest or Sacred 1 and 2.

In regards to the game, I only put in about 4 hours last night after launch but it was great. It is what you would expect. No point me going on explaining the game mechanics or class options as you can check that out on the official Diablo III website. However what I did find is that the game greatly rewards multiplayer. Drop wise I have received about 100 percent more purples from playing with others than soloing which puts the question up... why is that Blizzard is keen on rewarding players in teams than soloing players. I am talking about major difference. When playing with others I have received about 50 purple items... when soloing I got about 5 and they were of low quality nothing compared do the stuff I got in multiplayer. Again bear in mind as it is more rewarding to play with others so you may want to start your adventure from level 1 with others.

Other criticism is the cut scenes... I was really looking forward the the Blizzard famous movies yet in this case they decided to go for a pencil drawn animation... much like a graphical book and the chosen character narrating it's story. Also the world is no longer randomly generated so you will play the same maps with the same layout every time... re playability... you think about it. They are also encouraging selling items for real money on the AH so it will open the door for Chinese farmers... how will this affect your game play? We will see.

That's my 2 cents so far, I cannot fault the game on its principle we all know what it is supposed to be like. Honestly... having plaid previous similar games between Diablo II and Diablo III there isn't something I can be that impressed about, nothing new that the games I mention previously did not do. It is the same as Sacred 1 and 2 I don't see any difference besides that this is a Blizzard game but Sacred 2 was just as great - minus crashes and memory hungry. I have had no crashes bugs or errors from the game, looks pretty robust

I will update further if I see the need but I would recommend the game... as long as you are able to have a working internet connection to play it.

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