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Unreal Tournament III (3) (2007)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (83 reviews)"

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  It's still Unreal!

| | See all Staccato's reviews (2)

Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004 - those were all solid products that thrived and evolved with developer Epic's outstanding patches, new and free content and its legendary community support

(modifications, custom maps, characters, you name it). While the general, very "classy" feeling of the Unreal shooter franchise still persists in UT3, the mouse smoothing here is incremental and crude (same problem as in "BioShock") and

the ridiculous plotline is almost painful to watch (and to listen to). Sometimes 3rd person view is forced upon the player, which isn't necessarily bad but can be distracting. After having played through the "campaign" mode I was left

with the feeling that UT3 targets a significantly younger consumer group than its predecessors.
The game engine, however, is where developer Epic scores once again. It looks stunningly beautiful and can be greatly adjusted to work even with weaker hardware equipment.
rich diversity of characters and maps of previous Unreal titles has been greatly reduced. Granted, there are now fewer but highly polished, very well-planned maps with a remarkable emphasis on detail and the characters are

customizable to quite some extend.
Gameplay, especially in Deathmatches and Capture The Flag mode, is still as fast as always and, in my opinion, just as much fun especially with (and against) friends!
Also, Epic delivered a great deal of additional files (they released the "Titan Pack" expansion freely available on their site). Do not expect too many major community releases in the future, though.
In summary, if you are looking for a very solid first-person shooter and/or are a fan of the Unreal franchise UT3 will be for you - despite its flaws.


| | See all NEONDVD's reviews (45)

its got good graphics with fast action. with the great titan updatepack its a lot better than the original start in 2007. with the titan patch (patch5 2.1) u get the huge titans, that u transform when u scored points or time has past. there are 2 forms, big and giant ! they are ultratuff to beat and when they die, all enemies die with u in a nuclear explosion. its really fun to play with them in warfare with some coooool new necris vehicles, that have tentacles:-) they are easy to drive and have big guns. also the new greed mode is fun, where u collect for every dead enemy a skull. after u collected a cupple u have to go to the enemies base ans score for ur team. its fun !!!!

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  grate action none stop shooter

| | See all nukem2011's reviews (72)

This game is none stop action that never lets up if your an fps player and you like none stop action this is the game it looks amazing the water and walls are brill but u wont have time to look at them to much as your be getting blown away grate game that will keep u on your feet the hole time. Alot more players use this game now as its avable on steam at a hight price.

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  A beautiful and incredibly fast game!!

| | See all tatianito's reviews (1)

I love this game !!! The graphics, even in 2009, they are magic !!! There are not such strange and outworldly graphics in other games, even in crysis!

There was only one problem, the copy that arrived was only german, although in the online description there was not mention of german edition and the game's box and manual is in english. The dvd case had already been opened when the game arrived to me but, at least the serial number was not taken, so i could succesfully register the game :) i also found the english fix and everything is ok now :)

But my rating is for the game, not for the mistakes of those who work at play.com so i give it 5/5 !!!!!!!

Ut3 is a great great great game !! And it's really really fast !!!!!!

  Good graphics, too fast gameplay

| | See all blackshard's reviews (2)

I am a hard fan of ut, so I know the genre very well. Having said this, I have to give a not excellent rate to this game because of many factors.
On the first hand, the game play.com sold me was a full german heavily censored copy, not the multilanguage copy I was expecting. I don't particularly like blood and other violent things, but I don't like being not informed about the fact I was going to buy a German censored copy.
Anyway the serial is there and can be used with any copy of UT3, if you intend what I mean.
The game presents very well, indeed has a very good graphics, stunning effects and so on.
Actually I played a some matches with Instagib and Warfare mode and was badly impressed by some facts:

1) The UI is pretty console-like, and this isn't good for a PC game, since you can't really configure detail level of the game: there are just two sliders for texture detail and world detail. meh.

2) Servers are almost all empty, I managed to find two or three european servers with 24 or 32 maximum players, but unfortunately lag is always there and very annoying sometimes (I have no issues with ut2k4)

3) Gameplay is fast. Maybe too fast, and this isn't good if you play online, because lagging really kills fun

4) Minor other things, like nodes which lost numbers (so you can't tell your teammates where you need help or which node to attack...)

5) Sound also need some tweaking: for example, the announcer talks talks talks... and you can't hear a manta coming or people firing at you.

The general feeling is like the one I had with ut2003, with a good but imperfect product that still needs to be completely polished.
If you plan to play this in single player, maybe it could be worth it, since the price is kinda nice, but if you want to play this in multiplayer take in serious account that the community is not particularly alive and there still are minor and major things to be fixed.

  Plays like a dream

| | See all Steveliver's reviews (16)

I loved the days when it was all about quake and unreal tournament online. Now there's Call of duty and halo, and i forgot all about Unreal Tournament. Just upgraded my computer to Athlon 64 X2 6000, Geforce 9500GT, and 3GB RAM. Then my xbox got the red lights few days ago. I decided had enough of it, so i'd try games onthe PC again, hooked it up to my 32" Samsung TV, put all settings on high with a resolution of 1768*992 and the game runs perfect, no slow down. Amazingly fast game and a whole lot of fun. Recommend to anyone that enjoys online shooters.

  can you play - Yes you ca

| | See all waspfan1967's reviews (2)

If your processor is a 1.8 just make sure you have plenty of memory and a better graphics card then the game would normally require in min specs.
This should allow you to play the game proberbly not with all the graphics turned up high but on lower settings.

Hope this helps

  will it work?

| | See all jamalsfreerun's reviews (1)

this isnt a review.. but i have ordered the game and am not sure whether the processor on my PC will enable the game to run. the minimum spec that is required is 2.0 ghz and my computer has a 1.86ghz. someone please inform me as to whether this will work by writing it in another review... oh and ut1 is amazing so this shud be good. :)

  Look at the price!

| | See all Viralll's reviews (19)

Firstly, for someone who's used to newer games and love explosions and large stuff, will enjoy this game. This game is rightly-so compared to the last one (2004) and not so great, but what's exactly wrong with it? Nothing much, just some features it has missed out from the last UT, so anyone new to the series won't find anything wrong, so this is simply a great game!

The single player mode gets better every round, the AI are good most of the time, and overall the game is very difficult. The story itself isn't the best, but satisfying.

The online multiplayer is a problem though, because there aren't many people online.

UT3 otherwise is a huge amount of fun, I rate it 5 stars because I haven't had this much fun for a long time. It's a game that manages to be a PC game, when the company is moving to console gaming, which is saying a lot! The majority of the people that buy this will like it!

  Business as usual for UT!

| | See all joejohnstone's reviews (2)

I absolutely adored Unreal Tournament. Many a nite I played it till my eyes screamed at me to stop, and I always had to tear myself away. It just never seems to get old; blasting people off into space with the shock core, mowing people down with the minigun, or finding a nice cosy hiding spot while you head-shot people till the cows come home.

UTIII, then, provides more of the same. It looks sumptuous, plays very well and all of the maps are good, while a few are absolutely amazing.

Once again, tho, online seems to be the way to go with this one, and I suppose if you, like me, played the original into the ground, there isn't a huge amount different here, although the whole vehicles aspect does beef up the package somewhat.

Overall then, this is still the king of addictive run n' gun games, and long after you've put this baby to bed you'll still crack it open every few weeks to get some satisfaction!

At £12 quid or so too it can't be beaten, grab it now b4 the price goes up or they run out of stock!!