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Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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| | See all Drewienko's reviews (19)

Not exactly what I was expecting from Bioware. I mean the game is really good, don't get me wrong. Great story, characters, interesting world and way more. Some people complaining about graphics but to me it's not the issue. It might look a bit old but it's still on a very good level. So what is it then? I don't really know, but You got this feeling that there is something missing. Might be the fact that Bioware was focused more on Mass Effect rather than Dragon Age therefore it's lacking a soul. Despite the downsides though - great, epic adventure that I finished more than once. Recommended.

  You are a Grey Warden tasked with saving Ferelden from evil!

| | See all jsinnottdavies's reviews (1)

It is difficult to express in words how amazing this game truly is. Never before have I become so deeply immersed in such a fantastic world... I am amazed at the spontaneous story that changes every time I play it based on the choices and actions that I make. Memorable characters like Leliana, Alistair, Wynne, Morrigan, Sten, Oghren, Duncan; this long list of distinctive people really make the game a joy to play, and that isn't all of them!

The first time I completed the game I thought to myself: "Well, that was a let down." A couple of weeks later I decided to have another play-through just to see if I messed something up, and I did! Replaying this game offers so many more choices that you can make, so many more people you can meet, and so many more issues you can use to your advantage.

The graphics that BioWare have implemented into the game are fantastic (not as good as games like Mass Effect, but it is still a delight to play), and you can see the world coming to life in your head thanks to the fantastic writers that made a game so deep, that it can seem real in its own sense. We can truly picture the Maker who was shamed when his children destroyed the Golden City by entering the Fade, we can see why magic is frowned upon, we can see how the Darkspawn are a real threat - and how you are needed to stop the Blight.

What really does make this game interesting, is the little bits of information that you pick up on the way about the history of different lands, cities, races, cultures... the game is so well thought out that it all fits together nicely and perfectly, making it a true pleasure to play.

Even after my twelfth play-through I find myself not knowing all there is to know about the world of Thedas, and isn't that a good thing? The replay value of this game is so great that it is easy just to press the "New Game" button and start to customise a brand new character. Instead of being a Rogue, you might be a Mage that has deep ties to The Circle of Magi set up by the Chantry. It is not physically possible to write about all of the different paths you can possibly take!

What I also love about the game is all the relationships you can create between you and your companions: Will you fall for Morrigan's dark wit, or Leliana's pure kindred soul? Will you find the lure of Alistair irresistable, or the fiendish nature of Zevran alluring? Will Sten really annoy you with his constant criticisms of your battle tactics? All of your companions will react to many choices you make, and that is what Dragon Age focuses on: Your choices. Every time you play the game you can have a different ending... I haven't done every one possible to me.

So, what would I say makes this game brilliant?

The Brilliant Points:
- Fantastic characters
- Beautiful world
- Immersive story
- Wide variety in weapons
- Deep history
- Enjoyable battles
- Witty voice acting
- Tactical layout
- Dozens more...

The Not-So-Good Points:
- No voice acting for the main character

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  Pretty good game.

| | See all Quibbling's reviews (6)

This is, overall, a good game. It's not as deep as some RPG's, and combat can get repetitive, however, good graphics and overall fun game-play makes this worth a shot.

  Fantastic Game!

| | See all Eniav08's reviews (3)

Brilliant voice acting.
Many customizable combat options and powers.
Huge game with hundreds of side quests.
Just an amazing game that makes you addicted five minutes after you start playing, i would recommend this game to anyone, though if you have played a previous bioware title and enjoyed it you will have even more appreciation towards how good they are with this type of game!

  Nice but too repetitive

| | See all Gedeon's reviews (1)

The game is nice overall. The graphics are good, story is decent (though quite predictable), voice acting is excellent and some of the dialogues are quite fun. Sadly the number of different monsters is limited so combats get repetitive and boring quite quickly and there are only few occurrences where you can avoid fighting.

  Fantastic Game - Buy it, Love it! :-)

| | See all TurinX's reviews (1)

Like a number of reviewers here, I'm a big fan of bioware games and I can safely say that this is one of their best games.

With a great story, FANTASTIC characters and with the just the right balance between fighting and role playing.

but don't just take my word for it, Gamespot gave it a 9.5 out of 10....


| | See all LewisJames's reviews (5)

BioWare has always been one of my closely watched game producers and after Knights of the Old Republic I made sure that I played any games released by them as they seemed to create some good RPG games. I got Dragon Age at Christmas and although the game's graphics were good the game lacked a certain amount of freedom and creativity that games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout create. All in all I found it an average game but I would recommend sticking to Elder Scrolls if it's a fantasy RPG your looking for.

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  Fun tactical rpg

| | See all Maka07's reviews (2)

I was worried about this particular game, although it was made by bioware (who in my opinion have released some of the best western rpgs ever!), the trailers seemed to show that it had EA's influence, i.e. catering more for the mainstream than the rpg fans, but although it seemed to have some influence from EA it still had biowares stamp all over it.

I enjoyed this game thuroughly, i played it non stop for about 9-10 days just to see what happened next in the plot and how the characters would develop. First game in a long time that i sat and played through to the end. The class system in in depth with several differing roles to choose from in each, character development is good as well, good script, voice acting isn't too shabby and some of the lines are great (In the cheesy sense).

Only thing i had a little difficulty adjusting to was the control system, but once you get past that it's a great game and I have my expansion pre-oredered, for those who haven't purchased it yet, well worth the price especially for pc as playing it through takes a good 80-90 odd hours. Probably more if you play it on hard as tactics come into play a hell of alot but still it's very rewarding to survive a boss fight or a big brawl and walk away victorious.

  Definitely what was promised, but perhaps too late

| | See all Crofto's reviews (40)

For a long time many gamers had been asking for a true, epic, 70-hour-long RPG with depth, content, and lore that could rival the likes of Elder Scrolls, or even Lord of the Rings. BioWare were one such developer who delivered in the past (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic) but had since turned their attention toward more action-orientated, mainstream focused games.

Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare's attempt to win back the RPG gamer, with its Dungeons & Dragons-like universe, its stat-based party-controlled combat, and the dozens of hours worth of slaying beasts, speaking to NPCs, and collecting weapons and armour.

Unfortunately, while Dragon Age: Origins ticks all the right boxes, it comes at a time where most of us have moved on a fair bit since Baldur's Gate. Dragon Age simply looks too dated, has a setting that is all-too generic, and offers very little that really progresses the genre at all. On-top of that, it has a whole heap of technical issues, ranging from messy visuals, right down to glitches that will cause much frustration.

I'd still say the game is worth a look if you're in dire need of a lengthy old-school RPG, but just remember that this is a game that could have easily been made in 2000; a time when this game may have been much more appealing.

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  Bugged, bugs and buggy.

| | See all shassell's reviews (5)

Should have been fantastic, gotta agree with a lot of the reviews however; wifey is about halfway through and it has always crashed every hour or so. Now it barely runs, She has to attempt to load multiple saved games to get one to work. Before the fanbois flame me, the game is patched, her PC has up to date drivers and checking online forums the game is awash with bugs and problems. Shame .

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