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The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Don't listen to everyone else, try it yourself.

| | See all Jackmc07's reviews (5)

I'm really enjoying it, sure its not a masterpiece but its good for its entertainment value.


| | See all Dazoman's reviews (1)

Baught this game but cant play it due to specs lol need better grapics card so if ya buying try and meet the specs cause i baught brand new comp and it wont play ;)

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  Good, but could have been better...

| | See all RHarr666's reviews (1)

This is a good game but it is not without its faults. There could be a few more classes, heroes and missions but its still highly enjoyable.

  Do not buy!!!

| | See all Ray346's reviews (5)

This game is a load of rubbish... Really i was hoping they would finally made a really really good lotr game... This definatly isn't it.... It feels rushed and incomplete. The gameplay is stiff and focused.

Really really not worth it... Please consider trying the demo if i haven't convinced you...

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  "Con" Quest

| | See all Spreadz2k's reviews (2)

Ive played some pretty bad games but this one is up there in all honesty.

Single player or Co-Op mode have about 2 hours of content max. then you get to play it all again as the "Evil" guys which is similar play time. The gameplay is shoddy at best. I was playing this on a fairly descent machine but even so despite having a high framerate the game still appears to be somewhat laggy. I have a few friends that also bought this hoping for more and we all agree that it doesnt look or play half as good as it should.

Multiplayer is just as bad in all honesty. For 1 they create Hero battles which basically means that you have 8 Frodos running around 1 shotting everyone whilst on the other side you have 8 Witch-kings. you can play standard classes but then you just get about 11 stealth classes 1 shotting anyone that can be bothered to play a class that doesnt stealth. All the game modes are lazy and there is no advancement or reward system to enhance any of the repetitive 4 or 5 classes that exist in the game.

You can use mounts but as soon as u go near the horse you get dismounted.

Its the equivilent of an old dynasty warriors game but just looks a bit worse and needs a better system to run it plus i dont think you can get more than 16 players in multi which is a bit un LOTR.

My opinion is if you see this for a fiver in a bargain bin its worth buying just incase you have to get a present for someone you dont really like.

Gameplay - 3/10
sounds - 3/10 (Voice Overs in game are shocking)
Graphics - 4/10

Overall - 3 / 10

If your a Lord of the Rings fan i would honestly steer clear unless you can handle some classic stories being cheaply edited for a bit of money.

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  Buy Buy Buy

| | See all ChrisyB87's reviews (2)

I played the demo of this on the PS3 and throughly enjoyed it, but unfortunatly i could not master the controls very well so i decided to buy it on PC. The controls on the PC version are very easy use and the tutorial offers special attacks and combos for you to practice. The campaign is nicely done and the gfx are nice. I would recommend this to anyone who was a fan of the battlefront games or just a fan of LOTR. The only downside is that the combat system could be slightly better.

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  potential - but still good

| | See all Matais's reviews (5)

It has the potential to be one of the best games ever, unfortunately they felt the need to put in mages (ie not just gandalf & sauraman) this is probably to make it abit more like guild wars and wow (both crap games imo)

To make it an ace game take out
-Some of the stupid "fire attacks"
- Grima wormtongue being some ace fighting person

To add
-All of the story
-More horse riding :)

This game is basically starwars battlefront mixed with return of the king (the game) but with less of the story and just the main battles.

And no you can't fly on the eagles or nazguls (?), but you can be the balrog, trolls, ents, sauron, and all of the heroes.

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