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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  Mediocre and badly programmed

| | See all Brausch's reviews (187)

The game ticks the right boxes in theory but implements them poorly. Graphics aren't bad, the city hub and upgradeable weapons are a good idea but the game seems lifeless and humourless compared to Return To Castle Wolfenstein and even the ancient original. Also has an unforgiveable clash with Kaspersky security - multiplayer is fine but single player crashes out before starting. The only way I could run single player was to disconnect from the 'net, shut down Kaspersky and rename the Kaspersky file found in Programs, reversing these processes when finished. Simple, eh. There's also no quicksave.

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  Bubblegum for the brain.

| | See all Sensitive's reviews (9)

Don't think, just shoot. It's that simple.
Decient GFX, a plot thats a bit silly, special powers that are nothing you haven't seen before and one of the best pick up and play games this year.
If you just want to shoot stuff and have a blast then this game will suit you. Don't expect any challenging puzzels or real open world exploration, just have fun.

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  Accessibility and "old school" do not mix!

| | See all Thedoctor324's reviews (16)

Now im am no stranger to wolfenstien games, Return to Castle Wolfenstien was among one of my favourite shooters...back in the day. But by today's standards it is not looked favourably on I mean we have Halo and Kill zone 2 and Call Of Duty 4, Seems Raven soft (and not ID) catered to..oh big surprise the lowest common denominator again when they blended this particular cocktail, Their mixture was comprised of a spoon full of old school aesthetic ladened with modern video game stodge making this a bloated mess rather than a fine aged vintage for old school fans to truly enjoy. If anyone here was expecting anything new and original then you were fooling yourself from the get go. This game was supposed to appeal to the old school shooter, for the fans of wolfenstine but instead they went for accessibility. The game is weighed down by such incredibly tired cliché's such as bullet time, heightened attack strength (which makes this game a cake walk), health regeneration and other "features" that are designed to insult and infuriate gamers who are looking for that old school challenge, Things that out right pollute games of this generation. The enemies are interesting but again nothing that will turn any heads. Quite simply all the conventions that wolfenstine has managed to cram into its small boot space have all been implemented in better games and no amount of gore and Nazi's can cover up this horrible cash in. This is a console game, a terrible PC port and a lazy attempt to revive a franchise that didn't need to ever come back to this shell of an industry.

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  Return to an unconvinsing German town.....

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

I agree entirly with the earlier review by phil8me.
This game is almost good, but arrives just off the mark.
The graphic effects are good, but strangly the overall effect seems dated. The town you spend the early missions in, and frequently return to seems to have a feel of a game 10 years ago, and if not careful the first few missions will put you off the game.
It's by no means rubbish, and some later levels are quite entertaining, with some inventive bosses to kill. Wolfenstein keeps its trade mark overblown fancifull story, but as you progress, does gives you some excellent and inventive weapons to kill Nazis with, and the game sometime presents a few sinister moments, (something Res Evil 5 can't manage!)
When it came out Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a breath of fresh air to FPS, unfortunatly the airs got a bit stale this time, it'll be well worth getting when its £9.99

  I'm so disappointed!!

| | See all plan60's reviews (1)

ID Software is synonymous with ground-breaking games. Yet they have simply re-packaged Doom3 and called it Wolfenstein! In fact at least Doom3 created an ambiance and lighting effect the fitted the game and "gave you the feeling of being there".
Re-released Wolf on the other hand is truly a sorry mess from ID. It's not even that playable! Come now Mr John Carmack, have you lost the edge?

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  Not impressed

| | See all neewhom's reviews (2)

Well i bought this game purly because the first online FPS i ever played was wolfenstien with gamespy, and back then i totally loved it, so much fun and very immersive, i have to admit however, i never really bothered with single player.

This addition is similar in that the single player really didnt grab me.. when i first got i played like an hour in single player, and then never went back to it since, nothing makes you want to come back, i don't even remember what was going on.

Now the big annoyance. The multiplayer failed. I mean, theres barely and games going that have a decent amount of people and i was expecting all the old wolfenstien online players to be there and was dissapointed to find around 50 people who probably never played the prequels just dabbling around the multiplayer for a bit of fun. i didnt find it quite as fun as i once did, and the maps wern't that great either. overall im dissapointed, however theres still stuff there, i mean if more people are playing now, it's defenitly got somthing to play for and the graphics aren't bad either, like alot of other reviews, its got everything u want from an fps, without the 'more'.

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  Return to Castle Wolfenstein...again?

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Return to Castle Wolfenstien was released eight years ago and was a damn fine addition to the genre, my problem with this game is that it doesn't seem to have moved on much. I'm not saying that this is bad but that there are a lot better around at the moment. It ticks all the FPS boxes as if it were going by a "How to Make a FPS" text book, which means it lacks any originality; it's also set in WWII. You run and shoot your way along a linear pre defined route and occasionally slow, bend and manipulate time, something that is a bit of a theme with second rate FPS at the moment. It's all OK, the graphics are good and functional without being dazzling, the action solid and gratifying. The story is adequately ridiculous for a Wolfenstien game but it won't compel you to play it. You will probably dip in every now and then for fifteen minutes, thus taking you eighteen months to complete. If it comes under a tenner then jump at it, otherwise save you money for COD6 (Modern Warfare2).

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  Just doesnt feel like a Wolfenstein game!

| | See all dredd1981's reviews (2)

As the title say, this feels like an add on for Call of duty or some other WW2 game, it just doesn't have the look or feel of the excellent Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Having said that the game is very playable and addictive, the only flaw I found is that for some reason your health regenerates without the need for med packs. You could get shot to within an inch of your life, just duck around a corner, wait for ten seconds and you're fine again....I don't get it! Oh yeah and the multiplayer is rubbish! Best wait a month or two for this to reach the £15-20 mark before buying!

  Almost a perfect Wolfenstein game.

| | See all Frazzal's reviews (9)

Wolfenstein is another one of those games that I like to call a 'flawed gem'. It is an excellent game but has some bad points that stop it from being a perfect game.
First off I am not a true hardcore Wolfenstein fan as the only other game I've played in the series is 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'. This new Wolfenstein is a wonderfully done game, the graphics look and style of the game is perfect.
The slight change in how the game plays is well done too, instead of going from mission to mission you get to explore the town you fight in find secretes and complete side quests.
You can buy and upgrade weapons and powers for yourself, and you have two factions to get missions from. The story line is simple and isn't surprising but it well done and explained and is what you expect for a Wolfenstein game. The action and set pieces also have a very action movie feel to them.
I really only have two problems with this game, the first and most important is there's no feeling of fear or things to make you really jump like 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' had. That's really what I liked about the Wolfenstein games was you were never sure when something might leap at you or make you jump in fright.
The second thing is that this is a rather short game, I highly recommend you play this game on the hardest setting as its fairly easy to play and take your time to explore and find all the secretes and gold and such to make the game last the little bit longer for you.
Other then that this is an excellent game and well worth buying, if I had been scared a bit more and had a few more levels this would have easily got a full five stars. Let's hope the next one fixes these problems.

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