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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Top Notch

| | See all cloutmouth's reviews (3)

Great game, standard Bioshock type stuff with an excellent storyline and interesting weapons it's well worth a go.

  Good game

| | See all neoglow's reviews (10)

This game is gory! Having only just started with the game I am yet to really get into it but so far its been good. You get your hands on some good weaponary early on and the story begins to unfold. The feel of the game is very similar to the Bioshock games where not much of the game environemt is very interactive and all the models are static but the environment is well designed. Basically the environments are quite scripted and not much in the way of physics like half-life etc. The story unfolds as you find tape recordings, written notes and movie reels, again very similar to Bioshock. I particularly like the way time shifts as you progress in the game and the world around you changes from present time to the past. Theres some genuine jumpy moments in there too.

The game runs on the unreal engine and runs at a fantastic framerate on my mid range gaming machine at max settings and resolution, this is most likely because the game is also a console port to the PS3 and XB360 so changing detail settings is very limited. Its pretty much a generic low, medium or high setting and a choice of resolutions which may be a blessing to some people to avoid tweaking all the various settings to find that steady framerate. Id recommend downloading the latest official patch for the game that corrects some graphics problems some people are experiencing whereby the texture quality will drop in and out. Its something to do with how the unreal engine pools textures.

The main feature to the game is the ability to slow time for that slow-mo sniper shot or manipulate time by placing explosive barrels near to enemies so when time unfreezes they can be blatted into a big mess. Lots a fun.

The atmosphere is creepy, the time shifting is a good feature and the graphics look great. Recommeded.

  Fantastic piece of work!

| | See all pBarrelas's reviews (10)

This game was one of the best tittles I ever played.
The atmosphere, story, level design, game play, character design and weapon design is simply fantastic. I've played on the more difficulty level and I was able to really enjoy it properly. I recommend this title to every gamer who liked Half Life and Bioshock.

  Time is on your side...

| | See all 3LCosmo's reviews (11)

How often have you said.. If I only had more time?... The most fun feature of Singularity is the way time is used both as a weapon and a tool. Whether solving one of the many puzzles which let you progress to the next part of the game or ageing an opponent or even stopping time completely so you can kill at your leisure... time is on your side. The storyline is nicely filled out with the liberal placement of audio recordings and notes which help keep your interest. The weapons are clever for the most part and the upgrade systems work well. The only criticisms I have of Singularity is that the game play is too linier the puzzles a bit too easy and the game a little short. Ive only played the single player game at medium difficulty and think experienced gamers should try the harder mode. On the plus side the game runs fine at highest settings on my oldish PC so you dont need to have a new top end machine. In spite of these flaws I really enjoyed Singularity. All in all this game is well worth the price.

  Simply brilliant

| | See all Bacbuk's reviews (9)

Set in 2010/1955 (youll understand once you play it) you take the role of a US solider that is sent into a secret Russian base off the cost of the main land. Your mission, return 2010s time line back to normal.

What an excellent game. Very smooth graphics and game play with a gripping storyline, I could not have asked for more out of a title. This is not your standard FPS game, as you can manipulate objects from both the past and present to help you overcome the enemy thus adding a slight twist to the genre.

If youre a fan of Bioshock or Timeshift then this is a game for you. This is a defiant game for any collection.

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  Good FPS

| | See all mikejt72's reviews (11)

This is very good game, Certains features in the game are very similar to timeshift. Not the longest of FPS games but certainly worth playing. If you like bioshock series or HL series you will like this.

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