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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Game Of The Year Edition)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  Good but short

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I really enjoyed playing this game; the squad mechanics are very good, the tutorial is done well, there is a good variety of missions and the tension really builds well. I don't normally play shooters but the price persuaded me. The graphics are also very good. Kill-cam (showing you how you died) in multiplayer is a good innovation. My favourite bit was the introduction, very different and sets the tone perfectly. In short, singleplayer is awesome.

I guess there is nothing major. The story is very vague, something about a generic middle-eastern country that we never learn the name of and a few russians chucked in, with the usual rubbish about a bomb. Stereotyped Brits who still use american words like "dumpster"! The game is short, but then I am used to open-ended role playing games. My only major niggle is multiplayer; other players aren't friendly and it is near-impossible to compete with people who have spent two years honing their mouse-clicking to millimetre accuracy; prepare to get shot a lot!

  Really good

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

I really liked this game. I've only played the single player game, and yes it was relatively short.. but not exactly 2 or 3 hours. I played it to completion, casually, within a few weeks on a harder skill setting and had a great time. The graphics are good, the team-mates are good and the storyline (where you switch between a UK and a USA soldier) works well. I think the american guy actually dies if I recall rightly, which was a surprise. Overall, a very good game.


| | See all darthrazel's reviews (5)

I am so amazed. This game is fantastic. No wonder its "game of the year" . Single player is fantastic, Multiplayer is fantastic
Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
THE GAME 10000/10

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  Gr8 Game, few Interesting Points to Note

| | See all METHYLoBROMIDE's reviews (4)

Hi, bought this game in the last few weeks. Single player has great graphics and real realistic depending on what system your running. Another bonus is that is supports Sli and has the option to select in game for dual cards. I am running a quad core with a 1.5 mb connection and so far after playing an old title for many years of Delta Force have not experienced any cheats on the Dedi Server I play in. The only annoying thing is the map sizes and not easy to hide away anywhere unless using an MP5 which then you cant be traced. Another thing I was not completely happy about is that on installation on the game is does not create a permanent account so in the case you re-format the pc you will lose all what you achieved. That does not take the fun out of th game as you can pretty much call yourself what you like which is the added bonus. There were concerns of not many on multiplayer and all going to COD2. This does not seem to be the case as everytime I log in I have people to play with.

I would say its the best multiplayer experience around so far compared to other games I have played.


| | See all Drakeknight02's reviews (1)

I have not played CoD 1-3 but i bought CoD4 just to try it out, and frankly the story is amazing (Some strong parts, very good) but the real selling point i would say is the Online play, equal to or Greater then Counter-Strike, it is fantastic. a great purchase

  I'm hooked

| | See all asteberg's reviews (15)

I was never a fan of FPS games until I played COD4. I got hooked immediately and I agree with everyone else that the single player campaign is a bit on the short side. For me, however, being quite new to FPS games, I just upped the difficulty and played the campaign again, and easily doubled single player game time. Multiplayer is great even though I tend to get killed several times for every kill I make - I'm in the learning process and still I think it is a great game!

  Good game

| | See all Andy215's reviews (12)

Good game , single player mode very short did it in less than a day felt they could have made it longer , online gaming is good havn`t played on all the different modes yet.

  This is a hall of famer..

| | See all Allyal568's reviews (12)

Spectactular game, if you dont buy this, even if you dont like the games, you're going to kick yourself, its absolutely amazing.

  Amazing game.

| | See all BobTheWiseOne's reviews (9)

Unlike Crysis this is an 'on the rails' shooter from start to finish. The graphics look simply amazing and won't stress your PC as much as other FPS's. Call of Duty has been brought into the 21st century with the Middle East being the central location for most of the game. There is an engaging story and the game is full of action from the absolute beginning. It is a relativey short game like Portal and like that game it is over before you want it to be. Every thing about CoD4 from the visuals to the AI draws you into a totally beliveable world filled with people who want to kill you. This game is as close to making you feel as though you are in an action movie as it gets.

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  Top notch gaming experience for wanna-be special forces

| | See all Imightbuy's reviews (3)

Having played Call of Duty 1 some years ago and still now and again I had a fair idea what to expect as the gaming/graphics was great for that game (better than MOH range). I took the plunge to buy this GOTY edition which comes with 4 multiplayer maps installed with the game. If you don't have this version (1.6) you can still download the maps fro free (PC users only) but this is less hassle.

I preferred WWII shooters, well did until I saw this game. I usually press the escape key to pass the intro scenes but this is a cinematic experience and you should watch them at least a couple of times as it is like you are actually immersed in what is happening - it is that good. The tension builds up nicely from when you start the first mission as an SAS recruit named "soap" but won't spoil it suffice to say I actually felt I would fall in the sea on the way back!

Ensure you have a fairly up-to-date graphics card and would suggest you have the 'recommended' specification hardware to play as my 9800Pro wouldn't hack it, although I have a single core 3800+ a dual-core means no stutter ever.

Multiplayer gives you the ability to Teamspeak to eachother as part of the gaming experience and just another facet of its gaming advancement.

At £14.99 (from £35) it is a no-brainer and thoroughly recommended!