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Grand Theft Auto 4

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (100 reviews)"

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  A great game

| | See all xixJazmaNxix's reviews (2)

I bought this game today, although i have owned it in the past on the computer, it ran perfectly on my old nVidia 8800 GTX OC, with quite a high frame rate, it took a bit to install but thats normal these days for pretty much any game. Cant wait to see how it runs on my new 6850

single player is great although i havent played much of the story line, i just use trainers to unlock the map etc, the graphics are amazing but the options and settings could have been a lot more customisable.

Games for windows live made it a lot easier for me to play with my friends online, although its useful to note that you may need to do some port forwarding for your friends to connect to you.

Over all, greatr game, worth the buy.

  A poor console port!

| | See all Bordem's reviews (5)

This is a great game, the missions don't get to repetitive and there is lots of activities to do in the game, however 2 times out of 3 the game will crash on my system when initially loading up, the menu will just continue to load and then I get the blue screen of death, my setup it fairly decent hitting frame rates of 50 on BFBC2 on full settings. Just make sure you have at least 2GB of memory, this game eats it up! The whole idea of getting online is a nightmare, you have to sign up to 'Games For Windows' and log in before playing, I thought steam was bad but im lucky not to waiting more than 2 minutes to login, and when your staring at a circular loading icon, you begin to go insane with anticipation. I can only advise anyone purchasing this game to patch up the game, update drivers and ensure your computer meets the recomended requirements not the minimum. Good luck :)

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| | See all Rippur's reviews (1)

Like Nick under me here, I experienced alot of lag when I first tried it, but with the newest patches and with low perfomance settings, it's running smoothly on my laptop. Still a bit laggy when alot of things happens, and considering that my laptop meets the recommended requirements i'll give it 4/5 stars. If I shall judge the gameplay and gaming experience i would definitely give it top notch score! Extremely amusing and addictive game. Can't stop playing it:)


| | See all nicko124's reviews (1)

i'm sure its a great game and the gameplay is pretty fun, but i run i a high end PC and i get massive lag and a really low fps. the game is playable but i rekon its has a lot more potentioal

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| | See all Leeham's reviews (1)

JoaquinRE, I'm not sure whats causing your bad fps but its certainly not a problem with the game. I Average 40-50fps with settings on High and my PC is very average now (4 years old).

Anyone who has played the console version will know how good this game is, with the added bonus of being able to download Mods such as real cars, skins, clothes. It just makes the PC version so much better than the console.

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  Bad optimized

| | See all JoaquinRE's reviews (1)

Be aware, the game is very bad optimized. In my high-end PC, I only obtain 10-15 fps in low configuration and it's plenty of bugs.

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  Good Game!

| | See all MorbidAngel's reviews (7)

Good game, might even be better than the 360 version.
I for one have never had any problems running this game. At full settings it's a smooth experiance. (My pc is high-mid range)

The story and setting are fantastic aswell as the gameplay! A must buy in my opinion!

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  Not Bad Neither Good

| | See all Sotore's reviews (7)

I bought after i try it so i can try the online gameplay.
Bad points it takes ages to install as all know off it and the graphics adjust are just terrible you go to options and it's very limited so most users cant play decent on it unless they got a nice computer to run it. I also try the online gameplay a bit i must say it's cool in first few minutes after that it's a casual gameplay for me at least.
But for those who like the series of GTA it's a nice game but not the best!

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  Brilliant Game, bad port

| | See all Urbanebula's reviews (1)

Something to take note of before purchasing this title on PC: This is a really lazy port. Trying to run this game out of the box is next to impossible, especially on older systems. The graphics options are severely limited and don't offer much scope for optimising the game to run on low or mid range systems. The game also has a nasty habit of locking up completely for no reason at all.

Though you may be excited and eager to play it as soon as it arrives, I highly recommend you take the time to update both the game and your graphics drivers.

Let me just say, that this game is highly enjoyable when it is running properly. The graphics are incredible, even on lower settings and the euphoria physics system paves the way for some awe inspiring crashes and bails. The PC version also includes a replay system so you can save and share your finest moments and worst pile ups. I highly recommend playing coop with friends as I have never laughed so hard.

Now the bad news. Of the 10 or so times I have tried, my friends and I have only managed to play 4 games together. Games for Windows live is utterly useless for trying to connect to your friend's games.

Still, for the current price and with the patches all available to download straight away using the included Social Club software, this is a steal.

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| | See all John10's reviews (1)

This is a good game if you have a good PC .It takes an age to install and load needs a lot of hardrive space and you have to sign up for windows live and s club. After doing all this i found I could only play the game with keyboard. Only 10 pc controlers work with this game so check before you buy that you have one. It cost more than the game did for me to buy a controler that worked with the game. I give it 3 stars because once you get it all working its great . If it was easy to install worked with my controler and did not need internet to play it would have got 5.

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