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Dark Messiah: Might And Magic

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Excellent game, terrible compatibility.

| | See all ajefferson863's reviews (1)

This is one of the best games I have ever played, though ive noticed lots of people have had compatibility issues. While this is inexcusable, the game itself is as unique as it is exciting. Great graphics, passable storyline, and an unbeatable gameplay, there is nothing quite like this game, and I really hope they bring out another like this.

  A lot of fun!

| | See all Snick99's reviews (24)

Ok, I consider this game a fantasy FPS, rather than a RPG. It does not detract from the experience. The game does leave you with little freedom in terms of story, character interaction and level exploration. But again, this is not Oblivion, this is Half-Life 2 in fantasy realm. And my, was it fun! The levels are designed so that there are many different ways to take out your enemies. Ok, it IS contrived but still a lot of fun, when you throw an arrow to cut the rope holding in place that suspended block of concrete (which has no reasonable explanation for being there in the first place) so that it flies down and throws that unfortunate orc into the chasm he was peering in a second ago. You can also kick enemies into fires or into spiked gratings (that again, are there for no other reason), pick up barrels and throw them on their heads, not to mention the more conventional approaches of sword, bow, magic and stealth. You cannot master every single skill as you can do in Oblivion, so this makes for some replay value, although I don't think you'll want to play it more than twice. Oh, be sure to use the hard difficulty settings, or it will be over too soon!
The graphics are very good even on relatively low-end PCs, just make sure you have enough RAM - one gigabyte is not enough - or the game will start swapping on disk like crazy.
All in all, I found this game much more fun than your average FPS, and also loved the artistic side of the graphics. Just be advised that there's not much more RPG depth than there is in Diablo!

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  compatability issues

| | See all Jon123456's reviews (3)

this game is an awesome game its graphics are very good when on full HDR modes hoever there are compatability issues when you have the latests chipsets with particular relation to Nvidia 8000 series with my chipset (nvidia 8800 ultra) the game would freeze and then close. howeverthis problem can fixed if u look for the beta drivers for windows XP on this particular card. this is a great game however the detail which it has is excellant.

  Great game at this price!

| | See all FalloutBBT's reviews (2)

Ok, it's doesn't have the most gripping story, and the levels are all linear, but that is pretty much all the bad points out of the way. So many games these days prize storyline and graphics above gameplay, but this game is ALL about the gameplay.

Simply put, this is the most playable game I have played in a long while, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of sword and scorcery, and is tired of uninspiring combat systems.

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  Something new!

| | See all shaunboulton's reviews (30)

Ive nevr seen a game like this, i love the way you can fight old style with the bow and arrow and the sword fighting action.
This is such a good game and i think anyone will like this, so buy it you will like it!!!!!

  This game is still on my mind!

| | See all Baldavier's reviews (7)

I played this game when it first came out and my initial thoughts were that it would be another hack and slash with a few skill options to choose from. I was however, completely mistaken! This game was not only diverse but it was a thrilling experience throughout! NONE of the storyline was predictable for me and I found myself playing scenes again and again.
The graphics and AI were excellent!

If I had to write a criticism of the game is that it was run in steam and was quite volatile on my system. I did encounter crashes and restarts all the way through the game, but it may have been my computer.

This is a broad game but most of the storyline is set so you can't stray far from the path, which I prefer to other games.

  Excellent role play action game, better than Oblivion!

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I heard some fairly dodgy reviews of this game, especially from the US game websites, but Dark Messiah has an awful lot going for it. For me its a game you can pick up and pretty much get into straight off.

Part of this game's appeal for me was it reminded me of similar RPG game Severance: Blade of Darkness, which was fairly similar in terms of its combat (and gore). But Dark Messiah of course stands out a bit more as adds so many features in terms of your player's upgrade capabilities. The magic powers and combat system are pretty good, although I admit most of the combat attacks feel kind of the same.

The graphics and presentation of the game are also very good, with really nice graphics and character models look not too bad although they are a little crude in places. The audio for game is great too, the music score is really well done and one of the best I've heard in ages for an RPG. My only criticism of the audio though would be some of the voices which feature guards speaking in American accents going "Hey pal!" and "Where are you going, buddy?" and this is supposed to be a period setting game!

But these are very minor quibbles as Dark Messiah is really good in my opinion and as far as I'm concerned it is far more entertaining and accessible than the overrated Elders of the Scrolls: Oblivion, which I personally couldn't get into at all.

Also I heard this game is supposed to have a number of bugs and issues, but if you patch up to the latest version you should be fine. Dark Messiah is a great game, buy it!


| | See all lSabr3l's reviews (1)

Hardly any problems under XP, singleplayer is great and so is multiplayer albeit it is slightly unbalanced.


| | See all quasar68's reviews (4)

Great game but much like kickboxer's experience the game crashed litteraly every 5 minutes,when loading new areas or saving games etc, which took all of the enjoyment out of the game.Downloaded the one available patch but that didn't seem to make any difference.Maybe it's a case of Vista strikes again or compatability issues with my video card,dunno,but the game is good and the graphics are great, if you can get it run properly.Would have been a five star rating but for the crashfest.

  probably would have been good...

| | See all kickboxer's reviews (6)

well, it never worked. i installed it, played it, well almost did, and it never worked. i could get onto the start video, well i could only hear it i you not see it. i would get onto the main menu, but when i clicked new game it took ages to loads and when it was almost full, it crashed and went onto my desktop. This game would have been good probs, im just enoyed it never worked :(.

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