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Guild Wars: The Complete Collection

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Well worth the money I wasted £'s on each expansion

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This game is a must have or any MMO gamer, this game is in a leaue of it's own, constant udates, no monthly fees, great PvP, also great PvE, team with friends or if you prefure solo play simply hire some henchmen to aid you.
Every expansion adds so much more to the game as well as exclusive pets & items, the world is massive I have been playing allmost 4 years now and still only scratched the serfice, very addictive (take time out to spend with real life friends before you turn into a hermit LOL).
Brilliant guild system, build your own guild hall and even join alliances with other guilds that have the same purpose as yourself.
Allmost limitless class builds, mix & match for the right situation .
I only have 2 gripes on this series.
1 - No Aution house to sell your items.
2 - No add link items for sale in chat.
These make it hard to earn decent amount of cash, unless you dont mind spamming each item stats (typing into chat) hopein to sell, also an Addon or Bot to show how much you should sell a Pet/Item for (I have sold loads of items at low price without knowing any better.
Happy gaming, kick some charr butts. xD

  Only played a few hours but....

| | See all JAtkins's reviews (8)

....this game is addictive. If you like oblivion style games this is for you. I played WOW for a while but never got into it. This is free to play and is definately value for money. Can be played single player as computer characters are decent enough to be the same standard as human players. Enjoy

  Excellent Value

| | See all Sprites01's reviews (1)

Talk about a bargin! More of a co-op RPG than a true MMO but still a superb game (and for the antisocial, solo play is a go-go with the help of NPC Heroes and Henchmen).

  Best MMO and more to come

| | See all Freshman2001's reviews (2)

This is by far in my opinion the best MMO out there. Sure u have the big one in WOW, but tbh, its truely dire graphics, monthly fee and spending most time bored waiting to move from one place to the next kills it. Eve was an interesting one, though again a monthly fee.

Guild wars is brilliant for the casual gamer. Play when u like. No Fee. Constant updates. Terrific support from NC Soft. Weekly events, as well as special events such as Halloween and Xmas. Downsides? I don't see any. Graphics are quality, gameplay quality - though not being able to jump and interact with ur environment is where WOW is better (being rectified in Guild Wars 2). This is a simple game that is easy to play.

I have not spent as many hours on a game in my life as i have on Guild Wars. Plenty of people around to help u out. Doesn't take long to level up. 4 Campaigns, with great stories. And with Guild wars 2 coming along, your achievements in Guild wars will help u in the sequel - how many games do that!!

If in any doubt, check out the Guild wars 2 trailer - its epic!

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  most addictive MMO I've ever played

| | See all Michaelfsgw's reviews (2)

i bought all the campaigns and the expansion individually and still think it was well worth it. 3 campaigns and 1 expansion pack with a great story.
leveling up is not the aim in this game and there is absolutely no level grinding involved in attaining the level cap.
for those people that love to grind though there are plenty of titles to work towards including completely finishing all missions for each campaign and also farming things like reputation points. active community and overall a great game. still not convinced? then try the FREE TRIAL!

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  Simple, Fun, Addictive.

| | See all Eniav08's reviews (3)

I have been playing Guild wars since the start and its one of the best games of its sort, the campaigns are huge and will take many hours to complete, the leveling isnt a grind like othe rgames as there are only 20 levels making the game not about who gets there fastest but about what skills you take with you into the battles, the community is also great and will help you alot and finding a brilliant guild coudnt be easier, all in all for 15 pounds you really cant go wrong!

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  Not worth it

| | See all Trollface2's reviews (9)

Its an ok game, but for 15 quid you can do a lot better, wow, Global agenda, Lord of the rings, warhammer etc, NCsoft are a very poor company when it comes to customer support and you most probebly WILL need them at some point, My advice is avoid this and go for something else. It has low system requirements as its gfx are basic, its all totaly instanced and its another grind fest.

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  Great Game a some points

| | See all Shadowgamers's reviews (3)

i've been playing this game from year one and its an amazing game just becasue of it amzain add ons and campains it comes withs but after a while this game starts to lose its campain and would have to go to pvp which is really good aspect of this game but it also becomes very repetitive at surten points of it.
Also anything with makes this game bad is the support which you get if you lose your accountt ive lost my account 3 tims in 4 years and every time its taken over 2 weeks to get it back that for me isnt the support you should get from a great game.
Over all this is very good game recomend it to anyone but, i have to say that aion which is made buy Arena net has pushed pass guildwars
Thank you for reading

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