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Call Of Duty 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  The best WW2 game. Period.

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Right, I just have to say if you want fast paced, frantic and fantastic World War 2 action, look no further. It's not exactly the most realistic game (look for Brothers In Arms if you want that) but nothing can compare with the suspense that this game creates.

You are practically thrown in at the deep end when you start single player as you start off as a Russian in an infantry division which comes under attack by Germans, as soon as 2 minutes in you are blowing up half-tracks and shooting Germans in the face. Now that's awesome.

It may be almost four years old but the graphics can still hold up to the recent Call of Duty games as this game was a graphical beast when it came out, I had to run this thing on the lowest graphics all that time ago and to come back and play it at full graphics is like playing an entire new game.

I don't need to say any more apart from buy this game.

  Runs on my Vista PC

| | See all BlueAndWhiteArmy's reviews (1)

I have an AMD Quad Core with 4MB memory machine and NVidia 8600 256 MB card.
I first got into war games with Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30. That was only a few weeks back and gave me a whole new take on what it must have been like to fight in the war !
I had heard the CoD series was considered the best WW2 game so got hold of the demo and loved it. They I found the full game on a pre-owned shelf for less than £4 - how could I resist ! Just started playing it and no real problems running on Vista - just once I have had a problem with grahics 'lag'. It seemed to freeze maybe 10 times, came back to life at the same point it froze, so continuity was not broken.
My only other comment - and I'm still in the middle of the Brittish campaigns, so only half way through the game - But I did find the Russian campaign very confusing as to where you were supposed to be heading so often found myself not knowing which way to head. I'm sure on one mission I was asked to locate a gun and take out the oppenents 'big gun' and while I was still trying to find my way it came up 'mission complete', but I never found a gun !
The Brittish campaigns have been easier to follow the objectives so maybe it was just a learning curve and I'll get on better what I play the Russian campaigns again.
Don't get me wrong - it is a good game, just felt I was chasing my Russian teamates without knowing what I was doing half the time.

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  Is nice

| | See all Jaredc40's reviews (1)

I have this game and yes it is similar to 4, there is a map in 2 and 4 which have to exact layout, all they do is move the map across and put different scenery on it, they should develop more maps, they done this from cod 1 to 2 aswell. they should pull their fingers out.

  great game

| | See all rogersxe's reviews (11)

great graphics, the single player mode is great.

I had some problems running the multiplayer on my vista, but figured it out. if you get a message that says something like cod2mp_s.exe isn't working when you start the multiplayer, only thing you gotta do is put a head set/mic in the MIC input in the front of your computer, it worked for me anyways.

  Classic COD

| | See all Crysis2142's reviews (68)

After playing on COD4 i couldnt help but notice how similiar the gameplay is to COD2.

The singleplayer campaign is much more challenging although the multiplayer is not as indepth as COD4. This is one of the best ww2 games availible. With world at war out later this year its hard to see how it can compete. The gameplay and graphics are brilliant as the three different countries offer a different approach to each campaign.


| | See all Mancman's reviews (34)

The cod series just keeps on producing and it will. I promise. Had this a while completed it but just adding and updating my reviews for the items i have bought from play.


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I played Call of Duty 1 UO on the PC and that was amazing. But this is somethings else. The graptics are great storyline is great and the levels are fantastic. If you are new to First Person Shooters then get this game it will amaze you!

  Intense and Very Playable

| | See all PublicDisturbance's reviews (33)

This was the first PC game i played in about 5 years, i used to hate PC gaming because my old PC was terrible. I built my own high end PC and this was the first game i played, it blew me away, the graphics, the gameplay, the intensity and the hyper realism all mixed together make an epic game.

Far better than the new MOH game, by far. That game was too short, this isn't at all, and being able to play 3 different soldiers stories is a brilliant idea. Even when completed you can go back to this game again and again.

The only downside i can think of is that they didn't release call of duty 3 on the PC, hmm maybe that'll happen later on, like releasing halo 2 years after it was released on xbox lol.

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