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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Good adult RPG but not quite 100%

| | See all Tone999's reviews (1)

I agree with the previous reviews: The big plus is the story driven adult plot. The minus is that the fighting can be repetitive and there are a few bugs still in there.
Overall this is definately worth getting if you like RPGs and even though it's getting on a bit now it's still a bargin at under £30.
On a side note this is the first item I've got through Playtrade rather than Play.com itself but the delivery was just as good

  Quality RPG game

| | See all HarenJ's reviews (1)

Im really loving this game.

The fighting is simple and a bit repetitive but it never feels boring and you are never forced to fight (or grind) for long periods of time.

The choice of camera angles is a very nice option so you can play the game as it suits you. All the angles are viable options

The game is very very story driven and that's why I enjoyed the game. It breaks up quests where you have to kill things with chain quests which involve you talking to various people and progressing the story. It's nice how the options you choose in dialog can really influence the direction that the game takes.

The reason I didnt give it 5 is because I have run into bugs a few times, I did run into moments where I was talking to every NPC trying to trigger the next bit of the quest, and there just are a few very small things that feel a bit of an annoyance.

Overall tho, I defiantely recommend this game to all people. A must buy for anyone who is a fan of RPG games. It's the most story driven game ive played in ages and one of the few games that present you with choices that actually make a difference. Good to see small developers making games that are better titles than the big names.

  No printed manual, maps or other stuff - DVDs only!

| | See all dogsolitude's reviews (1)

The game is brilliant, but I'm dropping a star due to misrepresentation of the product on this page.

The product specs include 'Game manual and game guide' - well the only evidence of these in the package I received were a PDF of the game manual. In short, if you want the maps and manuals you'll need the Enhanced Edition Limited Edition!

Personally I hate on-disc manuals. Cheap and lazy, and you can't consult them in game either. Rah.

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| | See all crises's reviews (2)

I generally like RPG's but usually rush through the main plot. The witcher brings something new to games - a very adult experience. This gives great character to Geralt and makes completing side quests much more entertaining. It was the Bioware engine usage that brought my attention to this game, can it do no wrong!

  The Witcher Enhanced Edition

| | See all 1shot1kill's reviews (7)

What a cracking game and i had no problems getting this to install although i have had it crash a few times but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying CDPROJECKT'S masterpiece.

If you're an rpg fan and have the spec to run it ( if in doubt try systemrequirementslab.com for the can you run this and it will do a check on your pc/laptop to see if it will run the witcher, it also has lots of other games for you to check ) i would say get The Witcher Enhanced Edition as it's a worthy game that every RPG fan should have .

  An RPGers RPG

| | See all Crofto's reviews (40)

The Witcher is, essentially, the RPG hardcore gamers have been itching for. The game has all the elements needed to make a classic RPG; deep story, great characters, cool monsters, and enjoyable combat (to name a handful).

The thing that makes Witcher a must-own, though, is that it has clearly been designed by RPG players. The guys at CD Projekt understand what gamers have been asking for, and have delivered in this great game.

This Enhanced Edition of the game resolves a lot of glitches and bugs, while also tidying up things like voice-acting and animations. It comes bundled with some nice extras, and even adds some additional content to the game. The only downside is that, even with this upgrade, the game can still be a nightmare to run since it still seems to have stability issues.

While the likes of Bio-Ware and Bethesda continue to 'sell-out' with their weaker RPGs, I can fully state that The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is the perfect game for RPG refugees looking for a game that suits their needs.

A 100% must-own for RPG fans.

  At last....

| | See all xboxchick's reviews (36)

A game where your choices seriously affect the game, and not just at the end through out! I avoided this game like the plague until quite recently (mainly due to the massive bug issues id read about) this edition installed easily and played superbly maxed out on my pc. Controls are well thought out and the game looks amazing, the final battle difficulty seemed a little unbalanced from the rest of the game which killed the flow a bit for me but this is the game Oblivion wanted to be. Rich town life, varied quests, great story. One of the few RPGS i would give a 5 to (despite some inexplicable crashes through the game, thankfully a great autosave system ment this was a small issue)

  Great RPG

| | See all Fruitshine2's reviews (14)

This rpg game has everything,
When you first go on it, you might be a little confuzzled..
But after awhile you really get into it,
You get to slay beasts, help townsfolk, upgrade weapons and armour, create effective potions and bombs!!
The gameplay layout is brilliant, its never before being used like this,

Also, windowed mode dosent steal all of your cpu speed!!

And to pause it and run around your desktop all you do is press space bar =p

Easiest rpg to play ever!!!

Defo adviced to buy!

  An intriguing story supported by an advanced graphic engine.

| | See all JastaV's reviews (7)

The Witcher Enhanced Edition is an adult RPG mixing classic RPG elements, a complex and intriguing story with an advanced graphic engine.

I had chance to play The Witcher, (first version) on the same PC I'm using to play The Witcher Enhanced Edition: Intel Core Duo Quad 6600, GeForce 8800 ULTRA, DDR-2 Super Talent 2Gb 800MHz.
I noticed improvements in FR and game fluidity, possibly addressed to the game engine optimization and to last NVidia drivers versions too.
I'm getting a great graphic performance using game higher available settings.

The graphic engine of the game is amazing: the best landscape I ever experienced in a RPG game. The powerful and bright visual effects encountered during game playing are gorgeous and do not negatively affect FR. Game fluidity is high even in most overcrowded combats.

I experienced some troubles with the EAX support when enabling from the game setting menu.
I had to disable it.
None the less, with my audio processor, (Sound Blaster® X-Fi Xtreme Gamer - Fatality Professional and a Creative® GigaWorks 5.1 speakers system) I could get a high audio performance. Background sound in a 3D environment, dialogs, music soundtracks are the best ever experienced in a game.

As evidenced in the official reviews upload times have been shortened and game stability largely improved. After many hours spent playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition, I just experienced a couple of fatal crashes to desktop.

The Witcher is to be regarded in the category of the dangerous games keeping player awake for full nights: the main story is rich, written over an intriguing plot. Major characters are performing highly, dialogues offers great and clean language localizations. Tons of video sequences adds cinematic detail to the narration.
Although a mess of secondary quests are available The Witcher Enhanced Edition does not offer the richness and flexibility of some classic RPG as Two Worlds or Oblivion. Player has not chance to choose between different character profiles or races as typical of quoted RPG games. Players will have anyway chance to influence over character attributes influencing then combat styles and magic attacks.

The Witcher is a RPG game addressed to an adult public for explicit sexual situations, the harsh and rude language used by some characters, the realistic way violence is depicted, the cynic personality of the player character. It is a game built over a solid story, well depicting adult addressed situations but without being coarse .

The Witcher Enhanced Edition comes with two new "short" adventures and a mess of add-ons and bonus material that make worth to buy it for The Witcher, (first version) buyers too.
But a detailed game guide, the two Audio CD with music from the game soundtracks are note worth.
The Witcher Enhanced Edition is so reach to be considered a good choice for a gift.
For sure it is a must for all RPG enthusiastic players that had not chance to try the first edition.

  Best Game

| | See all tommydno3's reviews (13)

This game is amazing one of the best games i have ever played.

Warning do not buy if your computer is crap!!!!