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CSI: New York - The Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  CSI games are much better

| | See all discstop's reviews (1)

CSI-NY game is much more of a click and point game which relies on you doing mini games, matching and finding objects. The other CSI games require a bit more thinking and investigating. If you want a more realistic CSI experience I would recommend that you don't go for this - but if you like a less challenging type of game it works well

  complete disapointment

| | See all amanda87's reviews (7)

Game is abosolute rubbish isnt worth wasting money on even if you want complete set!!! For some reason the game is totally different from previous or new csi ones and more point and click for 5 year olds, and it tells you exactly what to do so there is no solving anything I was really dissapointed with it even for cheap price I paid.


| | See all thekpnuts's reviews (1)

is an understatement for this offering! I couldn't stand to play beyond the first game, it is boring beyong belief. If this had been the first game launched I wouold not have become a fan. As it is I am hugely disappointed & will wait before buying any other CSI games.....

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  Don't Bother

| | See all BubblesCalling's reviews (1)

This game is absolute rubbish and comes no where near the previous CSI games! Total waste of money!

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  Totally disappointing. Dont buy.

| | See all fidevit's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed all the other CSI games, and was looking forward to the new one. So I pre-ordered it a long time a go. And when I finally got it, I installed it right away, and started playing immediately.
After a couple of minutes I was really disappointed, I felt like I installed a ten year old game by a mistake.

Before, in the old CSI games, I felt like an investigator. But in this game I feel like I am in kindergarten, putting toy bricks through a hole or something. You don't really need to think a lot in this game.
At this time I had played 3 of 5 cases, and if I will finish it, I am not sure of.

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  Oh Dear!!

| | See all emziehtafc's reviews (4)

Just like everyone else, very disappointed. I have loved all the other CSI games which are very addictive and you actually have to think. When I started playing this game I felt like I was back in Junior school. The items you have to click on make no sense whatsoever, you have no control over what you are actually doing. The graphics are poor, like watching a cartoon, i anything i thought the graphics would get better over time.

Like others I usually don't follow reviews and go on my own judgement but please save your money, unfortunately i read the reviews after to see what other people thought. I paid £20 for this game.

If you like this type of game avoid this and buy Mystery of the druids or a law and order game till they rethink and bring out a CSI game of the old quality!!

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  Not worth the money!!!

| | See all cheribradley's reviews (1)

What a big let down. I love the CSI games and couldn't wait for the new game to come out. What a dissapointment. And whats with all the miscellanious object you need to find. This game does not let you think at all. Everything is on the screen, almost like you are being told what to do.
Don't waste your money!

  csi new york the game

| | See all mammys's reviews (1)

great, a new csi game. and then the let down. i have all the csi games that have come out to date and have done them all over and over again to the point of not turning off till they are finished. but csi ny is a far cry from the rest, it lacks self search as all you need to find is on the screen, you cant jump about to other areas or look around and getting samples can be tricky. love the csi games up to this one. think it was a waist of money and to think that is was pre ordered before christmas. save your money and get a pizza delivered instead. hate it.......

  I feel so violated!

| | See all wozza01's reviews (1)

I truly feel violated after playing this sorry excuse for a CSI Game. The CSI:NY TV Series is supposed to be the best in the CSI Franchise, but the game is more than dissapointing!

This game is a piece of nonsens and wish it would be taken off the shelves! Its nothing like the other CSI Games that actually do get better in quality and gameplay.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... Fire the people who made this and come up with something better to please the millions of CSI fans out there!

Complete and utter waste of time and money! This is 30 minutes I wont ever get back from my life!

  It's not that bad of a game

| | See all thescorpion's reviews (2)

After seeing these reviews i thought i must see for myself, i don't think it s that bad of a game. It could of been a lot worse. The only thing i didn't like was at the bottom it showed you what to look for! I don't know about anyone else but i like to look everywhere and try and find the evidence with my eyes closed.