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Resident Evil 5

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Death by reloading

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

RE5 is a great game spoiled by atrocious controls. I mean the worst ever. These are the main problems: You can't move while reloading, aiming, or shooting; instead you become rooted to the spot and therefore hopelessly vulnerable to attack. When aiming the sight is often (although, oddly, not always) wrenched away from the point already centred so you have to find your target again. And you can't jump or crouch unless prompted. What the hell is that all about? Also the AI is pretty poor. Sheva gets in the way more often than not. The UI looks like something out of the 90s and is clunky to say the least. And you can't access the inventory during gameplay (although I understand the reasoning behind this it is frustrating at times). So what is there to like? Well it looks amazing. The graphics are among the best I've ever seen, with particularly impressive character models and animations. And, controls aside, the gameplay is enjoyable, with a good selection of environments, some pretty tough bosses, and a range of simple but enjoyable puzzles to solve. Ammo is often scarce so you have to be more thoughtful about your approach to the combat than in many games. Overall it's a top-flight game marred only but it's poorly designed controls and interface. Sadly these are so bad I can only give it 3 out of 5, which is a real shame.

  Overall Good

| | See all InfiniteChaos's reviews (5)

The game is good. The controls are the same as RE4 when you change the controls in settings.

The AI is very bad which can be a problem when it just picks up useless items laying about. I find sometimes when your taking a shot it gets in the line of sights or stands behind you when shooting wasting ammo. Only useful for carrying extra items. At least if you have a friend you can switch out the AI for your friend to play along. Or someone online.

It has its own storyline but does refer to RE4 on some parts.

There aren't any zombies in the game. Zombies are quite boring now in the series.

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  Not as good as the 4th episode....

| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

I'm a big fan of the RE series and I liked this game very much. I'm also a bit "disappointed" because I think that the 4th episode (wich in fact was very very good) was a bit better than this one. It was longer, creepier and in my opinion had a better "atmosphere" and story. That's the reason why I give RE5 "only" 4 stars. Anyway I repeat that I liked this game and the port has been perfectly made: the game ran flawlessy on my system (E8400 + HD4850) with great graphics and sound. I started playing with the X-box360 controller beacause I thought it was the best control-system, but then I immediately switched to the mouse&keybord setting because I found it to be more "user-friendly".
Don't wait anymore: if you are a RE fan this is a must buy!

  3.5 stars

| | See all Dlubbe's reviews (23)

this is one of those games which is really fun first time, but playing it again you'll find yourself wanting to play something else :/ the game play can be intense, you get the typical controls which make it awkward trying to move your character, and lack of big weapons. all the levels are predictable, its the kind of levels you'd expect to have in a game like this, which kinda ruins it. i sense this game was trying to put forth a strong political message. overall this is not the best in the R.E series, still reccomend it for any fan of the games though. honestly i prefer the silent hill franchise

  Suceeded expectations

| | See all Flind87's reviews (2)

From starting this game i had a very pessimistic frame of mind, playing RE4 for the whole of 10 minutes before putting it into storage to collect dust, as the controls/graphics and story seemed to make little sense.

But my initial thoughts when i started RE5 were fantastic, the graphics are great, its realy quite impressive. The controls arnt that bad, yes they arnt great like alot of the massively succesful shooters, but in my opinion i didnt have much difficultly and seemed to quickly adapt to the odd control setup. The story itself seemed quite engaging, it is a typical RE linear game, but i never once got bored playing this, which in my opinion earns it top marks!

Alot of the reviews seem to bash the controls, but they realy arnt that bad, its a good game with a very engaging story and brilliant graphics and i would deffinatly recommend anyone who loves shooters and zombies to buy this game, you wont be dissapointed.

  Apalling, lazy port.

| | See all Sensitive's reviews (9)

As a consol game this may be very good, I don't know as I have only played the PC version so can only review it as such. For a PC game however it is so apalling it is unforgivable.
A fixed over the shoulder view (as in Gears of War) with a limited...and I mean limited...view. Terrible camera angles as you move from room to room with a better view of your characters right ear than the room you are entering. Awkward inventory system. No duck or jump button, you can't even get over a knee high wall unless it is pre-programed for contextive action. A confusing and awkward command interface for your sidekick action. You can't just shoot, oh no, you have to ready the weapon of choice first with one key and use the mouse button or other desired key to actually shoot. There is a quick knife option, but all you can do is turn when using it, you can't actually move forward! Running requires 2 keys again, no option to toggle either run or walk.
This is just a clunky lazy consol port that fails to translate to the PC in almost all areas.
The story is okish but graphically I have seen better in Stranglehold, which is a far superior game in all respects and how long has that been out? If you want to shoot zombies the get Left4Dead or Killing floor, if you want a mindless fun shooter with a silly story then get Wolfenstein. You could always study string theory, it would be less annoying!

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  Missed the mark.....

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

RE5 is actually a solid and quite enjoyable game, and to be fair is good value from play at this price.
Positives are, the graphics are very good, it runs fine maxed out on my i7.
Gameplay is as all RE games, being a survival shooter with limited ammo, through linier levels.
You encounter various enemies, in the form of infected locals, mutations and various impressive bosses, as the story of corporate bio-weapons experimentation unfolds.
It only gets 3 stars from me as I feel they have created a RE game that has lost direction and is way off the mark compared to its roots back in RE2. Fundamentally it just isn't remotly scary.
If you played RE2 when it came out, like me you probally remember the tension and unsettling atmosphere it created as you searched the ruins of Racoon city, through the dark streets and gloomy corridors.
RE5 is set in Africa, i.e. bright (far Cry 2 style) sunshine, which to me destroys any sense of fear from the off. Most of the levels are so bright and airy there is no trace of clostrophobic tension, even when you finally arrive in some of the darker levels, the spell is broken.
Your partner doesn't really help either as she tends to just get in the way, and has poor A.I, futher adding to removing the tension.
As I said at the beginning, its a good slow paced shooter, but it seems DEAD SPACE has soundly beaten this as the leading survival horror, it seems the EVIL, has gone from Reident Evil 5.

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| | See all Mortanius's reviews (3)

Fantastic game if your playing co-op, flaws when your solo as the AI get's in your way rediculously to much. Other than that, very much worth it


| | See all 123abc's reviews (27)

Rubbish control system from 1995, really theres no excuse for being forced to aim, or turn on the spot. I guess that being able to move and fire at the same time would make to much sense so they removed it, or rather couldnt be bothered adding it in the first place.

Its a shame that they made the 'zombies' more agile but kept the player about as mobile as a rowing boat.

The extra 'co-op' character spoils any sense of survival and is also rubbish.

The atmosphere is rubbish because there isnt any neither is the game 'scary' in any way at all.

Resident Evil was far better when a little bit of exploration and puzzle solving was required and the game wasnt so heavily focused on being a 2 player shooter.

Id rather be worried about surviving long enough to find my next box of ammo and whether or not theres anything behind the next door before i find any, than killing dozens too many zombies and there corpses convientantly leaving me ammo behind.

Survival Horror - survival - horror = poor effort

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  Resolutely Good

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

After the rather sloppy port of RE4 it's nice to see that this iteration has made it to the PC exactly as it was intended. It looks stunning and has the production values of any major cinema release. However... there is one major flaw, for me anyway. As a PC gamer my preferred method of control is the keyboard and mouse, this wasn't an option at all in RE4 but it is here. The problem is that it doesn't seem to quite work, you never feel in direct control of your aim, I've tried different settings but it stays the same. You feel as if there is always a slight lag. You flick you aim across to you target, realise you missed and compensate then crosshair catches up and over shoots the mark, you end up moving the mouse really slowly. This then makes the game unbelievably hard. The view point is also a little obstructive, I know this is part of the franchise now and was there in RE4 but in this version Chris Redfield seems to occupy a huge amount of the screen, so you basically can't see anything coming at you from the left. If the "zombies" knew this it would make the game even harder. The "zombies" aren't that smart though, actually they are really stupid. They behave really strangely, the producers have gone down the road of fast, running zombies (like Left4Dead) the only thing with these ones though is that they stop a few feet away and then have a little think about whether they actually want to bury their meat cleaver into your head. This is obviously to give you time to get your crosshair in the right place and stand a chance of killing something. Even with the control lacking accuracy this still remains a good game, I just think it would be better if the zombies came fast and the controls gave you the accuracy to cope.