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Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Not the best in the Civilization Series

| | See all Gigglemaster's reviews (10)

I really, really want to love this game however honestly Civilization 4 is a bit of a disappointment for me. Although I prefer it to Civilization 3 it certainly was not able to regain the magic that was Civilization 2. Why? It's very hard to pin point exactly why but please let me try to explain.
Honestly it's hard to compare - Civilization 4 definitely gives a better graphics (3D models), fully more dynamic diplomacy system, extra features such as religion etc but the basic premise stays the same as the older versions of this game.
However I honestly think they have overcomplicated the game to the extent that it's just not as much fun as Civ2. Culture while good (was in Civ3 also) doesn't Allow cities to be built inside enemy zones of control without causing war - while this is probably more realistic it lessens the gameplay or at least makes it more difficult to expand. This is a more difficult AI alright than Civ2 but not necessarily a more fun one. Needing Resources to build certain units is a nice addition but frustrating at times as it depends on luck if a resource is near you or not at times.
I think it would be a good idea to allow pre-game options to change these rules to old style if required / culture/no culture option, special resource/no special resource requirements etc.
System requirements and patching - make sure you get the latest patch for the game otherwise it will be prone to crashes and freezes and all other annoying buggy things. It used to take forever to load before a few patches came out at first. Also you need quite a powerful graphics card (at least relatively speaking 3 years ago when this was a new game). Why do developers always try push the graphics to the lime - that's just annoying that you need to update hardware continuously to satisfy developers whims). This is a turn based game - it's generally like because of gameplay not graphics, honestly 2D sprite would have done fine.
Modding - now this is a big issue for me - I'm not a 3D modeller. They say that Civ4 is meant to be one of the most moddable games ever. However sadly in practice this is not the case. Let me explain: Back in the days of Civ 2 using non-animated 2D sprites the technology was relatively simplistic to mod a game with user defined graphics - the simple Paint program supplied with windows was enough to create your own units. Name descriptions and attributes for units could be updated easily in text files. The consequence was that very creative people with minimal tekkie knowledge were able to create their own mods and scenarios for the game. The result was that there was an abundance of user made mods and scenarios available on the web. Some of these admittedly were quite bad but there was a lot of gems there too that were better than any of the commercial scenarios bought in expansion packs for the game. Sadly all that has disappeared with 3D models - you need skill at 3D modelling and animation now and vaster programming skills to make any worthwhile mod at all for the new game. Now there are a lot of skilled modellers out there but this doesn't always go with creativeness. I'm not saying that there aren't good mods out there - I'm just saying the consequence of the 3D model graphics is that it narrows the band of people who can contribute mods and scenarios that might have good ideas.
My complaints are a matter of personal taste, some people absolutely love this game - I enjoy it from time to time but never got hooked like I did with Civ 2. The magic is lost I'm afraid.

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  Mother of all Games

| | See all sam1993's reviews (54)

This game is truly godlike. You can be a military nation a diplomatic nation a cultural nation or a technological nation. Also you can pick lots of diffrent civics there are five diffrent classes of civics and each have about 5 diffrent civics under that class. For example you could have a democracy without freedom of press or a communist regime with free markets etc. There are also a ton of nations to choose from such as America England China Germany Greece Rome and many more. All nations start with the same civics so choosing China wont start you off with communism and America wont start off with democray etc. The graphics are good as well and the maps can be very good. Also one of the best parts about the game is you can build nuclear weapons and launch them on other cities. This will damage the city and cause fallout around a large area of that city. Overall it is a truly addictive game with tons of replay value. You really can decide wether your nation rises to glory or falls to be a mere footnote in the annals of history.

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  Rob D

| | See all RDuggy's reviews (1)

The Most addictive game you will ever play. I have played at least 200 different times and every one game takes 10-15 hrs. Everytime you play it's different and the difficulty levels can reach impossible. All real RTS gamers will love this game. Different class and depth!!

  Digital Drug

| | See all PrinterJam's reviews (11)

Civ 4...this game is dangerous. You'll stop sleeping, alienate your friends and family, quit your job...all becaue you want just..one..more..turn. Beautiful graphics, streamlined yet detailed gameplay, perfect music, this game has them all. Plus, Lenord Nimoy says a line every time you discover a new technology. Having him say lines from 'The Rock Island Line' when you get railways or saying 'beep beep beep beep' when you discover satellites kicks this over the line from great game to classic. Just don't be suprised when you can't stop playing!

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  Say goodnight to Sleep.

| | See all Sharkotron's reviews (8)

More addictive and fun than drugs.

I still play this game even a year after it came out.

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  Good but......

| | See all sddam22's reviews (61)

This is a good game (I have herd) but i have found it much to complicated for me, haven't been able to beat the computer yet.

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  If you've got a life....

| | See all billiardball's reviews (2)

.... don't play this game, utterly absorbing... The new look and interface are stunning. A great strategy game made superb!

Vista users, download the patch (1.61) for Civ IV, this will get rid of those compatability problems.

  Difficult game to learn

| | See all Harkath's reviews (16)

I've tried playing it numerous times and struggled around mid to late game, with other civs somehow getting more technology than me. I've never beaten this game once.

It is a very complicated game on many different levels, with religion being one of these levels. However, with enough dedication this game could be beaten, but i've found other games to satisfy my short-term needs at the moment. One day, i'll have another crack at it.

The deepest and best looking game of the Civilization series, but as a result the most complicated. Be wary.

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  Not sure it works with Vista

| | See all stucla123's reviews (1)

I got a brand new pc, top of the range, with vista??? and have installed this game but basically have never played it due to known compatibility issues that i dont know of any fix for. If u use Vista id seek advice before purchasing this game.

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  This Is A Great Game....

| | See all GamerJoshy's reviews (45)

If you Love age of empires then youll love this game too! this is a great stategy game, and these prices for this game is amazing, so if you like startegy games this is a must buy! GREAT BUY!

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