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Neverwinter Nights 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Good game, worth buying

| | See all bowersreading's reviews (4)

Though it took me a few attempts to get the settings so that it played properly, I am glad I did. While the game is not as...ordered or full as NWN, it is good nonetheless. Some of the spell graphics aren't as flashy as I like them, but they work just as well.
The companions are necessary for some parts of the story, unfortunately, as I like doing things myself. Other than that, very good.

  Perfection or Vanity? Very close to the first option

| | See all Slateskin's reviews (1)

Though the game had some major bugs when I bought it (back in the day it was released), it was more entertaining than any game I have encountered. Sure the controls were, and are clumsier than in the first NWN, but the incredibly addictive story, scenes, character customization, balance, variation and graphics do pay back more than well! Five stars no doubt. Best game I ever played, along with Mass Effect and TESIV: Oblivion.

On Windows XP I met no problems. (Athlon 3800+, HD3850 OC, 2GB RAM)

On Vista (Q9450 @ 3,9 GHz, SLI-8800GT/512MB/OC, 8GB RAM), Windows Aero does not seem to turn itself off until you alt+tab out of the game and back, increasing performance by couple hundred percent.

  Good value for less than a tenner.

| | See all kingsize566's reviews (4)

Although NWN 2 is in essence, little more than a dungeon crawl, I would say that about Oblivion as well.

Choose between a number of characters and races and fine tune their abilities, leveling up as you progress through the game. You progess by travelling to pre-defined areas on the map, clearing the area, then reporting back to whoever you picked up the mission from. The storyline is good with reasonable voice-acting and helps considerably in creating more of an immersive gameplay experience. The difficulty levels throughout the game are about right, inline with your character development, and early bugs have now been ironed out enough to make for a more polished game. The autoupdate feature has now been fixed, and will patch your game up to the "final" release version.

System requirements were seen as hefty, although I had no problems running the game on what is currently a mid range PC (Althon x2 5200 and an HD3870), with textures at maximum. An irritating, although minor feature of the game is the camera control, which whips around too quickly and needs some practice to get the right point of view.

Given that it's now available at the cost of a budget release title, it represents excellent value for money as a single player RPG - benefitting from a large player base, support from the developers, and free add-ons.

  Good game for singleplayer multiplayer isn't very good

| | See all Garry1234's reviews (19)

The multiplayer aspect of this game wasn't good at all, i was playing with 3 friends on a private server and it kept disconecting people and playing up and it is the games fault, it waits for everyone to load the modules and maps before letting you play which is a real grind.
Single player was good everything you expect from an rpg although i feel there is lag and framerate issues even on high spec computers, The graphics don't seem too impressive for the GHz you need to run it, a good game for 10 pound but not worth anymore than that
3 stars im afraid

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  BioWare had nothing to do with it!

| | See all DocCovington's reviews (2)

Quote: "Sadly Bioware screwed it up big time."

NWN 2 was created by Obsidian Entertainment, not by BioWare. If BioWare had done this sequel, you would have gotten one excellent game... that I can assure you of.

Too bad Obsidian has no idea on how to create a flawless engine or some innovative content. Also, their understanding of the human physique lacks an aesthetical point of view (may I say squinting eyes and short shanks?).

All in all, rather a disappointment than the long awaited sequel fans were hoping for.

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  Very good fun game

| | See all littlematty's reviews (2)

A well presented fun game that will keep you entertained for a long time. The graphics are excellent and the options in the game allow it to be played again once you have finished. All in all one of my best buys

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  I miss Aribeth... ha!

| | See all MikeOfThunder's reviews (45)

Neverwinter Nights utterly defines what it is to be an amazing role-playing game! It is AWESOME... Quite simply!

The add-ons only built onto this greatness, creating an epic! Online and single player campaign...

When i first played NWN2, i thought the starting area was, well, not that amazing... actually i thought it was going to be such a let down but i paced on with it and after getting past the first little stage i began to love it! The story in this game i better then the first and it really does follow the life of an epic. I entirely, absolutely love this game! However the online on NWN1 was ace... NWN2 online is, well, its crap! Which is a real shame because its practically one of its only let downs!!!!

IF you played the first Neverwinter Nights, buy this and after an hour you shall be hooked!! Now all they need to do is make a better online connection!

Game play = 5 Star
Story = 5 Star
Online = 1 Star

This game is an improvement from the last! They just need to get good old fashioned online better!

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  It's not bad, but....

| | See all Stormsguard's reviews (2)

It has a lot of graphical issues, is to linear when compared with the original, and most importantly is to resource hungry for multiplayer.

However if you have a super computer able to run it, it does have some stunningly beautiful scenes. Sadly Bioware screwed it up big time.

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| | See all damwookie's reviews (39)

The game is very linear. You go from one map point to the next and fight through each area with few branching options. Very little strategy - Keep ranged back, push tanks forward. Well balanced levelling, but as its so linear the enemies you face are always at the same difficulty as your abilities. So the game is on the side of fun and accessible rather than challenging and strategic.

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| | See all stivyboy's reviews (1)

A Must Buy For all Rpg fans imo the best on the market.
a big step forward from baldurs gate ....
just buy it

i only gave it 4 stars because im expecting improvements from expansions