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Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A game the likes of which is rarely seen

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This game is awesome. That should be pointed out straight away.

Did you like Monkey Island(s) and are sad games as good are not made any more? Do you hate it when you buy a game and the story makes you feel your 8yr son could write better? Or that what all that hype wasn't telling you was that the game is riddled with bugs?

Forget all that, Psychonauts answers all those problems. The story is engaging, the storyline is intriguing and executed with near perfection, the concept of the game feels fresh and interesting and I can't in any honesty mock the gameplay mechanics. Only a slight minus for sounds: The music is fitting and enhances the mood greatly and the sound effects are by no mean bad, but sometimes you just get the feel that they gave only 90% instead of the 110% they gave for everything else; sometimes it's the actual quality of the soundtrack, sometimes the voices fail to fit the character perfectly. But don't get me wrong, that's mostly nitpicking. Honestly.

This game will most likely be the best game of the year and yet stay as one of the most unnotable. A shame that, because this is the long-awaited game that goes the extra mile from good to excellent. Unless you're a die-hard FPS-only fan or honestly think that World of Warcraft is the end-all be-all game, try out this gem in the rough. You won't be disappointed.

  The insanity makes this great

| | See all Shikyo's reviews (2)

The story is simple and insane but that is what makes this game so good. The moment you start the game you will be hooked inside the world of Psychonauts. The main character is a little boy, Raz, who wants to become a Psychonaut. The problem is that his parents are totally against it and he sneak himself to the summer camp this gives him only few days time to become a Psychonaut.

I'm totally in love with the story of this game, the characters are just great. But when I first started playing I had trouble with the controls. The mouse movement is very awkward and slow. It does not response to ones movements exactly and smooth. The problem was easily solved with using a game pad, though. This game is really meant to be played with a game pad and not with keyboard and mouse.

Graphic looks nice and it stays smooth through out the whole game. I experience no lag at all in this game. The slight comic kind of graphic fits this game perfectly, though it is not something everyone likes. This game would not be the same without graphics like this.

I can only recommend this to anyone who likes some easy adventure with a great story.

  For those who like new concepts.

| | See all ShowMeTheMonkey's reviews (10)

I love the way Tim Schafers mind thinks!

Extremely engaging story, with beautifuly scripted dialogue and scenes.

Personaly I was facinated with the scenery and the concept of what you are playing. Entering the minds of other people and seeing how they thing is amazing to playthough.

A true diamond waiting to be discovered!

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  A hidden treasure you just have to discover for youself

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What a great game! Great characters, great gameplay, a wacky, wacky world full of subtle detail and clever ideas. Created by Tim Schafer, the man behind Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, Psychonauts deserves to be a classic but, alas, it seems to be doomed to obscurity.

If you fancy an accessible 3d platformer with a ton of personality and loads of laughs along the way buy this, it's got all of that and more. It is 2 years old now but the graphics are perfectly executed with design that more than makes up for their age.

The story blends seamlessly with the gameplay, so much so that you often feel like you're playing a Pixar movie, complete with the same quality of characters, action and storyline that you'd expect in one.

A marvellous, fantastic, wonderful game that you won't regret buying at any price, let alone the fiver Play are asking. Five thumbs up, way up!

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  A great game, cruelly treated by the distributors

| | See all RLacey's reviews (1)

Psychonauts is something special. Despite being a fairly average platformer at times (in terms of gameplay), the hilarious writing, meticulous attention to detail and intriguing plot will have you hooked. Sadly, Psychonauts suffered as far as distribution was concerned - it spent the best part of a year in limbo, before finally being pushed out the door in the UK by THQ - and it was never a huge commercial success. You owe it to yourself, though, to play one of the funniest, most intelligent, most creative, beautiful games that the last couple of years has produced.

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