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The Godfather II (2)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Very Good Indeed.

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I was skeptical at first as I am used to FPS gameplay but the third person aspect is great. The weapons are fun, you really start to feel for your loyal crew towards the end. The missions can get qutie repitive towards the end but i loved it all the way through. Overall a brilliant game, i just hope they make more.
Worth the money easily.


| | See all Valcasian's reviews (2)

I actually found this game to be quite enjoyable. Protecting your rackets while extorting people to get more was quite good fun, and the ability to take out your own goons to hire better ones was fun too. Graphics aren't great but playability was good so not complaining. Only gripe I have is that it finishes quite quickly, and protecting your rackets is not as hard as I hoped it would be, but all in all a worthy purchase


| | See all dazsto's reviews (73)

This game quickly becomes so repetitive its unreal. It is a far cry from the likes of saints row & GTA infact its a smartprice version. The story and concept is good but its badly let down with the controls scrappy gameplay overall really disapointing if you want a so so game for a tenner wait for this one to go down in price!!!

  Terrible implementation

| | See all DjNemesis's reviews (1)

I cannot comment on the gameplay because after a few hours or trying to set up the control I've given up. There is no option on the PC version for using a gamepad, so you're stuck with mouse and keyboard, which wouldnt be so bad if you're happy with the awkward defaults. Whilst I may be in the small minority of gamers who use the right mouse button to move forwards, this is no reason to absolutely prohibit this key assignment from a game. You should be able to use whatever buttons you want (including gamepad), but for some reason the keys you choose for certain actions are restricted to some predetermined set. Looks an ok game but the implementation is awful. I'd expect much much better from EA.

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  mafioso so

| | See all OMNITURBINE10000's reviews (5)

well, its a nice premise but unfortunately the final product isnt as nice as i would like it to be.

you are dominic corleone, brother of michael and son of vito, the game starts off at new yeasr eve in cuba just before the riots start (if you have seen the film you will be familiar with this), your talk is to make your own family, to become a godfather

there are many rackets in the city that you can take over from other families and protect with your men in order to increase the size of your family and the respect that you get, your aim is to run the city

the handling in the cars.....not good, about the same as saints row 2

the graphics, average, looks like it shouldve come out 2 or 3 years back

the gameplay, now this is touch, i tried using the mouse and keyboard and although the camera was pretty slow to move (you have to follow your character around with the camera, the game does not do this for you a la gta4, unless you are sprinting) but once you get the hang of it, and all the buttons, its not too bad......i also tried with a usb gamepad, extremely difficult, the right stick became inverted, so if i wanted to move the camera left i had to press up for example and this became very difficult and frustrating, especially in a shoot out where you need to target someone and there is no options in the menu to change the controls for a gamepad, only keyboard which i thought was a bit rubbish really as games like this are best played on a gamepad and they offer virtually zero support for it

lastability, well i played it for about 90 minutes and im bored of it already, its ok, its not good or bad but somewhere in the middle, i probably wont bother to play it again as there is nothing really new to entice me and it does seem a tad repetative

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Once again EA have churned out another Remake of a game which was average at best first time round. If youv'e ever bought an EA Sports game 2 years in a row you will know what I mean. The game offers little new interest for you and has left a bitter taste in my mouth after spending 30 quid on it in a shop. Can I get a refund because its bad?? EA ought to be ashamed with this half ass effort, just another sequel. Im not huge into the Godfather movies but if you are then you really don't want to see what EA have done.
Graphically this game is pretty bad by todays standards, and the lack of detail throughout really lets it down. Id probably say it looks PS2 standard at best. The gameplay really was never that good first time round, and doesn't feel too good here either. The driving is awful, shooting mediocre, perhaps the only fun quirk is the brutal executions, something a kin to the Manhunt games.
Controlling your gang is a little better, but this seems to be the main selling point from EA, and a 3D map just doesn't cut the mustard.
I advise buying GTA4 if your looking for a game with credibility, or wait til this game inevitabely drops price.

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