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World Of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Actually cheaper to buy pre-pay online, but still good.

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Well worth it, if you dont want to give bank details to Blizzard. I use these to play wow and never had any issues.

But its worth mentioning that you can actually buy pay-time, from the Blizzard online store like you would a game or a dvd. You can chooe 30, 90 or 180 days worth of online gaming.

It works exactly the same way as the card does except you are sent the number (which is normally on the back of the pre-pay card to scratch to reveal) in an email from Blizzard.

It actually works out cheaper to buy 180 days online from Blizzard, then to buy 60 Days using a card like above.

I guess its also easier on the environment and you, because you dont have a CD case to throw away. I have a few collecting up now from all the pre-payy cards ive bought in the passt.

But either way, its the same process.

You can just choose to pay for 60 days using a card like this, or 30,90,180 days on the Blizzard website. Neither requires you to give any bank details, except obvious card details.

But its the players choice.

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this is must better instaed of using a credit card i did it and got an extra two mounths out of it (!yay!) worth every penny so dont worry get game gr8 idea.

  The Actual Cost Per Year

| | See all bogmore's reviews (2)

I've worked it out and using game cards at this price costs 109.44 =17.99 x 6.08 (365 days a year, 60 day card) by debit card is 107.88 = 8.99 x 12 (debit/credit card is per calender month) per year so you are paying 1.56 extra for this method. Still, if you don't have a card then 1.56 is not that much more. Getting cards elsewhere can be cheaper though if you can find a deal.

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  60 Days of fun

| | See all Beemerboy94's reviews (6)

I downloaded the 10 day free trial and absoluely loved it but I counld not convince my parents to pay the £9 a month so when I found out about this I jumped at the opportunity, this is a much better way of paying as you dont have to use a credit card.

  Great item

| | See all Onamish's reviews (2)

These things are great, ideal for gamer's who don't want to be tied down with bills.

To the dude saying WoW used to be £7 a month... No it didn't. I've played it since March 2005 and it's ALWAYS been £8.99 for a one month subscription.

  Its 1p more expensive some people have poor math

| | See all HonestReviewer's reviews (15)

Great if you don't want credit card commitments I don't use it but I buy them for my nephew as he does not have a credit card.
I get my sub direct debited.
2@£8.99 = £17.98 and this is 2 months @ £17.99 so a whole 1 pence dearer :XD
Its not about a saving its about do you need this if yes buy it it serves a purpose especially for younger gamers or ones without credit cards

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  Keeps the "other half" quiet n happy!!

| | See all tweakie's reviews (2)

My b/f likes playing this game, and this is best way for us to pay for it at the moment and it means he can play the game while i get peace to watch my "soaps" on tv - so we are both happy!! He likes the game, and it means its better to pay for the "playing time" in advance if you like, that way you know that you dont have to worry about funds not being in bank for whatever reason - just get the game card when we get paid, which is a few weeks before the 60 days is due to expire then bingo, sorted again!!

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  Saving of about £2

| | See all wayofthehunter's reviews (4)

(guys below, 60 days is two months).

From my research in to how best to save money on an expensive hobby, this is currently the cheapest method. With the £'s rising against the $'s, what used to be a £7 monthly game is now £10 a month.

This card works out cheaper by about £2. Not that much of a saving, but a welcome one.

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  Viva La WOW

| | See all Steve2210's reviews (9)

The only drawback of using this method is that you have to physically buy a pass each time you run out whereas the debit method does not interrupt gameplay by a day or two. You have to keep an eye on the remaing playtime to make sure you order one so you dont miss a few days, organisation is the moral of this method. Another draw back is played using this method for around 2 years and now have a mass collection of empty boxes. So if your a hardcore player i would advise Debit.

  No deadlines, no credit card, brilliant!

| | See all Hanipudz's reviews (6)

As stated in the title, you don't need a credit card (although if you're buying from here you probably already do, but they don't give you a choice to buy two months on the website.) and you don't have to beg your parents to play.

The good thing i find about buying game cards is the fact that you don't put your self under pressure, e.g. you have a couple of months to save up for the next game card instead of one month (If you're jobless like me!) and it's much safer as you don't have to be entering your details into a website!

Recommended this over subscription.

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