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Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth II

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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| | See all Charles018's reviews (2)

I don't really play PC Games but I think the story mode is brilliant and the picture quality!
Online matches is awesome for kicking ass to people all over the World! :)

  really good game!

| | See all Angrahero's reviews (1)

i think this game was 1 of the best games of its time but they have changed it completly. the first battle for middle earth was more realistic to the film and the battles were completly different. when battle for middle earth came out and the rise of the witch king i was suprized how much they had changed it compare to the first 1. i still think it is a really gd game specialey online matchs. there are more teams you can choose and different units which makes it really gd.

  Not as good as the first one

| | See all MachineSpirit's reviews (4)

This game is more of what you would expect from an RTS; base building, run if the mill resource management and loads of units.

The reason I believe this is not as good as the original is because the original game changed a lot of what was expected in an RTS; you started with a stronghold (castle) and could only building with the walls, you may have thought that was restrictive and you would be missing the point. The point was pure seige gameplay at it's finest. In BfME2 there is no seige gameplay, it's so vanilla RTS it's boring, you will end up going back to the original.

I did some research on what happened with BfME2 and it appears the original designer of the first game got a job at Blizzard, working on Starcraft 2. No surprises there then as BfMe 1 was innovative, fresh and added to the RTS genre, unlike this lacksure effort.

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  It's great

| | See all Papworth1's reviews (6)

It really is one of the best RTS games ive played, and the best Lord of the ring games out there. I really like the option to create your own hero, and lets face it there's not much better about gaming than stomping your enemys into the ground.


| | See all slivs14's reviews (6)

When I got this game I was so excited. its now an old game however i had wanted it for so long i got it anyway. but i was surprised to find that even with the out of date graphics this games rocks! I love the new races that reaaly expand the game when your playing a 8 man skirmish! but most of all i love the new powers including the watchman and wyrm. Ive only had it for a week but im going to buy the expansion pack! just brilliant


| | See all BigDaddyWilko's reviews (1)

I got new laptop with vista on it and has ati radeon graphics card but im not sure it will work because of vista can any one tell me?
I remember playing it on the xbox360 and noticed it was like age of empires meaning it should be on a computer not console

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  3 Stars (What went wrong?!)

| | See all NitroMikeo's reviews (14)

Well well well... It was such a shame when i played this game after all the hype, and after playing the exelent first game to find out what a load of rubbish it was.

Unit sizes were upped, which is good, but then they made the combat very rockpaperscissor-like. Swordsmen were usless against anything but spearmen etc.

There were new forces to choose, like the dwarves and the elves. But they didn't feel right, the elves seemed way overpowerd and the dwarves were useless.

The castles were taken away and were replaced with a rubbish 'build you own' walls syste, which didnt work in the slightest.

The graphics were much much better, and the heroes system had been advanced, both of these dont have downsides. But the game has just changed too much. Ea has just turned this into just another generic rts fantasy game.

Not cool.

Oh and the risk-map-totalwar style thing was kinda cool, but not enough to save it.

This game is maybe worth a buy, if you can find it cheap. But my advice is either get the first one, of just miss this game out.

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  Total War rip off

| | See all BengUK's reviews (19)

Don't get me wrong this is a nice game and highly polished. But it is a poor mans version of the Total War franchise.
Two parts to the game the Battle mode and the Strategic part thats a little like risk.

Sadly it never really gells and the different races you can play are not very well balanced. The dwarfs for example are very weak while the Goblins are far more powerful.

That aside for a budget price its worth the money but only really for fans of LoTR.

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  Brilliant sequal

| | See all Spidey200's reviews (13)

I think this game is brilliant for the money you spend. Thae skirmish's are the highlight of the game. I like playing as isengard and i like how you could make your own hero. If the skirmish's of Battle of middle earth 2 and the Campaign of the first one were put together it would be game of the decade

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