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Championship Manager 2010

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Championship Manager 2010

| | See all chubbainmalta's reviews (24)

2 Things About This Game And Me 1.I Absolutley Love It 2.I've Been Playing It For 2 Years Straight Absolutley The Best Manger Game Ive EVER Played And Its Wiorthy Of 5 Stars And I cant Understand Why Some People Hate It

  Addictive but far from perfect

| | See all soothsayer's reviews (8)

Most people seem to love it or hate it. I could almost love it, but not quite.

1. It crashes to desktop too often.
2. I can't understand the training schedules.
3. The menu where you perform most actions is very clumsy, too small and not at all ergonomic.
4. 3D match engines - well, they're never any good are they? In this one, too many frustrating things happen, like players running away from the ball or dribbling it out into touch when under no pressure.
5. During a match, the 3D engine takes up the whole screen so you can't see the commentary or important messages from your assistant.
6. As far as I can see, you can't offer players to other teams unless they're already interested.
7. I invested in scouting many other countries, and the scout reports became too much like hard work. I would have liked to be able to say - don't tell me about the same player more than once. Don't tell me about players over 30. Etc etc - filters to cut down the amount of messages in my inbox.
8. Physio report bug - No matter how many times I request a physio report on a player, I never get one.
9. It's not easy enough to get players to switch positions.

Good points.
1. You can run it windowed.
2. Wasn't too slow even on my laptop. Admittedly it's a core2duo laptop with 4 gig of ram, but even so it's a laptop.
3. Addictive.

If they cured all the faults it would be a great game. Even if they just cured the crashing it would be good. If you do buy it, remember to save game often. I can't help thinking that if this game had been a labour of love, it would not have taken much extra effort to make it really shine. For whatever reason, they've left it full of bugs with a lame front end.

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  Enjoyable experience on a good computer!

| | See all animalpsycho's reviews (4)

Just bought a new laptop and installed this championship manager on it and really notice the difference! Make sure you fufill the specs before you buy as it will seriously ruin your experience! I had a 1.6 dual core with 2GB RAM before and the game used to be so slow it was unreal! Now with a core i7 and 4GB the game just flies and everything is so much better because of it!

The actual game is the usual champ man experience, I like the 3D match engine but set it only to highlights as this is what is needed to manage a team well on the game. All players are up to date and their stats are fairly well done. Some values are slightly weird but this is due to the game now having a new spin on transfer values. Say there is a 2million rated player you would like to buy and you eventually have to bid 3.5million to get him then on transfer he is then worth 3.5million at your club. Makes sense but does lead to some inflated values on some players in the game! The new scouting is in depth but you will have to invest a lot of time into it to reap the rewards, the same goes for the new tactics training. Neither will affect the gameplay if you dont do them.

All in all if you are champ man fan, buy it and you will probably love it if you aren't it's only a tenner, give it a try!

  The Best Championship Manager yet!

| | See all Ethandour's reviews (1)

The ease of playing and the speed is excellent. I went off previous versions of the game due to the slowness of the game making it boring, this new one is by far better have become addicted to it again. I would strongly recommend it. The only issue I have with it is that I'm wanting to play someone online (just a game against friends) but can only find a way of playing online against all, this needs looking into as network play was available on previous versions.

  Unbelievable Rubbish!! Should be zero stars!

| | See all Adam1234567's reviews (1)

The 3D match engine is pointless - Championship defenders fall over like they've been down the pub before the game. Goalkeepers at English Championship level are worse than Sunday League goalkeepers.

What's the point of a 3D match engine that isn't enjoyable to watch. Football Manager 2010 is a million times better than this rubbish, even FM2006 is much more enjoyable to play!

The user interface is unfriendly, players are overrated so badly that their value is up to 10 times higher than what they're actually worth, and that's at the statup of the game!

Don't buy this rubbish, FM2010 is better than FM2009, and every version of FM is better than this utter tripe!

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  too slow

| | See all Dekion's reviews (2)

This game is far far far too slow. Why can't they focus on speeding it up a bit and removing some useless information that gets processed each week.

I really like CM games, but i just don't have the time to sit around for minutes at a time for the updates to be done. I think it's almost too complicated and processes too much information. As it is, you need a real good PC just to not get annoyed with the slowness.

Shame really, but i don't think i'll be buying CM again.

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  Do not buy - Wait for FM2010

| | See all siskos10's reviews (2)

Up until the last few years i have alway been a massive CM fan, Downloaded the Demo, and found it was basically the same as the last 2 games realeased . Which i had major issues with. Since Eidos and SI games parted company CM games are just not the same. Stick to FM2010, as i am doing. Will never to back to play the Championship Manager games unless, it is drastically improved.

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  championship manager 2010

| | See all gordageordie's reviews (1)

Older is still better
Media interaction is zero why bother putting it in
still to long between games

  Good game a little slow but for £14.99 worth the money

| | See all Liversedge81's reviews (1)

The game is quite slow when loading between each game. Mine hasnt crashed yet. Graphics and gameplay are great although I still prefer the older Champ Manager Games. I would give this game 7/10. For £14.99 if you have a good enough computer this game is a steal.

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