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Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Sensitive's reviews (9)

What a shame! This game could have been great. It looks good, It is one of a very few cowboy games ever made. The story isn't too bad. Whats not to like? Well I'll tell you. The frikkin quicktime auto target mode that pops up every so often and really screws the game up. I'm playing this on a PC not an XBOX or PS3 for gods sake. What muppet thought that suddenly changing your weapon and putting you into a sequenced shooting gallery with no option to opt out was a good idea?
I have been playing this for about 3-4 hours in total. I have started at the start several times thinking I just needed to get the hang of it, but I'm sorry, no amout of practice detracts from the fact that the on rails shooting gallery mode really sucks...I mean REALL REALLY sucks!
It is becoming blindingly obvious that developers are getting lazier and lazier and just porting consoles directly to the PC with no though for the finer points of PC gaming.

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  Not as good as the first Call of Juarez

| | See all CodeMonkey's reviews (4)

Sure the graphics are better but the playability is not as good as the first Call of Juarez game. The level are quite short and there are a lot of long cut scenes. However, by far the most annoying part of this game is the duelling. That the end of each level there is a duel where all you have to do it move the mouse and fire, but you must time it perfectly. Therefore, you spend about 10 boring attempts just to get past this useless feature!

  Spaghetti Western!

| | See all chainbull's reviews (2)

It starts with a tutorial phase in the American Civil War (very remeniscent of Call of Duty).

However, afterwards you have a complete change from the usual FPS offerings. You are catapulted into the Wild West playing one of two Spaghetti Western anti-heroes. You feel just like Clint Eastwood.

The atmosphere is terrific. The graphics are excellent and add to the feeling of realism. Dusty towns, desert, forests and mountains are all there. You fight bad guys, you fight agains (and alongside) red Indians. You ride down rapids in a canoe. Great fun!

In most FPS games, side arms are pretty useless. Not in this game! They are king! I often forgot I was carrying a rifle.

The story is a bit cheesy but never mind. The action is fun! It's quite linear but there are a few times you can ride off to take part ibn side missions and earn extra cash (you can buy better weapons at weapon shops).

You have to take part in several show-downs on the street. The view changes to third-person looking past your gun hand. I found it quite tricky to win and it took quite a bit of practice.

I didn't find any trouble installing it. I have a reasonable PC and graphics card and I ranit at full chat with no problems.

If you want a change and feel like strapping on the ol' six gun, this is the game for you!


| | See all solihullbob's reviews (1)

I must say when I spotted this title sometime in June I just had to have it. A FPS that is not futureristic or based on WWII really appealed to me. So I re-ordered through Play.com and it arrived one day after the release date, good job guys.

The PC version I have to say is not without its problems the CoJ Bound in Blood forums are jammed with folk, just like me who could not get this game to run, but don't be put off as there is a whole load of advice waiting for you. It took about a week of tinkering to get the game to start at all, but as I said that was in the early days of realise. There are a lot of well experienced guys who can help you with any problem you have, myself included.

Multiplayer has not been without out its problems, but in the month that I have had the game things have improved no end. Connections are becoming more stable and it is now possible to play all night without being kicked off the server. Having said that I tend to host very often.

Single player is a blast as many other reviewers have mentioned already so there is not much point dwelling on that. However, as one reviewer has said it seems the game is very much aimed at console users, for example the lock on style sights, they turn red when the target is acquired and some characters have way too much health. Shoot a guy in the chest at a range of 10' with your last two bullets and he can still kill ya!!

The lack of any settings adjustment in multiplayer mode that the host can make i.e. limit classes, iron sights only, make the game IMHO very arcade like for PC users, and in that way it does not stack up to the Call of Duty series, but it is the only western shooter out there for some time. The good news is there are patches being developed for the game and I hope these issues will be addressed.

After saying all that I do enjoy this game bugs and all. There is a problem these days which effects all game developers and that is the publishers. Ubisoft were pushing for release and Techland had to comply, I think given another couple of months Techland would have got it right. UbiSoft support is not really that good, all the fixes came from the communities for PC users, Xbox and PS3 users had the luxury of put the disc in and play.

The next Western, Red Dead Redemption is only going to be released on Xbox and PS3 which is a real shame as it looks amazing.

  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly the Game!

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

With its classic Western story, mixed within the American Civil War, this does an even better job of crating a solid gaming experience than the First game in the series.
The other reviews say it all.
Good story, good game play, good voice acting and great graphics.
A solid game all round which most should enjoy, but obviously perfect for fans of the Classic Western films of Clint Eastwood!

  Call of Duty: A Few Dollars More

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

I liked the first Call of Juarez, I liked the story in which you played both the hunter and the hunted. The graphics were ahead of their time and it also had some interesting changes to the usual FPS formula. So I was looking forward to the sequel and I haven't been disappointed. This game does everything right, the story, the script, the acting, the action and the looks all are top drawer. The action bears a striking resemblance to the Call of Duty series in its cinematic style and presentation, and this is a good thing. This really is Call of Duty in the Wild West, but not the "wicky wicky wild wild west" as portrayed by Hollywood sometimes , this is an altogether grittier and more adult west. This is a great game for anyone who has pointed their fingers at their sister and slapped their thumb down with a "Kerpow!" sound when there were eight, I still do it now... to my boss... behind his back!

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  Improvements on the First Game.

| | See all bobychampion's reviews (8)

The game play offers some new mechanics. First off, before any level you will have the to choose which character to play from the Brother's McCall. Thomas, which is an agile cowboy, with great rifle aim, sniping skills, stealthy and able to use silent knifes and bow and arrows, apart from a funky lasso which will allow you to reach high places and climb. The other choice is Ray, which is slow and heavy, however has tons of hitpoints, a metal crusader chest plate and specialises in dual pistol wielding for close combat. Apart from this Thomas can get to places were Ray cannot, while Ray can kick down blocked doors and use dynamite. However the most fun is that each character has now a concentration mode unique to each one, like the first Call Of Juarez. This is basically a glorified bullet time which is achieved by killing a number of foes which allows you to pause the game and rain hell on your opponents. Both brothers have 2 different bullet times both using two different gaming systems and mouse manoeuvres - great fun and original, creating a slightly dynamic feel to the game.
The game will take you through pretty much any western setting imaginable. Civil war authentic battlefields, rainy large towns, with saloons and houses to battle in, dense forest areas filled with apaches, large western open lands with deserts and woods boasting realistic feel and incredibly well put design. The game screams western from head to toe, both visually, character wise and combat style, be it on foot, on horseback or carriages.
The game has it's memorable moments. First off at certain points of the game you have a slight sandbox game play were you may pick up job posters and run around a large landscape completing small side missions and trying to survive bandits and bounty hunters, quite fun and a good way to earn easy money. Yes there is money which will let you purchase weapons, upgrades and ammo. Also there are some crazy moments were you and your brother run through a whole town (literally run through) on a carriage as one "drives" and the other shoots the hell out of anything he sees. Great fun and carnage.However the game play feature I liked most were the boss fights. Unlike other games, bosses are other men like you which don't have super hit points and power. The boss fight will entail a one on one show down with weapons holsters. The game mechanics for this is excellent. The camera will take you right behind your character's right arm, and exposed holstered pistol, while you face your foe. You will have to circle around your enemy to keep him in sight slowly using strafing keys. Once the town bell gongs you are to draw to pistol and kill your enemy before he does with perfect timing. You will have full control on your right arm with your mouse, which you will have to maneuver to pull your gun out and BAM, in a split second. Beautiful and heart pumping!On the negative notes however,first off the Pc version is a console port, therefore, at close range you have an always on autoaim system, big mistake and big offence for PC gamers who boast excellent mice and mouse pads to achieve their maximum skills. You'd end up saying, DAMN! I would have got him without your help damn auto-aim! Graphically the game is jaw dropping. Incredibly well designed real life environments. They feel authentic and atmospheric, with incredible attention to detail. It's clear clear Techland took their time to make sure levels were nicely polished around. Well it is the best western FPS you will ever have on your PC, but it's also a great fun FPS in it's own right. Horribly short, it still gives you enough carnage to satisfy your taste for blood!
Sound: 7
Overall score:7

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  Wild West Extravaganza

| | See all Trenyt's reviews (5)

As a secret western fan I was looking forward to this game with baited breath, but to date not much has been done in the PC gaming world that really brings this era of our culture to the realistic forefront. I can safely say that this game captures the look and feel of the 'old west'.

The first thing that hit me when I started playing this game was the detail of your surroundings, and the authentic feeling it gave me when I started wandering around. But if the visuals were the left jab of the boxer I was soon hit by the right hook of action, and about 10 seconds into the gameplay your thrown in the deep end with explosions going off left,right and center, trees collapsing on top of you, heat shimmering and sound blurring your screen. At times I was so awe struck and occupied with the action going on around me that I probably missed some of the visuals.

The developers must be praised for the level of detail they have put into recreating that era of america. Not many games have had me spending ages looking around at the scenary, especially in an FPS, but this game did. The game ran smoothly on my rig but I did find that the screen tearing while doing the vehicle and carriage gameplay scenes really irritated me, we should not be having that kind of problem in games these days.

The gameplay was on the whole good. There is something refreshing to not play a game where your either wielding flamethrowers, grenade launchers, assualt rifles, and driving every type of vehicle under the futuristic sun or wielding a sword, staff or waving your hands and shooting lightning bolts from your finger tips in a fantastical setting. In this game you have pistol, rifle, knife, bow, gatling gun and dynamite. Thats it. Granted there are varients of the above and some offering various differences in power, rate of fire and reload time but they all stick to the above catagories and each is slightly different in looks and feel.

The cover system is good in principle but it has a couple of niggles, one being that it doesnt always work and you can find yourself being fitted up for a wooden box sooner then later. Secondly it is very limited in perspective, your view is extremely limited when your trying to peek out from the cover and more often then not you get a bullet in the eye. Maybe a touch to realistic there.

While were on gameplay I was very shocked to note there isnt a single player co-op option. On all the recent games I've played which included a co-op option as standard this game leant itself more to this system then any others.. you play one of two brothers who work together. It screams co-op.

The actual option in the single player to choose a brother is pretty nifty aswell offering at least some replayability as you see the story and play the game from the perspective of the alternate brother and using his differing abilities to bring various outcomes.

The multiplayer is probably the worst side of the game so far. This is mainly down to the lack of servers, strength of connectivity to the servers and random disconnects people have been receiving when trying to play online. I can imagine the multiplayer being very fun with a group of friends on LAN and once patches have come out to stabilize and improve but until then it is a lackluster side that tarnishes an otherwise amazing game.

Overall, the game is a very good piece of gaming software and will proudly stand in my collection as one of my favorites. With its good story, amazing looks, stunning audio and character voiceovers and wild west gameplay style I gave it 4 stars. The 5th star vanished due to its screen tearing, lack of co-op potential and 'rough around the edges' multiplayer. Mixed bag but on the whole very good.

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  Fantastic game € lots of action and gorgeous graphics.

| | See all Chateau's reviews (7)

Fantastic game - lots of action and gorgeous graphics.

I don't normally bother writing reviews however this game is fantastic. I have the first call of Juarez and while technically a great game I found the combat below par and the stealth sections tiresome. Bound in blood is a far more polished affair with plenty of action. I'm about 50% of the way through the game and have been hooked from the start. It captures the feeling of the Wild West perfectly, from cowboys to Indians, the sounds and environments are spot on. In between main levels you can do some sub missions (wanted posters etc) to gain money and buy new weapons.

You get the option to play as Ray or Thomas and select at the start of the each chapter. This offers great replay value as I'm playing through the game as Thomas now and plan to play as Ray in a second sitting. Slow motion kills with the Bow and Arrow never get boring.

I run the game on Max settings with a constant 60-70 fps at 1680 x 1050.

My set up is:
Intel e8400 @ 3.6 Ghz
ATI 4850
4 GB Ram
Win XP 32 bit

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| | See all Hazuki88's reviews (15)

That's how i describe this game. I loved the first Call Of Juarez, but this one just beats it hands down. For a FPS the game is very immersive and is probably the best western based game ever (yes even better then Outlaws).

This is why i love Techland (the developers), they don't seem to get the media attention they deserve, because they create amazing games. The graphics on this game are flawless, the lighting is the most realistic i've seen, and in my opinion look better then Crysis's graphics.

Now when i bought this i thought to myself, oh dear, the graphics look so good its goin to turn my pc into a nice puddle of melted plastic, but damn, was i surprised, it runs like BUTTER. No lag, NO stuttering, incredible load times (and i don't have the best pc in the world anymore, im actually like sittin on what the minimum requirements are for this game) and i can run it maxed out. It really amazed me, the engine is perfect.

Now for gameplay, its very fast paced, and lots of duals are involved which can be a bit tricky at first, but you get used to it the more you do it (naturally). There are many guns you can choose from and buy. There are some nice free roaming levels where you can take a few jobs and earn yourself some cash so you can purchase more quality weapons.

Down to my favourite part, the cover system. This game has the best cover system, saying that about a FPS is something to behold. It really works a treat, and its quite clever. Where ever you run up to, it automatically puts you into cover mode, but you can still move about freely. The rest ill leave up to you to discover. Its THAT good.

So basically, buy this game.
Do it, do it now!

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