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Far Cry

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Great game!

| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

This is simply a great game, there's nothing else to say, even if it was released (if I remember well) in 2004 it is still actual because it has great graphic, sound and playability. Whatch out for the difficulty level, because I played at medium setting and found the game very difficult but never frustrating (even if the final battle was veeeery hard).
Another charachteristic of the game is that it saves automatically at check points, many people could complain about it, but I think that this adds some good "tension" to the gameplay.
The game is very long and you won't finish it very soon.
Definitely two thumbs up!!

  still a great game

| | See all Budvar's reviews (5)

its old now but still takes some beating, if you havent got the latest hardwear to run the latest games then this is deffo worth buying, still one the best game s ever made, if u havent played it yet and dont have a new top of the range comp then buy this game, for 8 quid dont even think about it, just buy it and enjoy


| | See all Chuckyegg2007's reviews (2)

This just just become my second favourite FPS of all time (Deus Ex my first!!). Beautiful to look at. Massive (and I mean massive) amount to do. I bought this for very little cash and it's been total value for money. The sense of freedom you get running around the islands is a beautiful experience. You almost feel like sitting on top of one of the mountains with a box of sandwiches and just watch the water lapping up against the beach for a couple of hours whilst getting a tan.. If you like FPS games, you will, without question be well in to this one.. Shame Far Cry 2 is taking soooo long to come out


| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

finally! a superb game! graphics are superb. just love playing it! can see what people say about the stupid monsters, but dont let that put you off1 cant wait for far cry 2


| | See all Cripple's reviews (11)

I bought this game simply to look at the graphics and the big islands, and i wasn't disspaointed. The game play was pretty damn good too lol.

I unfortunately only have Geforce FX 5500 PCI, so I can't really view the game to it's full potential, but I am soon to be upgrading, and I can't wait. It's gonna be awesome.

By the way, i'm going to be getting the Geforce 8800 GTX 768MB card ;)


| | See all Fury556's reviews (20)

Excellent game to play got to be sneaky though musn't be loud. Though its funny how it's labelled as one of the Nvidia games "The way it's meant to be played" however Nvidia cards cannot perform Anti-Aliasing and HDR Lighting and ATi cards can o.0

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  A Landmark in FPS

| | See all JonnyC's reviews (41)

Far Cry at its time was amazing in graphical quality, AI and sheer fun. Even today it still looks great and will beat gameplay of recent titles.

I give it 4 instead of 5 because the single player is let down by an ultimately cheesy story which imo is spoilt by stupid mutant apes/gorillas. Fighting the Mercs is great, fighting the Trigens is a lot less fun and slightly spoils the experience. Not quite Doom with the monsters unfortunately.

  Excellent First Person Shooter - Detailed hard and realistic

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)


How PC game prices compare to consoles is amazing.

This game is very good and a steal at under £10.

If your computer hardware is good then the visuals in this game will blow you away... Fantastic detailed jungle environments. Brilliant water effects and sun light streaming down is excellent.

In terms of action this game is great, fantastic enemies and settings and reasonable AI will challenge most gamers.

As with all First person shooters, using a mouse is far faster and more accurate than a game pad, and you will need that here. With enemies hitting you from hard and low.

The sound track is great and weapon sound effects fantastic. Weapons such as the P90 and M4 carbine remain my favourites though.

This game is great also for taking enemies out from a distance and not for the outrageous running in and taking out 5 enemies in room. Getting a headshot with a P90 from a couple of hundred metres away is great.

I like the sneaking around the jungle.

As with most shooters since halo. You can drive vehicles to get between points quicker and run people over etc...

A great game.

Buy it now