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Medieval II: Total War

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Must buy!

| | See all de6000's reviews (24)

This game is a real work of art. Its another brilliant game from the Total War serise! Run your medevil empire from your laptop or computer. Unfortuantly it doesnt come withe a huge castle. It really makes you feel your the ruler.

  Yet another awesome Total War title from creative assembly

| | See all Glensafro's reviews (1)

I am a huge fan of the Total War series and was so happy when I saw that Creative Assembly were going to remake the first Total War game I bought (Medieval Total War) using a much improved game engine and even more game content.

For me, the main selling point of the Total War games is the perfect balance of the turn based strategy element of the game used in the campaign to build and expand your faction and the real time strategy that can be pivotal in deciding the outcome of all of the work done on the campaign map.

Not only do you find yourself thinking about which faction to wipe out next, or what balance of troops to fill the ranks of your armies in order to have the ultimate fighting machine, but you also have to devote a considerable amount of time to keeping the population of your many provinces happy, and more importantly, bringing in a large enough profit to sustain your huge armies and drive your campaign to dominate the known world. There are many ways to do this, from heavily taxing your subjects to building industries like farming and mining.

I prefer these games to other strategy titles because I tend to find that the repetitive nature of some games *cough-age-of-empires-cough* bores the life out of me.

All in all this game has kept me entertained for 4 months solid and I look forward to many more months of satisfying gaming as I play through the game with each of the many playable factions.

Roll on Empire Total War - Release date 4th March 2009!

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  The Game Is So Good

| | See all tonySam's reviews (4)

I loved this game the first day i got the game, just like having BiG war and get in. Good fun

  Somehow even better than Rome

| | See all borisncfc100's reviews (26)

This is honestly a superb game even more so than rome and like rome, it is different every single time you play through it. Unlike C&C and age of empires it doesnt have the repetative build a base, wait for a bit, get enough money to buy a few units then destroy the other base, there is so much more to it than that so many factions with unique units and as to how easy it is depends entirely on your decisions as to who to attack, and who to ally with and perseverance as it offers a good 30 hours of gameplay to complete it on your first time round. and for that reason it deserves 5 stars.

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  A Great Strategy Game

| | See all DrummerMike's reviews (53)

Total War is the no. strategy game. Good graphics, good controls, good and quick loading. Battles are perfectly awesome and the tactics available are amazing. The game is challenging in all concepts of battle, gameplay is very responsive. It gives many choices who to play as and there are so many units to choose from and building an army up takes a while but it's totally worth it for war. Also multiplayer online is brill and is exquisite for long-lasting medieval fights.

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  Medieval 2 total awe!!

| | See all tome27's reviews (16)

this game is just amazing, so much to it! battles are superb, campaign map is amazing by itself, with diplomacy, assassinations and marriage alliances etc, its so good. there are lots of factions to choose from, each with different advantages and disadvantages, such as geographical position or units available. if u have a computer with pretty good spec, this game must be brought as it is incredible, i would also recommend the expansion pack which i have played a lot on, "medieval 2 total war:kingdoms", that is also a fantastic game!

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  Medieval ii total warfare

| | See all ANGEVIN's reviews (3)

I`ve had this game since June 07 as i bought a new pc, a 6600core2duo, direct10x card and Vista,etc, so it is high end.
However, using Vista, i have found, can be annoying as can be a core2 duo cpu, when it comes to big army battles, both sides equalling about 1,500 men fighting in a seige situation(castle,fort,city), the game slows, as though the frame rates jump two or so at a time, slow motion like.It could be a bug issue as the Kingdoms expansion pack does other strange things with Vista, such as my reserves coming to help out my main army, (settings pretty high-resolution of 1650x1200 on an hdmi 22`screen, other settings set high), will not appear, a caption appearing instead saying they are delayed and telling me too up-grade my cpu!!
My system is more than capable of running a direct x9 game.Even with settings lower it still does weird things sometimes, but i have heard from other Vista/duo cpu users, with other games,that they have problems aswell, so it could be a conflict?
It is a novel game, if a little flawed.Flaws such as zooming in on the action and you`re soldiers seem too become like ghosts, half disappearing.
Another thing is when leaving an army beseiging a city, i go off too fight the enemy else where, then, after i`ve won previous battle,after my next turn comes round i go back to take the city and ...i find the game has taken my army of 1000 men away without any explanation, thay`ve just vanished!!I have found a couple of times that the game SEEMS to have a built in cheat system if it looks like you are going too win, so it ups the ante!
All in all, i found it a frustrating game, even in medium-difficult mode, as having spent hours playing a game,the game(AI) decides you will not win.
If, there is to be another MTW game on the horizon i`d like too see better control for armies(no bugs),units able too fight when the horse is killed,other units able too fight with fists and feet instead of running away and for goodness sakes lets see some blood and guts as it is the middle ages........

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  another big hitter!

| | See all UKgodfather's reviews (6)

i got this game when it first came out, great game very similar to ROME TOTAL WAR which for me anyways is a really good thing,
i got a pc but i recently bought a laptop only £299 and it runs this game great i do get slow down in battles but other than that its works fine ,
obversely if you want the very best graphics and setting high do play this on a high tech PC because its worth it.
definitely a must have game !!!!!

  improved but small little thing that bugged me.

| | See all texasrattlesnake's reviews (10)

well, this certainly takes after its brother, the units, diplomacy and the battles, very nice. One small thing is the campaign map. i dont like it cos it takes forever for units to get to one place to another, things such as launching a crusade from britain to jerusalem takes 20 games years by boat to get there, ridiculous. you can see the seasonal changes such as snow etc, but it comes every 8 years?!?!?! anyway its been made a bit more engaging to control, as of the first MTW in which you could control everything a lot easier. i will be buying the expansion pack as it is still a very good game. one last thing, you need a very good graphics card, i had to buy a sapphire radeon 512mb card and thats just about enough for a blown out war!!