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World In Conflict: Complete Edition (includes Soviet Assault Expansion Pack)

Released on 13 March 2009

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

(10 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

Condition:  New

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World War III still rages but this time, you are the leader of the Soviet-led army who has launched a surprise attack on the US mainland. Including the original World In Conflict and Soviet Assault mission pack, the Complete Edition gives you command of soviet troops in fast-paced battles fought on a fully destructible battle-field. Strategy meets intense action in this epic clash of Super Powers!

Includes the Soviet Assault expansion pack and the World In Conflict original game

  • An entirely new campaign, with new characters, new levels and new super weapons that bring unprecedented powers of destruction to the player
  • Six new missions that revolve around the same events as in the original game, but seen through the Soviet perspective
  • The award-winning story continues, as four new characters are introduced, bringing further depth and intrigue to the experience
  • The battle continues on new maps in visually stunning locations
  • Stunning graphics and revolutionary technology
  • customer Reviews

     Average rating (10 reviews)

     Ignore bad reviews

    | | See all GalacticColossus's reviews (5)

    Ignore any bad reviews, it is simply pc luck. You either have the right rig for this game or you don't. I have a mid end laptop and it can benchmark this game in high fine. Massive unit selection for Soviets, NATO and US Army. Amazing game. Real time and full of action with ace what if Cold War story worth experiencing. Each map is full fo things going on, your units, pc controlled units, and enemy. Good checkpoint capturing systems and each unit type are so unique with ace tactical weapons to assist you. Ace tanks, helis, fighters and no base building required, just collect points, buy units and have the dropped into you maps via large Hercules planes or the Soviet/ NATO alternatives. Everything is in your control as a commander. Ace camera controls if you rig can handle it and everything is pure eye candy. Like playing a movie as well as watching one. GET IT NOW no regrets unless you are unlucky with rig. One of my fave RTS's.

     Immersive Game,Very Addictive Gameplay..but the Crashes..

    | | See all Blackhat's reviews (2)

    I'd have to say considering how many games out nowadays that are rushed and mass produced..titles that are released that are not completed for the money mongering people that make them..be it that this is a excellent game(the complete or orginal version) its another one of those rushed games,incomplete disasters. If this game didnt crash randomly all the time and without any real fix for it out there(many many people complain about this its almost world wide especially when people buy it through Steam although i do believe steam eventually sorted it out with a fix after weeks of waiting but also its true of bought versions online such as from play.com) it would be near perfection and i wouldnt have a bad thing to say about it. The game is cheap which is a plus so if it does crash for you and in my opinion it most likely will because ive bought the orginal and the complete edition you can suck up as much fun as you can for the money you've spent...but you wont be able to complete it fully. i did complete the orginal game with just the american campaign if your quicck enough through the missions for it not to crash, but for this one i cannot see me finishing it because the crashes are more sinister and unforgiving than in the orginal. Its a great game but these crashes are ultimately fatally frustrating for me because i do really enjoy playing it.

    Quad Core
    Nvidia GTX 280 Video Card
    8gig of ram
    Some of the essential spec^

    Its not your computer or what components you have nor is it the settings you play it on.. just doesnt have all the bits in the right places to make it a "complete" edition

     Great RTS

    | | See all kapriplayer's reviews (1)

    This game is absolutely one of the best real time strategy ever done. Graphic, plot of the story and a simple interface in game are its strongest points. The multiplayer is good and competetive. It's disponible in English, French and Spanish.

     Raw RTS brilliance

    | | See all GamersGuide's reviews (39)

    Top 100 Games Reviewer

    All round fantastic game.

    Starting with the single player; you probably already know its a Red Alert type story, with Russia going crazy and attacking the world. You play an American army general, but you also take control of Nato troops in Europe which was nice. The campaign really is top stuff. Its really engaging, and you'll play it over and over since theres so many different tactics to choose from.

    Another single player element - that really suprised me, was the cutscenes, they're brilliant!! I suppose the devs were taking a leaf out of Red Alerts book here, the effort involved in the cutscenes is very clear - adds a really nice story element to the game. (if not a little cheesy in places!)

    Now onto the multiplayer. This is really where this game shines. You'll find it stange however, that not that many people seem to play this anymore - enough for you to be able to get involved 24 hours a day, but with a game of this calibre, i gotta say i would've expected thousands online.

    Its class based, so your class is going to be strong against one thing, but weak against another. The classes are made up of Air, Armour, Support (AA, artillery and such), and Infantry, and each one is equally as fun to play. You will find yourself relying on team mates a fair bit - which is great if you got like minded team mates, and hugely frustrating if you havent!

    Units will rank up over time, making them much more efficient the higher they get - this is one of my favourite aspects of RTS's like this - having a high ranked sniper is ace :)

    Graphically, this game really does satisfy. Honestly, if you zoom into ground level, you could quite easily be playing a decent looking FPS - its excellent. The level of destruction is brilliant aswell - you can call in huge airstrikes to level entire towns... endless fun!

    Overall, this is a brilliant game in my books, and one i keep returning too, hours on end. If you liked Red Alert 2, you'll thoroughly enjoy this. One thing it might be worth mentioning is, its an 'action-based' RTS, so no building, just all out war!

    This games worth the price and much more, definitely one to invest in! :)

    Graphics: 10/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Storyline: 9/10
    Voice acting: 9/10
    Replayability: 10/10
    Multiplayer: 10/10

    Overall: 10/10 MUST BUY MATERIAL!!!!!!
    Just a quick graphics guide:

    Ran with an average of 33fps on the following:

    Processor - Phenom II x4 @ 3.2Ghz
    RAM - 4GB DDR3
    Graphics - 460gtx 1GB DDR5

    Hope this helps, and thanks for reading! :)

     Worth it at 5 times the price

    | | See all ZeusMoir's reviews (1)

    Just the best looking RTS in my eyes runs like a dream on a Q9550 and a XFX 4890 Black Edition, its quick simple and more fun than playing with yourself for days, smart online makes this just THE only RTS too compete with Starcraft and CoH.

    Rating16+ (PEGI)
    Minimum RequirementsWindows 9x / ME / 2000 / XP
    450MHz Pentium II or equivalent
    128MB RAM
    1GB HDD Space
    16MB Graphics Card (DirectX 8.0 compatible)
    DirectX 8.0 compatible Sound Card
    DirectX 8.0 or higher (included)
    DVD-ROM Drive
    Internet connection for up to 12-player multiplayer