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Need For Speed: Shift

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Great shift from street to track

| | See all Nirvanoa's reviews (6)

Runs great on a high end system. Loading times are acceptable. Cockpit view, graphics, sound, motion blur : all high quality.
Point system is well thought out.
Best tuning and upgrading interface I've ever seen.
( and I own many racing games )
It's simply a whole lot of fun, and the price is right too...

  Love it

| | See all colin800's reviews (3)

Excellent game, Works really well with the Logitech G25 & was really easy to set up. Looks nice & runs Wicked with My 2 GTX 295's :)

  Love it

| | See all Colinx55's reviews (3)

Excellent game, Works really well with the Logitech G25 & was really easy to set up. Looks nice & runs Wicked with My 2 GTX 295's :)

  Great game!

| | See all mikahasala's reviews (2)

In my eyes this game is so perfect that I can't find anything bad about it.
Graphics,sounds,gameplay are all top notch.Feeling when driving is like driving a real car.

GRID is pretty much the only game which comes close to this.
Looking forward to see what will GT5 comes up with.

  Don't take it too seriously, and have a fast box...

| | See all redgod9's reviews (1)

If like me, your best game driving experience so far is GRID then this is going to be a bit of a shock. The scenery and graphics are fabulous but the default 'in cockpit' view is in my opinion poor. It wastes far too much screen space. I don't want to see moving scenery in only 1/3rd of the screen. I mapped the 'change camera' key to one of the buttons on my controller ( a logitech formula vibration wheel) and after a couple of presses it remembers and always starts with a full screen view (like the one in GRID). Handling is the exact opposite to grid - in that its poor and difficult to control from a keyboard/gampad but is absolutely fabulous when using a steering wheel. It really feels like your in control. Add in a flappy paddle gearbox and analog pedals and It gets to be a real handful - you'll need to practice a bit before you get the hang of it but if you do it comes together like nothing else I've ever played. As stated in previous reviews this is not a racing sim, and if you don't treat it as such you won't go far wrong - its just more demanding than your run of the mill racer. On a more serious note the downsides to this game are: 1) it takes forever to load between races. 2) The career mode and its panoply of badges and prizes of bits of paintwork are a complete waste of time. 3) The developers exibit their usual arrogance at the start by wasting your time on unskippable FMV and cut scenes. They also set up the handling for your profile based on the your first 60 seconds of driving. You'll have to change it once you get the vaguely proficient. My box spec is Q6700/4GB/GT8800(512MB)/Vista 64 and it runs beautifully at 1650x1050/4AA/Trilinear without a problem. All in all 8.5/10 - definitely worth a go, and the best so far if you are prepared to persevere.

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| | See all Reverz's reviews (1)

EA obviously looked at Codemasters' succes with GRID and tried to jump the band wagon but... they horribly failed. The game looks nice and all, but a race game has to feel good and that's exactly where SHIFT completely blows it. The handling of the cars is impossible, they tried to turn this game into a simulation but while doing so they also reward people for driving aggresive more then they reward you for driving properly which is just not how it should be for a sim racer. SHIFT is an arcade racer with an attempted simulation car handling and it just doesn't work out the way they want it to...

In my opinion if you are looking for a good arcade racer: get GRID. If you want a good sim racer: there's plenty of other options like Live for Speed, GTR or some console exclusives like Gran Turismo.

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| | See all jdmanonamission's reviews (4)

I love racing games and I look at all aspects of the game, not just the racing itself. For me I think maybe Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3 is the still the all round king of racing games, but for anyone that doesnt have a PS3 (like me now as I only have a PC these days) I think SHIFt is the best all round option available! If you were a fan of previous NFS (I wasnt I always hated NFS) then dont go for it, this has gone a completely different way incorporating (or stealing lol) all the best bits from each racing game...e.g. GRID is a beautiful game graphically and the cars drive like a dream, but the game menu and race options and general longevity are awful...GT-R is the best racer out there if you love it completely realistic and are a die hard racer, but again the menu is aweful and options are limited...SHIFT has incorporated the beauty of GRID, plus the menu, options and longevity of Gran Turismo 5 into a fantastic all round package, theres almost nothing I would change! BUY IT NOW!


| | See all gixxerk4's reviews (1)

yet again a poor port over to pc, my rig should be running this at over 60fps but game is optomized for consoles. get grid instead, great game, great port over.

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  NFS: Grid

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

If you liked the previous NFS games and that's the way you like your driving games then this might not be for you. The arcade feel and accessibility of the previous games has been lost in favour of more realism, but this isn't a simulation. It tries to enter the area Grid has been occupying, the grey area between simulation and arcade. This is a risky move from a studio that has built the franchise on good solid arcade driving action for years. Does this make it a bad game... no, definitely not. There are lots of similarities with Grid, the sensation of speed is much better here but the damage model and handling is better on Grid. The game looks stunning and the cockpits are extremely detailed, the in car visual effects work really well at conveying speed and impact. It takes some ideas from Project Gotham Racing too; you are awarded points for your style of driving (kudos) which go towards unlocking features. One feature that tries to be too clever is the driving assistant, when you first start a game you get to run a practise lap. The game then sets up the car handling based upon your performance, you will just end up turning it off. This is for the Grid fans, not the NFS fans. This is still a great game though, it's just not a NFS game.

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| | See all simonchinnock's reviews (2)

I dont usually review games but felt I had to warn people away from this title. The cars are extremely cumbersome to handle, far more than any other need for speed title. It feels as though you can only go in a straightline or completely sideways on the tracks. The menus and feel of the game look like a crappy console port as well. The tracks and races are also too short.

The only positive aspects are the graphics and sound effects - everything else is TERRIBLE.

Consider this a friendly warning, steer well clear

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