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ARMA II: Armed Assault

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (77 reviews)"

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| | See all Imrryr's reviews (1)

After downloading the updating content, this game improves much.
Must buy. Nice multiplayer coop (online)

  Truly Sublime

| | See all DechoReview's reviews (1)

This is the only true military simulation on the market. If you want to use real-world tactics and hundreds of pieces of real equipment, vehicles and weapons in an authentic environment (Chernarus is based on an area of the Czech Republic) then this is the game for you. You will need a fairly powerful PC to run the game though, but if you have one then this is one of the prettiest games around, with only Crysis beating it graphically, though it has to be said that no game beats this for scale of environments, certainly not for a multiplayer game. In short, buy this if you prefer to think in your games.

  Best squad based military warsim ever.

| | See all Microwavepulse's reviews (1)

Absolutely terrific game when latest patches installed. A powerful PC can take your graphic experience to a next level!

  Awesome effort

| | See all insertname's reviews (1)

Arma 2 is an awesome effort at realistic warfare. If you want a game that gives you fast-paced action with a simple interface and handy waypoints - get CoD.
Arma 2 is about realism, not gameplay. It's a war simulation, not a game. If you get shot, you'll most likely die, and if you manage to just take a flesh wound, and a medic can make it to your position, then your aiming/running/stamina is likely to be affected for the rest of the mission. I think it's the best thing since sliced bread or even the internet, but then I'm a geek. and a bit of a war geek at that.
Hope this review helps.

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  Last war game you will ever need.

| | See all MikDawg's reviews (2)

Fantastic game that never gets old, community is constantly releasing new maps, missions and addons - almost all are top shelf quality and all of that for free.
Not a game for run and gun style players who are not prepared to change their gaming style but if the patience and some time is something you can spare, there is no going back to anything else out there!
To get most out of it join a clan or a organized online war simulation games and experience extremely realistic battles.

I know I sound like I work for Bohemia Interactive, but I don't care, I also will be buying their expansion pack OP Arrowhead as soon as it becomes available.
Best game ever woooooooo! :D

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  Massive improvements

| | See all amadman114's reviews (10)

The 3/3.5 stars that sum up the reviews is misleading because at initial release, this game was very heavily bugged, but at patch 1.5 this is my no.1 game.

Realism and graphics are unparalleled.

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  My favourite

| | See all Reeferman's reviews (1)

This game is one of my favourites, I'm a realism fan so that explains. And I think the graphics are very good also. I would say that this game gives the most realistic graphics that sometimes approach photorealism. The bug are bad, and on an unacceptable level when it was released but now it's playable.

  100% simulation

| | See all xfilesfan's reviews (1)

Think total freedom of space and tactics and this is it. One of best mil-sim games (probably only) available since ARMA/OFP1 (the game's own predecessors). Plus huge MOD community is a plus.

  ArmA 2 hoping for the best

| | See all xfire76's reviews (1)

Nearly perfect as a consept, rather unfinished as a program. Have enjoyed playing it and all its predessesors. Lots of bugs but still loving it because of its history and hoping for its best future. New ideas have found ground for use, especially the reallistic code signs for infantry, armor, arty and many other units that you can move through the map choice. I think we found better but not perfect AI for the enemy's bots. A lot smarter but dum from time to time. Being in the Army for 15 years i can assure you that professionals can use it easily to train real life soldiers and perform exercise rehearsals in an almost realistic environment. Hope to see more mountenous map regions in the future (tired with all that Czech scenery-esp. if you've travelled there already you can see it's almost identical). In conclusion, gratefull that games such as this found finally their way into the game industry. Games that push your mind to think realistically and not just shoot targets that pop-up from the corner. Gonna wait until a more succesfull patch than the 1.05. Graphic beauty is of lesser importance than that of the gameplay. (But as we all know the rules of trade want the new title to be in the stores sooner enough than a previous game to be perfected).

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  beta release game

| | See all wobblydave's reviews (1)

it could have been great but its not, even on high end PCs it chugs along,its infested with bugs it doesnt look that good and it plays so badly you loose the will to live after a few hours, we are on patch 1.05 and its still nowhere near what most of us would call finished and if you dare complain about it on their forum the hair shirt brigade gang up insult you and close down your thread.So if fun has been crossed off your gaming criteria go ahead and buy it, but you have been warned it is not worth the bother.

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