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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Collector's Edition)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  vaule for money

| | See all Colinloves's reviews (4)

900 hours and still aint finished the whole game.

And even after 900 of play the graphics still impress me and sometimes I have to just sit back and take in the views.

If you could only buy one game to take on that desert island, then this would be the one.

Plus you have 1,000's the free user Mod's online (all of which are upto the same quality as the game.)

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  Well worth buying

| | See all JPBroadwater's reviews (1)

I'd never bought a role-playing game before this one. I exclusively played real-time-war-strategy games, like Warcraft III, Dawn of War, Battle for Middle Earth II, Company of Heroes, Age of Empires III, etc. I also enjoy Civilization (III) & SimCity 4... I'm just telling you this because it should give you an idea what kind of person I am and maybe how relevant my opinions are to you. I was (and still am) happy with those games but I just thought I would try something new. I'm glad I did. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a VERY VERY good game. I'm now hooked on role-playing games. I've already pre-ordered The Witcher because of it. Ok, a bit about Oblivion: graphically, it's very good, I mean very realistic lighting and 3D environment, with beautiful night sky, water surfaces, weather effects like rain and snow, mountains, caves, castles, valleys,... I could go on and on. Sometimes you just stop moving your player character, stand still and just admire the view. I was quite surprised by having that experience. I didn't buy the game because of anyone recommending the graphics, my friends just said it was fun to play. So, the graphics were a nice surprise for me. Sometimes you have to swim down to the bottom of a lake, enter through a stone door into a chamber and then surface inside the chamber, then make your way through an underground fortress, with ghostly lights and shadows everywhere, and a fairly scary sound of water dripping from the walls and echos of your footsteps, and the breathing of who-knows-what coming faintly from around the corner! There are loads of skeletons and demons to fight inside those places, and in the rest of the game everything from savage minotaurs to heavily armed bandits, and willow-the-wisps to goblin tribes. The gameplay is challenging and interesting. You can basically join any (and all) guilds in the game and progress through each, doing quests, getting more powerful stuff, improving your skills, and then eventually become the guildmaster in one or all of the guilds if you want to be. There's loads of skills and abilities to master, and a huge variety of equipment, potions, armour, etc, to find and collect. I've lost count of the variety of stuff - it must be hundreds and hundreds of items. Of course there's a main quest (separate to the guild quests) which has so many subparts to it, and good quality voiceovers by Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) and Sean Bean (Lord of The Rings). And there's quite literally dozens of other mini quests which are optional but fun and rewarding. I like the fact that the quests are a combination or variety of fighting, puzzle solving, exploring and some of them suit certain guilds, and penalize others, so you're guaranteed a challenge no matter how you play. The game is quite interactive, I mean computer-generated characters respond to you in a way that depends on courses of action you've taken with them earlier, or rumours of deeds you've done elsewhere in the game. You can also choose to speak to them and bribe or harrass them in pretty much any way you want - just wandering around and interacting with your environment is the main way of starting off quests and discovering and learning how the game works. If you get stuck there are plenty of good websites which offer information, quest walkthroughs, or just useful tips. I recommend uesp.net. You can also download whatever patches or mods you want. For example I downloaded one which reduces the font size of in-game menus,because I have a very large widescreen monitor and I wanted more of a 'hgh-resolution look' to the game. Anyway, I think enough's said. I have played this game for about 150 hours over the course of 5 weeks. So... buy it :)

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