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Section 8

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Really grows on you

| | See all Trooper66's reviews (2)

Invest the time and you will love it. This is a team play game. Get the most out of it try joining one of the many clans like the uk-forces

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  Something a little different, in a good way

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Don't do much review but i though my 2p may help to sway the vote in favour of S8.

First off, if you want true to life gun mechanics and such move on. This is not CoD or MW . This is Battlefield-eque. I am a hardcore CoD4/5 player and this does not come even close. In saying that if you want something like that, why not stick to those titles.Section 8, it does something a little different and i am finding it very addicitive!

There are classes which you can select or completly customize your "loudout"(weapon selction)

There is a good selection of guns and such,all with different attributes, which make the game a little more interesting.

The key to this game is teamwork, so forming up sqauds is a must. This is made a little easier with the G4WL as chatting and adding friends is easy and can happen in game. Beware that there are a few issues with this but there are many fixes found for most problems already. I had such issues which i resolved very early on.

There are some teething issues, as there are with most release but the developers are always replying to posts on their forum and show some interst in peoples opinions and improvements to the game.

I don't know what to say, this game takes elements from exsisting games and makes them quiet fun. I must admit that i am enjoying this game very much.

Not sure if this was helpful in any way!?

Go on, get it!

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  Where is everybody?

| | See all Kockerspani3l's reviews (2)

Played online on Friday, Saturday and had a look again Sunday, and on all occasions there was about 25 people online. There wasn't even enough people to fill one game without having BOTS!!! What's that about??

Other than that, i have it on highest graphics as have ATI 4890 graphics card, so looks good, although not that much detail, trees, shrubs etc to hide in.

Can't upgrade weapons also, just customise your loadout. You can buy turrets, a tank, and some other bits in the game with cash that you aquire from killing people and completing objectives.

If there are people online then a might carry on playing, but for now I've gone back to COD5 (zombies esp.!!!)

  Not the best of games

| | See all BrillowPad's reviews (10)

This game is decent but alot of things need adjusting, like the sniper is does tiny amounts of damage and the graphics arnt as good as it makes out to be. This game has some potensial though so, give it a few months then get it (when it goes cheap)


| | See all xxxadaxxx's reviews (4)

rubbish graphics console port you must have an xbox live to play this game and once you use your dvd thats it you cannot use it again therefore you cannot sell

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  Need some improvement yet

| | See all MystyDust's reviews (1)

I have been playing the beta test for a week:
Could be one of the best, it remember me Battlefield 2142.
Great ideas included in the game but need some refinement to be a real great game.
In my opinion the UT3 Engine isn't forced at all, artistic models ans such are far better in UT3, but anyway, you will get fun for sure playing the game, you have many tactical options, that is maybe the strongest point of the game.

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| | See all johnnyunderworld's reviews (1)

Have had a good play on the beta at i37 today, can't wait for this game to be released. Looks amazing, is amazing - game-play is fps with a little difference, reminiscent of Crysis and requires a high end PC to get the most - certainly one to watch for!

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