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The Saboteur

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Give it time and its a great game

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Starts off quite fast with lots of driving and fighting and saboteuring, however after a while you realise this is actually just the "trainning" which is quite clever. The stealth aspects are quite funny and fun and the game has elements of humour and also a gritty feel at times. The dark retro look is fantastic visually and the more colourful "cartoony" appearence works quite well (these signify if its nazi or resistance held land).

One of the reviewers says it does not work with ATI. Well it does with mine anyhow and looks great. Graphics look average at first but as you get into the game it just looks better and better. Am only part the way through the game but it is a great game to pick up and play if you had enough of online play.

This game requires a fairly good graphics card to get the best out of it as visually it does keep you interested in paris.

  Grand Theft 'Allo 'Allo

| | See all Brausch's reviews (187)

Nearly a great game, lots of missions with plenty of variety, nice graphics but utterly borked by a lack of development time and money to go beyond what looks suspiciously like a beta release. Its a mad world where a publisher thinks its acceptable to issue a game with so many bugs and its highly unlikely they'll ever be patched. The ATI issue is well known but there are other users reporting random crashes and a common problem irrespective of system is sudden crashes caused by the Esc key (necessary to pause the game and access the character's journal and maps. Others have reported the game crashing constantly after prolonged play including one victim who completed 80% only for the game to become permanently unresponsive. It seems to be pot luck as to whether the game will work on any system and for how long.

  A game you could play for hours!!!

| | See all Frasier86's reviews (12)

A really enjoyable game if you like other games such as Assassin's Creed, Mafia or Godfather. With a variety of unlockables, weapons, explosives, vehicles, etc, this game cannot fail to disappoint!

Although the free-running and building climbing is not as easily executed by the character, it just adds to the realism of it all. Go around sabotaging Nazi installations such as AA Guns, Fuel Depots, Propaganda Posts, Railway Bridges, German Armour Divisions, and much much more!

You can choose a variety of ways to complete your missions - be it how to get into a place, how to kill a target, how to get away, etc. For 26.99 this is a decent bargain and well worth a play just for the novelty of the Irish banter that you get from the main character. I recommend this as a great game, especially if you like WW2 set games.

I would like to give this a 4.5 stars, however, as the swimming element in the game is very badly put together and looks completely unreal. But, you very rarely need to go in the water in this game so it will not really affect you. Make sure you have a good set of system specs before buying this though.

  Good game with major ATI Issues.

| | See all Illian's reviews (2)

The Saboteur looks fantastic, the art and style Pandemic chose to implement complements the setting and story of the game perfectly.

Unfortunately those of you who want to buy the game and own a Radeon, ATI Graphics card will be disappointed. Vista and Windows 7 do not currently support the game using this hardware until ATI And EA games bring out a patch or fix.

  Starts Slow, but gets better

| | See all DanInglis's reviews (21)

i have been playing for about 5 hours and i will say i am pleased with what i am seen, if you like assisins creed then i think this game is for you, you can do everything just like AC but more, as there are guns and cars and even bigger guns.

if you buy this you wont be disserpointed

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