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Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Good enough but could've been better!

| | See all TheNomadSoul07's reviews (76)

This was decent but I thought it got some flaws in this one. Like the point & click feature, I thought it wasn't good and most of the time I could like climb up a ladder til I point & click above me. I think the point & click feature shouldn't had come back, they should stay in 2D games. I think should've stick to the same react feature in Sleeping Dragon, I thought that was better. But anyway everything else in this was good, they got decent graphics in this one and the puzzles was still there too. So it wasn't bad but it could've done better with the controls, imo this the weakest one of the series but still a very good game nonetheless.

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  What a load of BS

| | See all Eternal41269's reviews (6)

Having been a huge fan of the original Broken Sword I find myself being less and less impressed which each Broken Sword game (played each one multiple times), but this one really takes the biscuit.
Alot of people find the game jerky, dispite it not looking that great and the new voice for Nico is far too soft. The script may be classic Broken Sword yet some of the actors don't deliver. Also, ignore the part about the facial reconition, it's really not up to scratch.
The controls are back in clasic point and click yet the camera can get in the way as where you actually want to go and theres loads of times where you can fail throughout the game by being spotted or running out of time. Since the 3rd installement I don't think this is the right way to take a BS game, I just want puzzles that make sence that have proper triggers, I do not want to be sneaking around guards.
Another reviewer states that it's almost impossible to get stuck, hmm no it's really not. He/she must be much more inteligent then me as I can't figue out half the stuff and am resorting to online guides. After 3 other BS games where I know everything off by heart in the first one I know how to play a BS game and shouldn't be getting that stuck.
I'm still glad I got the game, I still enjoy playing it but the new developer on this really doesn't know how to do Broken Sword so I'm glad I only paid a fiver.
Also I have a quad-core and it doesn't work, textures don't load on animated objects taking what little enjoyment there is out of the game. I've played it on my boyfriends PC which has only the single processer.

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  George Stobbard is back!!

| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

Finally George is back!!
This 4th episode of the serie is similar to the 3rd (Sleeping Dragon), but this time you get the mouse pointer back, so you can move the protagonist either with a point click or with the keyboard, but to interact with the objects you have to use the mouse. Speaking of the objects: there are always not so many "usable" object (to interact with) in the environment, so the game may become a bit easier (at least compared with other more complicated adventure games) and not very hard to finish (more or less like the 3rd episode)...in fact I think it is almost impossible to get stuck, because of the "shortage" of interacting objects, but also thanks to the fact that there's no "pixel hunting" (hurrà!) and that the riddles are always logical (and that's good too!).
In fact the difficulty level is not a real problem: the game is not so short (fast 18 hours of effective play!) so you won't complete it in a night...
As usual the story is very interesting (with some adjustments they could use it for a film) and the graphics and sounds are very good.
I heard that someone had technical problems, but I had no problems at all: with patch 1.1 the game runs perfectly on my dual core computer (coreduo E6300).
And now...let's wait for the next adventure of Mr. George Stobbard...

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| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

Im sure this is a great game but their is a issue with this game on dual and quad core cpus. though the game runs. you will find that the backgraound is fine but all charactors have no textures. their is no fix for this as it is not a graphics issue its all to do with multi core cpus, I have a Q6600 CPU and it dont work on that and im aware that it dont run on other Multi Core CPUs, im not saying that it wont run on all multi cores but keep in mind that their is a issue, as you know Play.com does not offer support on this issue , so if you think it may not run on your pc dont get it.

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  you can NOT beat a good ol' bit o' Broken Sword

| | See all VivaLaPlank's reviews (2)

Just as good as the rest in the series, I think I speak for everyone when I say, make some sequels!
Making the move back to consoles (XBOX 360 plz xD) wouldn't go amiss either!

  The Angel of Death

| | See all babylamb26's reviews (1)

Oh my god, i'm so excited to hear that Broken Sword 4 The Angel of Death has been released, i've pre rated it a 5 STAR, as i'm that confident the game will be wicked!! The whole series has been so gripping, and no other game will ever come close. Its the only game i enjoy playing, as i'm not into the whole shoot em up or racing scene. I wish The Angel Of Death was available on the PS3 as the graphics would be fantasic. Never mind, i'm just happy its been released at all. Please release more Broken Sword's very soon as i cant get enough!!!!!!

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  Brillant game to add to series

| | See all brobbo07's reviews (1)

all broken sword games av been brilliant. you cant get a strategy game like this series i hope theres more puzzle nd new storylines to come from this title

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