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Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War Dark Crusade

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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A friend of mine showed me soulstorm, and i thought i would try one of these games, but as i wasn't sure i would carry on playing it, i bought dark crusade as it was cheaper. I have had this game 4 days and know i will be playing it for a long time to come. I liked it so much i have orded the origional and winter assault off here!
The graphics are good but not groundbreaking, but the kill sequences are sweet! The gameplay is really good and will keep you happy for ages. Overall a good game you dont need to be a fan of the tabletop top version to like this (i dont) just a fan of strategy games.

  Spoils of war...

| | See all violent12's reviews (1)

DoW dark crusade introduces 2 new races each with their own new stratrgys. the tau is one of the new playable races and the necrons the other which brings the total count of DoW playable races to nine(Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Chaos).

2 new inotive races gives the DoW series a much more open strategtic depth as it allows player to use the tau's mixed range of powerful range combatants with a broad range of melee fighterswhich helps balance out gameplay as many tau range units have low health.

The necrons give you many new strategys. for example they have units that lower morale of enemys in their presence and a much more customaiable commader as he unlocks new upgrades with the base. the necrons also use a stratgys like the orcs by only usng power(unlike the orcs) but build obelisks that work like waaaagh banners bt on sp's. They can even resurect units.=)

it even introduces a new campain which is like a risk board.

overalll a must buy for all DoW fans and a very challenging campain sytem which makes you use ur brain alot more instead of just charging in.

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| | See all GaiusTheBrutal's reviews (3)

Warhammer have embraced the idea of a campaign map with provinces to conquer and other races to fight free from the confines of a story line.

Plays Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, Tau, Necrons, Eldar and Orks etc.

Great fun, some provinces can boost your chances against the enemy whilst having plenty of resource amount lets you recruit more troops to start with.

Can be fiendishly difficult in some mission but makes you think a little more. There have been times when you need to defend in order to attack so make use of Heavy Bolter Cannons.

  Challenging, varied, repetitive...

| | See all Deepwolf's reviews (1)

If you play DC like I do, this is a LONG game. To start with, you have a choice of 7 'races' (Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Tau, Necrons, Orks and Chaos) and each plays differently. The game overlays a very basic 'Risk'-style territory campaign map onto the skirmish game.

Pluses: a great look, interesting race differences (units, combat style, tactics), varied terrains with lots of inherent challenge, chance to buy units of 'Honor Guard' for each mission on the campaign map if you have completed other missions, giving you a running start

Challenge: aggressive (sometimes VERY aggressive) AI makes it just too hard to succeed on some maps; falls victim to the 'unit rush' style of play almost invariably, but some maps suggest that this is not inevitable, just a result of lazy planning/lack of imagination

Bad bits: although the system saves most of the 'hard' additions you make to conquered maps (bunkers, turrets etc), it starts you off with no units on conquered maps, whereas if you attack an AI-occupied map it already has units and often overwhelms you before you've even got going. This is unrealistic and soon becomes incredibly irritating, especially when you are playing a 'finesse' race (Tau, SM) against one which uses huge numbers of units to overwhelm (Eldar, IG especially). The unit cap on certain units (vehicles) seems to make little sense. The repetitive element of constantly defending conquered territories in the same way against the same enemy is tiring. And NEVER autoresolve - you'll pretty much always lose.

Overall: definitely worth the money, absolutely if you are a 40k fan, but with some unrealistic elements which could have been sorted out before release and which would improve gameplay considerably.

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  love this game

| | See all Mk1001's reviews (19)

this games has everythin a strategy should , challenging gameplay, balanced resource and unit sustems and amazin multiplayer. cant wait for the fourth expansion

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  Superbly playable with fantastic graphics - Quality RTS Game

| | See all Jemmo9's reviews (2)

I used to play Warhammer games in my youth and as I am now thirty I bought this game more out of nostalgia than anything else but this is probably the best RTS game I have played along with LOTR - Battle for middle earth. The single player campaign has incredible depth along with excellent playability and what this game adds to the previous two DOW games is "replayability" as once you have completed the campaign with your first race you have six more races to use and they are each different enough to keep interest. There is also a good on-line forum to play against other gamers. In summary this is an all round superb game and the only draw back is that it's so addictive you might end up in trouble with the missus!

  DOW Dark Crusade

| | See all PandaDrunk's reviews (27)

These games from THQ offer the great fantasy history of the Warhammer brand, to those who dont want to pay for the models.

Dark Crusade offers alot of new features and for the most part are great, giving alot of re-play to the game. the main map does get boring after while since it is a space version of Risk.

I suppose this game wont follow the story lines that are in the table-top game and for massive fans might find this game a let down. But for people like myself who like the idea of Warhammer but dont want to play the tabletop game, this is well worth owning.

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