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The Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (69 reviews)"

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| | See all seadog6666's reviews (1)

the game is great to play can spend hours an hours on it an got get bored BUT that wos 3 years ago i play the game turbine as taken over an if you are a old play like myself getting your account back is very slim puts you to free account an to upgrage your account is more bother than its worth took me 3 MONTHS to get my account sorted so do not bother you old players playing again!!!!

  get the trial

| | See all brigzilla's reviews (21)

codemasters are offering a 14 day free trial via download. im sure someone has mentioned it already but hey. If you like WoW, then i would say you should give lotro a try, the majority of elements ingame are much better, and the community isnt made up of children, therefore you wont get abused when you ask a question.

as with all MMO's its very addictive, i started playing in the summer last year, since then ive got one character at cap (lvl 65) and 2 more on their way around 30-40. it really is a great game, and i would say before you decide you dont like it, level up your character a bit, the endgame is second to none, radience armour is something to work towards :P

  Super Game

| | See all HonestReviewer's reviews (15)

Played over 20 on-line games this is one of the best. Unlike everyone else I will not compare it to WOW or GW.
Great game, very good graphics, nice pvp and pve very balanced.
Is not like the other two big rivals stands on its own.
Wipes the floor with the really bad Age of Conan which I also reviewed.
If you want to try a on-line game this is the best place to start.
I think it is definitely one of my favourite games and I hated the books.
5 stars cause its excellent: crafting is very useful unlike most games even WOW crafting is useless (oh no I compared it to WOW sos :XD ). I have played all games on-line to level cap and put major game time into them so I recommend this to anyone. Needs a decent machine to get best out of but unlike Age of Conan you can easily play it at highest specs no lag or fps slowdown. The new expansion is eagerly awaited so the all-inclusive packs on sale here look like very good value to me. I play mostly solo and the game suits solo and team play so o-one is left out unlike most other on-line games. GM help in the game is very good and quick and advice from other players in always given readily. Getting top class weapons and armour is attainable by all which is as it should be although it does take some real effort if you do not team-play (fellow)

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  This is awesome

| | See all Roboute's reviews (1)

I have been playing this game non-stop almost from February and i am still not bored. In fact my girflfriends even started to play it. I recently dabbled in WAR and within two days Middle Earth had pulled me back, the graphics are superior, the gameplay is relatively the same but there is just something in the feel of the game.....you ARE a part of the story. The first time i bumped into Gandalf a genuine smile spread across my face. The controls are simple with different classes in characters to cater for different playing styles and preferences and amazingly if you choose to do more than 1 character they actually make it feel like a different game everytime. Its vast too soo plenty to do, buying a house is a fun option as is learning how to play favourite songs on different instruments but the best part is its as simple or as manic as you want it to be.

With MoM being released in 3 weeks there isnt a better time to start playing and from what i have seen of MoM its vast and full of fantastic new ideas (and 2 new classes)

I promised myself i would never get hooked into mmorpgs but Im sooooooo glad i gave this a try. So look forward to seeing you soon, look me up on the snowbourn server ;)



| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

This is, without any doubt, the finest PC game I own. Based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, it is set during the Third Age of Middle-Earth, during the quest of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring. You do not actually play as one of the Fellowship members, but you can get to meet them during your adventures.

Beginning as one of four races - Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit or Man - and seven character classes - Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-Master or Minstrel - you create a character to journey in Middle-Earth from as far west as the Elven kingdom of Ered Luin to as far east as the Misty Mountains (currently) with more maps appearing every so often as free content.

Where to begin? The game itself looks and sounds gorgeous, there are thousands of items and quests to find and complete, and an amazing Crafting system which allows you to forage or trade for materials to make weaponry, armour, jewellery, or even simple cooked items! Ten crafting professions are currently available, which allow for a variety of scope and invention.

Characters gain money and experience like in any other RPG, by questing and slaying monsters. Characters can progress as high as Level 50, but the Mines of Moria expansion pack due out in November will raise this cap to 60th Level. You can also perform Deeds by, say, slaying so many monsters of a certain type on a single map, or finding your way to a set number of related locations, and once completed a Deed will grant you a Trait, which is a permanent bonus of some sort. There are loads of Deeds and Traits available, and once earned Traits can be equipped in a skills bar - but you can only equip so many at any one time, so foresight and skill is required to figure out which ones work best together.

You can create up to 5 characters per account, and also buy a house in Middle-Earth for them to reside, once you have acquired the amount of in-game cash needed; you can even allow other players privileges to visit or even store items in any chests you keep there. And the game's first Hobby, fishing, was added a couple of months ago, and is proving to be immensely popular.

Characters can team up into temporary alliances called Fellowships, or join longer term Kinships (Guilds). The players themselves are in my experience co-operative, friendly and helpful, and I've had no bad experiences with anyone. It seems everybody is playing the game for one thing - to enjoy being part of the greatest fantasy world ever created.

(There is no Player-Verses-Player combat here though, unless you create a Monster for the PVP maps, which any standard character of level 40 or above can also enter, whenever they feel like it. Playing a monster is just as much fun as playing the main game, and proves that it is often good to be bad!)

I have been playing The Lord of the Rings Online virtually every day since I bought it over a year ago, and have still seen less than half the game's currently available content. New challenges like the Shire Summer Festival and the Elves' search for Lore Items appear every couple of months, and although they are time-limited to a couple of days or weeks, they are a novel offering and fun to do, as well as keeping the game fresh.

And with the Mines of Moria expansion pack being released in November, with a host of new features like a +10 Level Cap and the realms of Moria and Lothlorien to explore, Middle-Earth has never been a better place to be! The best MMO available will soon be even better...

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  Great MMO, Probably the best one for lord of the rings fans!

| | See all colinius's reviews (27)

Great MMO when you eventually get it to run! My god! the reason i've marked this as a 3 star is because of the crazy update download you have to go through when you indstall it!, it took around 12 hours to update about 16'000 files, my electrical bill will be through the roof this month!
But when you do get the game running it does live upto expectations.
Definatly a must buy for MMO and Lord of the rings fans alike!.

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  Exactly what I expected. BUT..

| | See all Rich360's reviews (8)

This game was exactly what I expected, a decent quality MMO with a LOTR theme. However, I've had some issues with this game:

Namely, once I installed, I had to update. I was of course expecting this, as this is the case with every other MMO. The problem was the 14279, that's right, fourteen THOUSAND updated files I had to download to play. Now, here in Wales we have some of the slowest internet speeds in the UK. However, even with around 200kb/s speeds (that's v.fast for us here!), it took me over six hours to download the +3GB of updates needed and install the game, whilst enduring several Client crashes along the way.

That's the reason this game didn't get a full five stars, but it's important that I stress how well put together the rest of the game is, the fact that there are lots of updates is a good thing, new content and bug fixes are constantly released. So far every other aspect has met or exceeded my expectations, the combat system is comparible to many other MMO's, but the addition of a system for crafting and item creation which is a little different, means the game remains individual. Combine this with the Mines of Moria expansion, due later this year, and you're onto a winner.

Overall, I'd recommend this game, just don't expect to be playing it the same day it arrives!

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  Nice game

| | See all Aryslan's reviews (3)

Goods graphics, good story, nice community, lots of achievements, implementation of housing improved the social experience and the end content (lvl 40+) its great with the PVP and the instances/raids. Its very fun to play and solo friendly too, do not need to kill 500 mobs of a kind to get a thing.
Glad to have it.

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  Buy this NOW!

| | See all warpedpig's reviews (7)

I played WOW for a few months before I saw this in my local gamestore. Needless to say I have now uninstalled WOW and have spent many an hour playing what I feel is WOWs successor.
It betters WOW in all departments graphically, socially and just the fact that it immerses you in a familiar enviroment (to lotr fans anyway)
The only gripes I have are you are stuck with five measly bags to put trophys, tools and weapons in, and you can't make any more. The only other gripe is that when you buy the gold edition you are able to get access to horses earlier than if you bought the standard version. Surely a patch could have been made availabel to standardise things?

Apart from these minor quibbles a top game for novices and experienced games alike.

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  not great

| | See all mason9's reviews (4)

ok i am a huge lord of the rings fan seen every film liek 20 times each read every book associated with lord of the rings and when i heard the news of this i was very excited. i bought it and ouch..... boring gameplay and enviroment incredibly long install time and also the graphics r corny. i would only recomend this if you have a half decent computer. mines quite old so i couldnt get a good experiance

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