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Company Of Heroes: Anthology

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  A steal at this price

| | See all freakyislander's reviews (2)

For 15 quid youre getting a bargain! This series is one of the best RTS games ever. You don`t need a beast of a pc to run them, a dual core cpu and mid range 3d card will give you a superb gaming experiance.
I would recomend this game to anyone who likes RTS games or anyone who is interested in ww2.
Brilliant graphics
Brilliant sound
Brilliant campaigns, although tales of valour is rather short to be fair
Good multiplayer interface
The only downside is the patch downloads, these are huge (they are bigger than the original install files) but as most people have fast broadband its not really a problem, and the patches make massive improvements to the game so they are woth the download.
Buy these games, you will will be amazed!

  Bargain Central

| | See all Pakino's reviews (3)

With Company of Heroes going soon 4 years strong it's up there with the best. The game is based around World War 2 with 4 factions being available in this pack Panzer Elite, Werhmacht, British and American forces. Company of Heroes and Opposing Fronts (expansion) both deliver superb campaigns with accurate history with non stop action which will immerse you with its DX10 physics and shaders. The most recent expansion (Tales of Valor) gives you the opportunity to take command of "Hero" units which were infamous throughout WWII one campaign follows an American Para squad and another lets you take control of a elite tank crew of a Tiger Ace. Game play is excellent on and off-line with various units which can turn the tide of battle in the right hands. Artillery which can be devastating and accurate can also be poor and infective making games random and always entertaining. One major feature of CoH is retreating your squad to your HQ, as it is much cheaper to retreat a squad than to lose it, micromanagement of units is essential to success. CoH can be a very micro intensive game depending on the skill level been played at, making it fun for all levels of players to learn and grasp the basics. With on-line leader boards, rewards, and ranks(1-20) it makes for endless fun and for 13.13 it's a steal.

  A MUST for all Strategy fans.

| | See all HKWannabe's reviews (1)

One of the best strategy games I have ever played. Beats most of the new strat games out including the current Command and Conquer titles. The game has a good campaign however online play is where it really excels.

  The best of strategy games!

| | See all PornoPino's reviews (1)

I love this game so much! This is probably the best strategy games I've ever played. The AI in this game is brilliantly developed and the gameplay is awesome! If you like your strategy games the like of "Red Alert", "War Craf", etc, Company of Heroes (Anthology) is the best (in my opinion)!

Although, I was a bit disappointed with the Tales of Valor series, I was expecting loads of missions but turned out to be just 3-4. Still, they were fun to play.



| | See all Jaxx92's reviews (4)

Brilliant game, single player is really good, Multiplayer with 2-8 players is also brillaint.
Have played about 150hours on this with friends, still really fun to play.

  Must Have.

| | See all JumpingJoly's reviews (2)

for the current price if you like strategy then this game is a must have.lots of single player missions and gret fun to play online if you manage to get in a game.Great for lan partys with friends.this game makes you think truly about strategy.for the price i paid there are no cons.

  One of the best RTS I've played

| | See all TheHurf1's reviews (4)

I play alot of strategy games but this one stands out from the crowd. The engine that the game is built on adds a whole new edge to strategy bringing your armies to life on the battlefield. The Graphics are amazing for an RTS especially the explosions and gun fire, supporting DX10. The idea of capturing resource points and pushing forward into enemy territory keeps the action flowing with a whole variety of units to choose from completely unique factions. If you enjoy the WW2 genre and like RTS games then this is the one to buy!

5 Stars!

  STILL one of the best rts games

| | See all n8mahr's reviews (7)

Have you ever played CoH? No? Then buy THIS collection at once! It contains all three parts of the CoH franchise,and, thus, is really worth the money
Although the original CoH game has been released almost 4 (!!!) years ago, the graphics have since been kept up to date with dx10 effects and other upgrades via patch. The stand-alone addons already include those patches.
The sound effects are awesome (did mg-fire ever sound this brutal?) and the orchestral music is adding tension to every fight.

It is like watching the "Band of Brothers" TV Series.. but this time, you are playing it !!
If you like RTS games with a good story for single player and quick but strategic gameplay in multiplayer mode, get this whole package of CoH!

  Good for the price

| | See all BCRich's reviews (5)

I already owned a copy of the original title a long time ago and its a great game.

Good graphics, sound and gameplay (even though its really only a Command and conquer type game with bells and whistles).

I wanted the expansion packs though and at 6.99 for everything it seemed a good deal.

You cannot install these seperatly though as it all come on one disc with these included in the main install.

I have to say that applying/ downloading the patches which you are forced to do is a pain in the ar*e. I also originally had problems doing this, but did get it to work eventually on my laptop.

I had to also create a profile and password to actually play the damn game as well.

Good game though especially at the current price.

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  Awesome RTS !

| | See all SeanDe82's reviews (1)

This is a great RTS game. You can't complain for 6.99 quid. No problem with patching. You might need to open ports for relic patch downloader if your router doesn't have auto forward ports.