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Assassin's Creed 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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| | See all nafets1029's reviews (2)

This game runs slow on most normal computers so i advise that you only get it if you have a gaming computer and you care about graphics. Other than that its a really good game and works fine if you put al the graphics down to 1.

  amazing game

| | See all capnbirdseye's reviews (2)

I have to agree with most of the other postings that this is truly an amazing game, unlike games like Oblivion & similar games with free roaming big towns & cities this game actually fills them with crowds of people all going about their business and not just odd people wandering here and there. How the game engine handles such large numbers of people I don't know but It runs flawlessly on my system. Truly an amazing achievement. I found it annoying when I reached the end that I couldn't go back and do some of the unfinished assassinations etc so luckily I had a programme installed that let me set the hardrive to 2 days earlier where I had not reached the end.
So, beware when you have collected all the of the codex and get tempted to go the the villa and complete the codex wall because shortly after is the part of no return unless you copy your save game first.
Altho the Ubisoft servers keep track of your save games they also store a trigger point in your game launcher/storage folder

  Brilliant game.

| | See all sqwahdom's reviews (2)

A real follow up from the first assassins creed title, as there is just so much more that you can do. 5 stars, hands down, now i just need to wait for brotherhood. :D

  Great game, shame about the DRM

| | See all Exiousa's reviews (1)

Game itself is very good. Graphics are pleasant on the eye and the control system is fluid, intuitive and easy to adjust to.

On the PC version you can at least re-map all the controls to your liking and it works well enough with joypads.

Plenty to do from it's previous outing, with little secrets to hunt out if you desire 100% completion rating.

Save system is non-existent, rather it uses check point style saves, every time you either complete a sub-quest or task or part way through the various story mission scenarios, so it is very forgiving for those who are not avid gamers.

Combat system is nice and once you get the hang of timing none of the fights should prove difficult at all, considering the AI doesn't attack you all at once from every direction.

My only gripe is the persistent internet connection required. If you are in an area that loses internet frequently or as we have had in the past where UBisoft's servers are not quite coping then do expect being kicked out now and again. Unfortunately England still has areas where the internet and broadband are not stable for the demands of this DRM.

The benefit of Ubi's DRM is that your save game data is with them, so if you had to install the game on a new PC then you can at least pick up where you left off.

My advice, especially if you want to game at friends for a long weekend is to pick up the PS3 or XBox version.

Until they implement an offline mode for their DRM I would not recommend this, unless you are adamant your net connection is stable, UBI lost a lot of customers with this so I want to pre-warn anyone looking to purchase this on the PC.

The game is good though so don't get the wrong idea about it :)

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  Well Worth the Wait for the PC.

| | See all Hazzar's reviews (1)

The 1st game could become repetitive quick but it was still a great game imo, but this game they improve on everything that was good in the 1st and more. Awsome game 10 out 10. Only has one snag the DRM but I never had a problem with it so it gets full marks from me.

  exellent, superb game :-)

| | See all EvilReaper666's reviews (1)

This game is exellent easy to get to grips with. The graphics are superb. There is only one con about it which is the camera when you are in a tight spaces you can't see where you need to be. but if you can live with it it's an exellent game.

  Amazing,on every level

| | See all ilikelemonlollys's reviews (2)

Assassin's Creed II is the best game to be released this year! Some have complained about the DRM but i never once had a problem with it,strongly recommended,always with a twist in the story.

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  Tremendously good game!!

| | See all Gib007's reviews (10)

I had never played the original Assassin's Creed, despite my friends' recommendations. Assassin's Creed 2 was recently recommended to me as well, mostly for its violent nature. For 19.99, there was nothing to lose, so I bought it.

The game is nothing short of amazing. The graphics are really good and the sound is very good too (good surround with a good sound card and headset / speakers). The gameplay is just endless fun - nothing else can describe it. The ability to free roam and pretty much do whatever you like throughout different cities (as the game unfolds), makes it have infinite replay value.

The storyline itself is very intriguing from the very beginning and just goes deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, unfolding a whole mess of fictional (maybe there's some truth to it!?) history of the Knights Templar, the rival assassins, the world leaders, the concept of Eden, religion, etc. Nothing short of inspiring..

Aside from the free roaming and the main quest, there are a lot of RPG elements to the game, with character progression in the way of abilities, weapons, armour, renovating your uncle's city to make profit for yourself, etc. There's also side quests you can do for money, like assassinations and courier missions. A very nice touch is that there are mini-games when you discover hidden symbols around cities. Solving them unlocks tiny pieces of footage which follow each other but are unlocked randomly. These pieces of footage are titled "The Truth". Having not got all of them yet, I'm very intrigued to see what it all means!
There are also scrolls you recover that Leonardo Davinci decodes. These also unravel an interesting piece of history.

All in all, very intriguing, very interesting, and continually surprising. Best of all is the seamless combination of storyline with interaction and free roaming. There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the very best game I have ever played. Highly recommended!!

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  excellent, even with the DRM :-)

| | See all DonPepe's reviews (1)

I have played the game for a few days now and I haven't witnessed any problems with the Ubisoft Servers so far. Whenever I wanted to play I could and I could as long as I wanted.

By the way: the game itself is awesome... I loved part I and couldn't wait for the sequel... it is even more addictive than the first one...

So... whoever has a capable PC and an internet connection (when you're reading this I guess you have... how else would you be able to shop here) should buy this game!!!

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  Assasins Creed 2

| | See all rogdad's reviews (4)

This knocks the first game into a cocked hat, It is truly awesome !
hours and hours of gripping storyline and free play without loss of story base line,hours and hours could be wrong it has been days and days, I voted farcry 2 the best game ever till assasins creed 2 came along, this maybe possible to play more than once coz I am sure there is loads I failed to see 1st time through ... I am truly hooked

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