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Assassin's Creed 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Excellent game (minus the DRM)

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This is truly an excellent game. The environments are beautifully crafted and inspiring; the storyline is clever and involving; and game play is varied and dynamic (which is a definite improvement from the first Assassin's Creed). It has all the ingredients that make a game which is simply brilliant. If you enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed, I have no doubts that you will enjoy this game too.

The only thing I can fault with the game, which I'm sure is giving many other players of the PC game a headache, is the DRM (and this is the only reason why I have given the game four stars instead of five). If you don't have a reliable internet connection, which in Britain is not uncommon, the game can be difficult or maybe even impossible to play. Fortunately there is now a way around the DRM which can remove the restriction of requiring a permanant internet connection to play the game (NOT available from Ubisoft - they've yet to develop any common sense and realise that DRM does nothing more than serve as a nuisance to legitimate customers such as myself). If you can find the way around it, then I would certainly reccomend you buy the PC version of the game. Otherwise, I'd suggest getting it for the PS3 or 360.

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  Another question about language

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Is multi language? Italian too?
Is a very nice price.

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  Question about Languages

| | See all Tatoadsl's reviews (1)

Does it includes Spanish language to play game? It's a lot cheaper here and I want to order it.

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I was sucked into the world of Assassins Creed right from the beginning when the first game came out. The game was flawless, despite the combat being slightly repetitive; but what kept me wanting to play was the story. With these types of games, its like watching a movie but you get to take part.

I was a bit unsure about how good the sequal would be, seeing as it had alot to live up to. This game does not dissappoint. The DRM feature is the only negative part about this game and I think this type of stuff should be avoided when making games, PC games shouldn't be turning into stuff like you get on 360 & PS3. Aside from that I have had no connection losses while playing this game, so I guess I got lucky there.

The game itself is second to none. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. The scenary and cities are beautiful and the graphics are draw dropping. There is so much more in this game than the last, not only is the story keeping me interested, but the dynamic gameplay is as well. Not to mention upgrading the Auditore home town, to generate more income. The upgrading armor and buying new weapons is a nice extra feature, plus being able to increase your income from the paintings you buy for your home town & when armor / weapons get put on display after you dont use them anymore.

The story is very in-depth and offers many hours of play even if you only do the main story and skip all the side missions/quests. I've always been in to these kind of games and was an avid Tomb Raider fan, but the last few games have dissappointed me.

Assassins Creed 2 is how the new Tomb Raiders should of been, minus the assassination. I'm always someone who gets bored quick if the game doesn't really grip me and I end up switching from one game to another and never completing any of my games. But the Assassins Creed series has always kept my 100% attention and I can't wait for future releases.

Even if your not into these type of games, you may find that the story alone will keep you wanting to play more like it did for me in the first release. I know the PC release didn't score as high as the console releases, but if you've got the PC to run it and a 360 controller to play this game on PC then you won't be dissappointed. Also, its cheaper!

Lets hope Ubisoft ditch this DRM system in future releases.

Overall though, I give the game itself 100%

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| | See all MadSwede72's reviews (1)

When this came out I was whooping with joy. Then I read a lot of reviews by disgruntled buyers who claim the DRM is ruining the gameplay by loading in the middle of a chase, randomly disconnecting, not being able to connect at all etc.

So I got upset about the whole thing. I'd been watiing for so long to get this game and now people were saying you can't play it?

In the end I figured that you can't rely on the reviews of a few disgruntled punters, you have to make your own mind up.

I bought it, installed it, signed up for the UbiSoft account and crossed my fingers.

To my great surprise the game works flawlessly. Not once has it been loading in the middle of a chase, or disconnected me pre-maturely. I've had it for a week now and play it for about 3 hours every day. I love it! They've taken the great Assassin's Creed I and made it even better!

Now it's not all straight forward though! The game tutorial tells you to press the red button with a hand symbol on it or the green button with a foot... Err... what key?

Ok, so they've ported it from console and on console everything is colour coded and ergo the buttons that show up are also colour coded.

In the begining I was pressing every button trying to figure out what was what until I realised I can go to the Settings menu and look at the controls. Hey presto there's a full list of what button (and colour) is what on your keyboard. Problem solved. Not only that, there's a reference in the manual as well... but hey, who reads manuals!

The game runs very well on my aging computer (I still have an AGP card and XP 32bit!). I set the settings to medium though but it runs so nicely and looks very slick that I don't mind it one bit.

The game itself is set in italy and they do occassionally talk in italian but it's no big deal. I play with the subtitles on and you get an english translation, so hey, you can even pick up a bit of italian playing the game (provided of course you have use for phrases like 'retractable blades' and 'hidden knives').

There are new assassination techniques added in the game such as being able to lay in the trusty old haystack and pull enemies into it and kill them, or pull an unsuspecting enemy off a ledge.

You also find upgrades for your weapons as you go along and you end up with dual blades and the ability to kill two enemies at once (very useful when you need to get through a guarded door without raising the alarm).

In this game you also become responsible for upgrading a town with weapon smiths, art dealers etc. and you're the head of a household where you have to collect things like fine art, statues, weapons etc. to increase your income.

This can then be spent in various shops to buy upgraded weapons, armour, art and that oh so important medkit bag.

As in AC1, the conspiracies are thicker than a room full of politicans and the story twists and turns with every mission. I often find myself saying "I'll just play one mission..." and all of a sudden it's 2am in the morning.

I honestly wish I didn't have to get up at 5 in the morning to go to work! Then I could stay home and play all day long. Sad but true!

So ladies and gentlemen, I hope you find my review somewhat useful but as I've mentioned before, don't take my word for how brilliant this game is, buy it and find out for yourself. :)

One thing I would recommend though is that you play AC1 first if you haven't or you will miss a lot!

MadSwede Out!

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  Assassin's Creed II - Proving sequels are better!

| | See all Marler's reviews (1)

I'd been interested in getting this game for a long time and when I realised I wouldn't be able to purchase it from steam I ordered from play. Came within a few days of order.

When it arrived I was slightly apprehensive about the DRM and needing a constant internet connection. So far I have only encountered one problem of the ubisoft servers being down once, apart from that there's nothing wrong with the system.

The game itself is such an improvement from the first. Double hidden blades, smoke bombs, ability to swim and many other features.

The game also has less loading screens and time spent getting out of the animus is reduced which is a much needed improvement. You also get to play more as Desmond and there's a lot more freedom in the game. If you didn't play Assassin's Creed I on the PC, then you may find the controls a bit odd to get used to at first, but seeing as I have played both on PC I have had no trouble.

No complaints, 5/5

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