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Deus Ex: Human Revolution (With Bonus Explosive Mission Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

I love shooters, this is my sort of game.
Its one of those shooters with some roleplay, but its so seemless and well thought out nothing gets in the way of the story and action.
There is also a perfect balance of stelth and guns blazing.
With key story missions, and additional side missions there is room for replayability here.
You travel through some memorable worldwide futuristic locations, meeting people, shooting bad guys and investigation who is behind a golbal conspiracy. you have upgrades to buy as you progress which give you, more armour, better ain, stelth, vistion and other cool features. It definatly has atmosphere, and if you've seen harrison ford in Blade Runner, you do feel like you playing him, the designers must have loved that film.
Overall, fun, polished, quality, its up there with the best.

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  A more than worthy sequel, if a little over-hyped!

| | See all Affirmative's reviews (39)

Overall I found this to be a great game combining a superb story with some excellent gameplay. It takes you on an awesome journey, where you arrive after an adrenaline fueled experience, to an ending that is epic in terms of virtual entertainment. For all its uniqueness, it plays like a mix between Batman Arkham Asylum & Splinter Cell.

The openess of the game provides an ample range for your approach in overcoming a particular section of the map. Either allowing for stealth, combat or a mixture of both. Though I did tend to find that overall the game design, pace and style better suits players who prefer stealth as their means of getting the job done. There are however a few really well done battle set-pieces where you can get some satisfaction from using your weaponry to take-out the opponents.

The audio is immense. The voice acting and music adding both depth and atmosphere to the story-telling, the twists and the moments in the game where you stop and mentally debate with yourself, if you should go or just wait that split second more - before the moment is gone.

On the down side, I found its strength to lie in the story-telling, as I found some of the mission sections to be ponderous, over-relying on sneaking and hacking too much. So players without some patience may get bored. Also some of the boss missions are ridiculously hard or easy - depending on what weapons/tactics you use. Though the final battle really is worth getting to and overcoming. The sense of satisfaction from beating the end of game boss is special to say the least. However, it is perhaps these issues and the repetitive nature of the game that takes this down from a 10 (as a lot of magazine reviews have awarded it.

However, as a prequel it truly gives justice to the Deus Ex brand. Making this title - one to own, play and complete.

  Very Cool

| | See all leegend3004's reviews (165)

I was quite surprised with this one, the way i see it, it is like a mix of the original deus ex and metal gear solid. I loved the soundtrack in this it gave it so much atmosphere, the graphics are decent and i like the idea of how many choices you have to deal with different situations. A great game and worth a look.

  Very Cool

| | See all LEEGEND's reviews (165)

I was quite surprised with this one, the way i see it, it is like a mix of the original deus ex and metal gear solid. I loved the soundtrack in this it gave it so much atmosphere, the graphics are decent and i like the idea of how many choices you have to deal with different situations. A great game and worth a look.


| | See all DemonKnight's reviews (53)

Phenom X4 955 Black edition
6870 Ati
8gig ram

All settings on MAX-smooth,

this game is whats its all about,
not been a decent game out for ages and this games fills a gap extremely well.
a definate buy

  OK but lacking for being new

| | See all Apeman222's reviews (3)

Had the game for a little while now and for some reason I cannot stay on it for more then an hour of gameplay. I always seem to have an excuse to go onto something different.

The graphics are alright, though it seems they have placed advanced features within an old engine. objects seem to be very blocky but the mechanics within them is good. Being a recent release i was expecting outstanding graphics, however I have to say they do not stand up to Crysis 2's Dx11 package/Hi-Res. I would almost go as far as Crysis 1's graphics are better with near everything being destructable.
If this was released maybe just last year it would be more acceptable.

Gameplay feels very slow. Although some people may say i am not playing the way it is meant to be, it should not feel slow. Im not too keen on choosing what to say to people at every point within games in which i find an annoyance.

Another issue I have is hacking computer systems in the game. I have not been shown at any point what the actual goal is and i just seem to be clicking around and can only just manage to get through level 2 of 5 terminals. Again some sort of guide would have been great.

Eventually I will get around to finishing it but it wont be anytime soon, I'm sure some people love what i dislike but all in all; This is not one for me.


| | See all yetihw's reviews (28)

The original Deus Ex remains among my top 5 favourite games, so Human Revolution was going to have to be pretty special to impress, and somehow they've managed it. It stays very true to the formula that made Deus Ex so great and adds a load of new stuff which makes it even better. The cover system is excellent once you get the hang of it. The detail in the level design is impressive and the range of different ways you can approach each area is also impressive. You almost always have the choice to shoot your way in, crawl through a vent, pay your way in, find an entrance in the sewers, or even talk your way in using the excellent conversation system (there's even an augmentation to make yourself more persuasive).

One thing that is quite different from the original is that combat is a far more readily viable option. Most situations can be dealt with by shooting. Although you can still overcome every situation using stealth, it is just easier sometimes to go in guns blazing.

The hacking system does get a little tedious after a while. When you get the hang of it and it's actually simple - but a bit of a chore when you have a load of PC's to hack in one room. Of course this is the world of Deus Ex, so most passwords can be obtained by finding pocket secretaries or reading emails on other machines.

I had only one major issue with the game, and that was the boss fights. They are just dreadful, and are completely out of place in the game. Depending on which way you choose to approach the game, you can find yourself hopelessly un-prepared for the boss fights, for instance if you've focused all your augmentations on stealth rather than combat. Either way they are terrible - they go against the spirit of the game entirely, forcing you to fight to the death in an enlosed arena, which is in direct contradiction to the way the rest of the game is played. I'm almost tempted to drop a star from my rating just for this, but that seems a bit harsh as other than this miss-step it is almost perfection.

The game also drops an absolute ton of references to Deus Ex, and any fan of the original is bound to be intrigued and amused by many of them.

All in all it's a triumph, and you're going to get multiple play-throughs given the wealth of options available to you. I'm on my second play-through now, and I'm going for the ultimate stealth run. So far I haven't killed anyone. Next time I'll go through as a complete murderous psycho. It's worth it just to see the different reactions you get from the major characters and the way the story progresses depending on what you do.


| | See all BaGGinZ's reviews (2)

Its all about quailty this game, they have paid attention to detail and it makes the world believable, been playing for about 5 hours, game crashed twice ^^ doesn't bother me. I was a big fan of the originals and this looks to be in the same mould, I would advise playing on hard to give yourself a challenge and fully enjoy the game and its secrets :) combat is very good though when needed just got my hands on a sniper rifle .... so far so good I would definately recommend on what I have seen so far. Storyline, characters, cutscenes and atmosphere are excellent. (feels a bit like blade runner with the music) If you were a fan of the original you will definately love this I think anyone that enjoys using their brain a little will also enjoy this game. Looking forward to the next thief game..

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  Brilliant Game

| | See all SolidSnake10's reviews (6)

This game is brilliant, excellent storyline. You may want to read up on the illuminati, freemasons or bilderberg group as this game showss you how they pull the strings in the background.

I didn't encounter any crashes, bugs or glitches, the people that say they did probably had cheap PC's. My PC is not a high end PC and i managed to play this game with no problems. My specs are:

Core2Quad 2.5GHz, 4gb ram, ATI radeon 4800 series graphics card and plenty of hard drive space.

  Brilliant and well produced game

| | See all OzCARTER's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic. It is completely engrossing with a good story line that deals with some interesting issue's. After some research i found out that almost all of the Augmentations are based on things either currently in use, or in development at the moment which i found fascinating. The graphics are absolutely jaw dropping with some amazing vistas.

The game always gives you numerous options of how to negotiate a level. There is always an extra air vent if you dont want to fight, or a way to sneak past without killing anyone. But if you do want to fight, the cover system is really intuitive and useful, making fire fights exciting, and stealth more based on skill and patience than luck.

There are only 3 down points of the game, and one of them is a very minor one.
Firstly the game engine is mildly sluggish. This may of been a concious decision to stop people just run and gunning the levels, but it does mean if your trying to react quickly and fire its difficult. Lining up a head shot normally takes a good few seconds due to the game engine. However though the cover and stealth system both address this issue somewhat.

The second point is it feels short. Since having the game a week ago i have completed it twice and i'm in a full time job, playing for a couple of hours a night. It is still longer than most games, just not as long as the first Deus Ex was.

The last point is only a minor one. The locations never seem varied, despite the fact that you go from new york, to hong kong, and various other places, they are all very similar. This is a small point as there are a few differences and playing styles between the area's, but they just aren't as varied as they were in the original deus ex.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant game with good gameplay, interesting missions and dialogue and also makes you make some tough decisions. Definitely the best game i have played in a long time and well worth the money.