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Deus Ex: Human Revolution (With Bonus Explosive Mission Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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| | See all Walshie71's reviews (4)

Get it. Great game. Multiple paths to objectives. If I was to moan about anything it would be that it was too short (might be because I was enjoying playing too much), and the Linebacker is only available really late in the game.

  Good game but poor cut scenes

| | See all Aggrajag's reviews (1)

Having recently played, and adored, the now some-what aged Mass Effect 2 I was looking forward to bigger and better things with this game as it is very similar in style - dialogue options, movie styled cutscenes and action sequences that requires planning and forethought.

The game itself is very good to play but the graphics are not as good as ME2 and to be blunt the cutscenes/talking dialogues are comedic - the characters stand there wobbling continuously like Thunderbird puppets.

Great game with some disappointments. 4/5.

  Simply awesome

| | See all emjaydubbya's reviews (1)

My PC is over 4 years old now - been upgraded a couple of times here and there but the game ran great in 1680x1050 which is the highest res my set up can support. I have a core2duo 3.16, 4GB RAM and GTX290 running on 7pro64, so all pretty out of date hardware.

I found the storyline enthralling, the graphics, sound and script were all realistic and immersive. It provided me with about 40 hours of gameplay in the middle difficulty mode - could have have been less but I didn't want to rush it.

I don't normally bother writing reviews for games but I felt compelled to do so in this case because I felt that anyone giving this game less than 5 stars was doing it a serious injustice. Fair enough if you're having difficulties running it, but I found it to be as smooth as a baby's backside on a 4 year old PC.

  Questionable graphics

| | See all Simzey's reviews (12)

I'm afraid that I have to agree with some of the previous reviewers. Given the quality and timelessness of the first Deus Ex, I had expected something better in terms of graphical detail. It is as if the game designers have tried to make the game look like the original. It really does look dated. The texture detail on the walls and floors and even the vehicles is almost non existent and the characters look like they came from a game over 10 years old. There are virtually no lighting effects at all and the shadows are just rough dark patches. When the map is opened up the detail is awful which renders it almost useless.
I do realise however that graphical detail alone does not make a game, and I have to say that the gameplay is very similar to the original. So if you liked the way the original played, you should like this game.
I waited a long time for this game to come out and after having played it for a few days, I do feel rather let down. I don't think there will ever be a better Deus Ex than the original.

  Cyberpunk excellence

| | See all Soviet's reviews (17)

A work of gaming art. The story writing, when combined with state of the art graphics and stylish music really create an atmosphere of total immersion where tasks can be approached a number or ways.

My only (very minor 1 - star worth) quibble is that although there are multiple endings, it's only your actions on the final level that determine the outcome of the whole game.

It would have been better if events earlier in the game had longer lasting consequences.

Having said that this is still the best action / rpg game since Vampire: Bloodlines or the original Deus Ex, and sets the bar for others to meet

  Game of the year

| | See all Pastykiller's reviews (1)

game of the year, here it comes, a better buy this year you will be hard to find, the graphics are top notch as is the game play, there are one or two bugs il admit, but nothing that stops a seasoned gamer from enjoying one of the best games you can find, if you liked the first Deus Ex you will love this,

  Must have

| | See all ezraxj's reviews (7)

One of the triple-A games of the year. If you liked the original you will probably love this one too.

The graphics although they are not superdetailed are great and the story and the playability are as fun as the original Deus Ex.

With no doubt a must have.

  deus ex

| | See all headfixer's reviews (8)

Brilliant. I gave it 4 stars due to the amazing addictiveness off this game. Alright there are games with better graphics, but with depth of story and the need to keep playing I cant think of anything better.
The game runs fine at full spec on my pc, which has a 6 year old dual core processor 3ghz, windows 7 64 bit, 4 GB Ram, Nvidia GTS250 and a dedicated soundcard, so I dont understand the negative reviews about compatibility, Ive got an old, self-upgraded pc and I this game runs without flaw. Game of the year so far, in fact its probably one of the games of the decade. In my opinion.


| | See all LocalSavage's reviews (1)

Dont listen to any negativity about this game. I do agree that the cutscene graphics are not out of this world, but in game graphics are amazing. Lets face it though, the game play and storyline are what makes a game good. This is the best game ive played for a while.... till skyrim and battlefield 3 :)


| | See all Chronichle's reviews (1)

This game is amazing. I have never played a Deus Ex game before so I really didnt know what to expect. The cut scenes are awesome and the voice dialogue is also very good and the graphics are amazing. the Game play is smooth and intense and the control system is very good. Had a couple of issues with mouse sensitivity but soon sorted that out in the options (had my razor mamba on the lowest DPI settings at first and it was still too fast).

Dont get why a couple of reviewers on here say the graphics are terrible and gameplay is laggy and choppy and in need of a patch. Cause I think there amazing I have everything maxed out and running a Intel Core i7 2600K Processor - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 1536MB Graphics Card - 6GB RAM and I have no problems what so ever. game play is solid and lag free.

People dont be put off by a couple of negative reviews as if you dont buy this game you will really miss out on something special.

Played 14 hours solid yesterday with the odd break and I cant wait to leave work to get back on it : )

PS (this is my first ever review and I really had to write this just to tell you how awesome this game is)

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