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Deus Ex: Human Revolution (With Bonus Explosive Mission Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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| | See all JPMurtagh's reviews (33)

Brilliant game which fans of the original will surely enjoy. Putting the game on the hardest difficulty will ensure you play this game the way the developers intended i.e not guns blazing. Most of the game you will be stealthily manouvering your way past enemies and hacking computers to disable cameras and turrets. There are times when you can get away with direct conflict but against more than one opponent and you will be killed quickly. The cover system works really well and I had no problem technically with the game on my PC. All in all one of the best games I have played in 25 years.

  something just feels lazy

| | See all robace's reviews (2)

The artwork, storyline, ingame cut-scenes and the very idea of this game are of a good quality, but the graphics and control system seems 10 years old. It feels at times very lazy i don't know what graphics engine they used but it is truely cringe worthy when the characters start talking. You shoot a character and they dont seem to flich let alone take any damage. I was expecting a modern day BLADE RUNNER from the look of the adverts but it fails to meet expectations. Come on guys you made it look great, just should have just bought the unreal tournament engine and have done with it.

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  Needs patching soon as

| | See all Oddballjay73's reviews (1)

Great game spoilt by numerous bugs .Played the game for around 12 hours with around 100 crashes in that time.i have a very high end pc 2 x 6950s, eyefinity,975EE CPU,12gb ram and the game runs like S$%T. Tried numerous settings with no luck.AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE UNTIL A PATCH IS OUT!

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  Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

| | See all woodaba's reviews (1)

Disregard the other review in its entirety: this is the one true follow up to Deus Ex and a classic in its own right. Matching satisfying stealth, tense and challenging firefights and complete freedom in every aspect of the game. This will surely stand alongside its predecessor as one of the all-time greats.

  One of the best games of the year...

| | See all DJAngel's reviews (2)

(May have a few spoilers, but not any big ones!)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the best games that is, and will be, released this year. The improvement on every aspect of the game is viewable everywhere in the game, the controls are brilliant as they were made specifically for PC's, and weren't just imported from console.

The game play itself is a brilliant mix of free-roam and story, letting you explore to your hearts content, and it even has hidden side missions if you wish to pursue those. The skill/augments upgrades and usage are brilliant, stealth, silent movement, allowing you to change the way a person thinks in a conversation, stunning people while jumping off insane heights and not even scratching your boots! - All adds up to a brilliant skills system which brings immense fun and longevity to the game.

The stealth system in the game is where it shines. Don't want to get your hands dirty? Go ahead and try to do the missions without being spotted by patrols or guards, use cover and air vents, take-downs and Less than Lethal weaponry, or just go all out with a Heavy Assault Rifle or Laser Cannon! It's all in here, and all very tasty to use.

Think that's it? No way! Hacking, Turrets, Drones, seeing through walls... and way more! So get in game and have yourself some fun, you'll be occupied for days and weeks if you're prone to wanting to see every aspect of a game, especially with it's multiple endings!

  This game is great, take no noticve of the firtst review.

| | See all LittlePaul's reviews (3)

I think the first reviewer of this game has some sort of hardware problem. This is the best game realeased in the last 5 years. Every mgazine, gaming site and online store and user has given this the highest possible accolade.
The controls are tight and responsive which is why I think the above reviewer has either a problem or the PC is struggleing to play it on the settings he has it on.
This game treats the player with a little bit of intelligence. I would like the first reviewer to post his specs.

  **Best Game of 2011**

| | See all JuNgLiSt808's reviews (1)

Wonderful Game! simply the best thing around for the pc at the moment, finished it! took me a respectable 30hours of gaming, but am already starting again, as this game just keep giving! if you buy one game this year, this should be it.