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Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PlayStation Vita)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Good but flawed

| | See all colbason's reviews (11)

This game is a good game. Not quite as good as Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 on Playstation 3 but that was to be expected. However this game does have its flaws.

Because this game was a release title for the PS Vita it was always going to show off every feature that the vita has. That's fine but sometimes it's annoying and unnecessary. The touchscreen is used for charcoal rubbings which are collectibles in the game and it works for that but the touch screen is also used in fight scenes where you have to drag your finger in the same direction as an arrow and it gets boring very quickly. You have to use the tilt feature in the game which is fine, however it is boring and unnecessary when you have to do it every time you cross a plank of wood. You also have to used the rear touch pad sometimes but what annoyed me the most was when the game requires you to hold the camera up to a bright light. It only happens once but it's unnecessary and annoying as you can't skip it.

Good features include a good story which is quite long, great graphics for a handheld console and the usual good game play features we have come to expect from the Uncharted series. It is worth buying but be prepared to get annoyed a few times.

  Great Uncharted Game as always

| | See all mdyer91's reviews (6)

Has got to say this is one of the best graphics if not the best I have seen on a console ever.

  Unbelievable ! Is this a portable game?

| | See all brightchild0's reviews (12)

Ok, Uncharted series is one of the all time greats on the PS3.
If you have a PS3 you probably own one of them, or if like me all three.

The PS Vita brings the home console game onto a portable system.
The PS Vita truly brings a triple A title to a handheld.
Graphics surpass the other limited handhelds and some of the home consoles.
The gameplay works really well with the dual sticks and additional usage of the touchscreen front and back.

Top game a must buy if you own the Vita!
Reasons to buy the Vita - Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Fifa just to name a few.

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  Quick Summary

| | See all Xs1ght's reviews (2)

Graphics were amazing and the gameplay exceeded my expectations.
Only negative was that the story line was WAY too predictable.


| | See all whysoserious92's reviews (10)

The story is awsome, the graphics are truly spectacular and controls are innovative. This is the future of handheld gaming. Worth every penny for the 10plus hours of real uncharted gameplay


| | See all jaggy1984's reviews (2)

Normally i don't write reviews for games but I've taken the time to write one for this game becaus it is awesome!!!!

Grafics are very close to ps3. I'd say vita is like having a ps2.5 in your pocket with all the extra quirky controls. I like this game better than uncharted on ps3. To me its just more enjoyable on a handheld for some reason!! Downpoints are that enemy ai can be rubbish at times and the bounty collecting thing they have introduced for this one is tedious!! but everything else is fantastic!! I never thought a game like this can be this much fun on a handheld!!!

  Nice but somehow uninteresting

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I bought a copy of this game when I bought my PS Vita as I really like the Uncharted games on the PS3 and was really excited about playing something similar on a handheld - I was impressed by the graphics (very close to the PS3 Uncharted) sound was great, gameplay was the same (with a few tweaks for the touch-screen) and the picture and puzzles parts were a nice break from the running, gunning and climbing. BUT for some reason I just can't get interested in it! I also find the controls to be a bit dubious - swinging on ropes was once a simple process on the PS3, but now on the PS Vita, it's a fiddly, cumbersome affair. Overall - a great game, but it just doesn't grab your attention.

  Amazing Game!

| | See all Guitarfreeek's reviews (1)

As hand held games go I think this is the most amazing one I have ever played! the graphics are unbelievable and the accuracy in game is simular to the ps3 games. hours and hours of play and a very good story line

  What a pleasant surprise

| | See all mjh12345's reviews (6)

I must be honest, a week ago I was a total newbie to the Uncharted franchise, and when I first saw the Vita game line-ups, it struck me as another Tomb Raider, which although that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just didn't see myself playing it for hours on end.
When It came to buying the Vita, I went for a good value bundle and had the choice of Fifa or Uncharted with the device. Since I already have Fifa on the PS3, I opted for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, mindful of the fact it is the most expensive game, and if I didn't like it, I could easily sell it. Wow how wrong I was.

The game has had me transfixed for hours at a time, often in to the early hours. The gyroscope usage when you're firing a sniper rifle is superb, imagine yourself holding down L to lift the rifle scope to your eye but having to move the device itself to aim the rifle. I often find myself in sniper mode lying on the couch holding the Vita to the ceiling, which is great fun. I think I would struggle to explain it to anyone watching me though!

All in all, you cannot be disappointed. It's only downfall is some cheesy scripting and 50% through the game, I can predict the character development, but the quality of the game play allows me to overlook it.


  Good Start

| | See all BEDMEISTER's reviews (26)

Firstly - Yes it is pretty and Yes it is amazing for a handheld but this game has it's problems.

Firstly it appears the developers have been trying to tick off features on the Vita to include in the game. Many feel forced and personally I got tired of them quickly.

These include rubbing the screen to clean items or do charcoal rubbings. Using the six axis to balance and "aid" aiming, and using the rear screen to rotate objects as you look and clean them.

The gameplay is typical uncharted with great voice acting, story, setpieces etc. but the gameplay is broken up much more often than the PS3 versions with cutscenes, or activities.
These are short and don't distract too much but it is noticable and spoils the flow of the game a little.

Shooting takes a bit of getting used to but I think that is more my giant thumbs on the tiny sticks than a gameplay thing!! Still think it could have been better than it is however.

There is a photo element which again feels a little forced where you have to find areas and take photos to match those the game wants. Pointless!!

Overall a very enjoyable game - Really shows what the vita has up it's sleeve in future. But I hope Naughty Dog make the next one as this one is lacking some of the charm of the PS3 versions.

If you have a Vita and enjoyed the PS3 counterparts this is for you.
More similar to the first game than 2 or 3 however but still worth a go if you can ignore what feel like gimmicks in teh gameplay.