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Final Fantasy II

Released on 08 February 2008

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

(6 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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Final Fantasy II is the ultimate revival of the second game in a phenomenon. Remastered exclusively for the PSP system, this all-new edition features updated character art, updated graphics, new dungeons, full 16:9 widescreen presentation and an updated camera view that gives players a new vantage point on such a timeless classic RPG.

In Final Fantasy II, a malevolent emperor has called upon monsters from a demonic realm to take over the world, ending what seemed to be an eternal period of peace. From the destruction rise four young survivors who will take it upon themselves to stop the merciless ruler and avenge the death of their parents.
  • Redrawn graphics and enhanced sound capitalise on the PSP's impressive audiovisual capabilities
  • Featuring two all-new dungeons - Arcane Labyrinth and Arcane Sanctuary
  • Find and use new equipment, battle new enemies and defeat a new boss, all exclusive to the PSP version
  • Art Gallery mode allows you to view the stunning artwork of leading illustrator Yoshitaka Amano

customer Reviews

 Average rating (6 reviews)


| | See all KilikaBeast's reviews (2)

Although Final Fantasy (I) is seen as the start of the series, Final Fantasy II has got to be the 'birth'. The storyline is flawless, characters and antagonists excellent and most FF signatures and hallmarks are here. I played this game after VII, VIII, IX, X, XII but this certainly matches most of them, especially considering the time it came out. It's unbelievable how a game can affect you so much.
If you're in a quandry whether to buy FFI or FFII, I emplore you to buy this guy, it's a delight and an experience which will leave you yearning for more Final Fantasy.

 Final Fantasy II

| | See all Vexinator's reviews (10)

It has to be said that overall, this is a fantastic game. It has stood the test of time, just like many other titles made by Square Enix. However, if you are just looking for a bit of gaming nostalgia or simply want FF I and II to complete your collection then I would advise gettin Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls on Game Boy Advance. It features both FF I and II, can be played on your DS / DS Lites expansion slot, costs about £5 less and is a game that has been released on PSP as two seperate ones. The only thing that the FF I and II games on PSP have over the GBA version is the opening scence which is in 3D which lasts about 2 minutes and dosn't warrant the extra £20 you will have to shell out just to play FF I and II on PSP. I would only reccomend this for the Final Fantasy hardcore fanatic / completionist.

 Final Fantasy II released..again!

| | See all AnimeFan's reviews (2)

Final Fantasy II is one of my least favourite ff games.
What I find strange is Square-Enix's choice to release both FFI & FF2 seperatly. Final Fantasy Origins for playstation featured both ff1 & ff2, They also released ff1 & ff2 for gameboy advance in a double pack called 'dawn of souls'.
They should of really done the same thing with the psp version, buying ff2 seperatly is not worth it. But saying that FF2 is much more interesting than its predecessor, The storyline is less 'translucent' and the soundtrack is better as well.
The battle system is incredibly frustrating, instead of like other ff's where you win exp points after a fight (these make u go up a level & stats increase) Your stats will increase depending on how well you fight in battle.
for instance if u use magic alot in battle, your magic stat will increase. But annoyingly it's not that simple because when a stat increases another decreases, for example your ability to use magic will rise while your physical attributes decrease 'strength goes down'. The only way to increase your health seems to take shots over and over again.
Also If u keep attacking during battles, your stength stat will increase sugnificantly but your intelligence stat will decrease, if your intelligence is low most hits will be a miss. It sounds like an intresting idea but it is so incredibly flawed and such a big shame.
The game has a nice mix of drama and emotion, it feels like an ff game, with familiar situations like stopping the ultimate evil, gathering the sacred crystals, etc.
The graphics have been updated slightly, the Sprites & environments look more 3d, It also seems slightly easier than the 'fforigins' version.

It may be better to get this cheap (and bundled with FF1) as part of the GBA's ff:Dawn of Souls.

 Utterly Painful

| | See all boynez55's reviews (1)

This is a terrible, terrible RPG!

The levelling up system forces you to attack your own characters to advance, you will be ambushed in over 90% of all fights, nearly all creatures attack first regardless of what level you get to (including the undead!), most status effect spells are useless unless you spend hours maxing them out, the items available from shops aren't varied or powerful enough, and you can't protect from status changes other than posion.

This is a real let down after FF1, which is by far the better game. The only plus point is the story, which is better than FF1 and Tactics.

Overall, I'd rather sit through Astonishia Story again. If you want a FF game for your PSP, get the other two!

Rating12+ (PEGI)